Letters to the editor: 12-31-2013

December 31, 2013 


The recent ruling of District Judge Clark Waddoups to decriminalize polygamy in Utah opens a door to semi-legalized human trafficking and abuse. If anyone doubts this, I suggest they read the recently published (2013) book by Rebecca Musser (with M. Bridget Cook), “The Witness Wore Red.” This is the escape story of the 19th wife of former southern Utah-northern Arizona FLDS leader Rulon Jeffs, who had assembled 64 wives before he died on Sept. 8, 2002.

His son, Warren Jeffs, assumed control of the church after his father’s death and within a few years assembled 78 wives, 24 of whom were between 12 and 17 years old. Warren also arranged, for favors, the marriage of 67 underage FLDS girls to older men. He is now doing a life sentence plus 20 years in a penitentiary but continues to function from prison as the “persecuted” prophet of the FLDS church. Now, under the recent ruling of Judge Waddoups, it seems that Jeffs’ sentence could possibly be revisited. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

And what about other groups, might they now have a legal right to take on multiple spouses? How many? A dozen? More? Has Waddoups opened a new Pandora’s box?


Great community

Opening the Dec. 17 Life section of the Idaho Statesman ("Brighten the holiday for young families") reminded me, yet again, of why I love living in the Boise valley. Our community is so genuinely caring and giving, and it is only exaggerated this time of year. We have so many opportunities to reach out and help others, and many people do.

I also love living here because of the truly kind and classy way many said goodbye to our beloved Coach Pete. He was such a positive influence in our community, not only to the young people that were a part of his program for over a decade, but to the ever-present Bronco Nation as well. He taught us all many life-long lessons on how to win and lose graciously. What a great place to live!

DAWN BRUCK, Meridian


Top 10 on Democrats’ enemies list:

1. Phil Robertson

2. Rodeo clown

3. Rush Limbaugh

4. Ted Cruz

5. Glenn Beck

6. Tea party

7. Sarah Palin

8. Edward Snowden

9. Fox News

10. Sean Hannity


43. Enemies of the United States


Questions, answers?

1. Who appointed the USA to be caretaker/ruler of the world?

2. How has what we’ve been doing benefitted the 90 percent of us who are the middle-class citizens?

3. What has our participation in foreign wars accomplished?

4. Have we established peaceful governments and religious sects?

5. Have we wiped out global terrorism, as G.W. boasted that we would?

6. Has our “help” to any country been appreciated, reciprocated or raised our national esteem?

7. Other than huge corporations/contractors, military officers and high government officials, who has benefitted from these wars?

8. When will we stop “helping” other countries fight and take care of our own bankrupt country and people?

9. Why do we keep electing career politicians who keep leading our country to disaster?

10. Will we forget and forgive when they suddenly (now) become dutiful government servants before the next election?

11. Couldn’t we simply vote all incumbents out — even if we lose a few good ones? Don’t we have any competent people left who have never held office?

12. Do you really think all these decades of war, loss of thousands of lives, disruption of thousands of families and billions of dollars in costs should keep happening? Are we all brainwashed?

Answers, anyone?


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