Alert neighbor helps Boise PD nab two burglary suspects

December 30, 2013 

Two young Boise men were arrested Sunday night after an alert neighbor called Boise police about a possible burglary in progress Sunday night in the Hulls Gulch neighborhood, leading to the arrest of two young Boise men.

Elton R. Denny, 18, and Joseph A. Smiley, 20, were arrested on felony charges of burglary and grand theft. The men are also suspected in an earlier home burglary in the area of North 27th and West State streets.

Boise Police responded to North 8th Street at 8:44 p.m. after a neighbor called 911. The caller told dispatchers he knew his neighbors were out of town and saw an unfamiliar car parked near their home. The caller also said he heard sounds coming from the house and called the homeowner to confirm no one was supposed to be in the home.

When officers arrived, they too could hear noises coming from inside the home and saw one man running from the back door of the home. After a short time, two men, later identified as Denny and Smiley, surrendered to police. Officers were unable to locate the third suspect. A window was broken to force entry into the house, police said.

Inside the suspects' vehicle, officers found a Playstation 3 that had just been reported stolen in a home burglary off North 27th and West State Streets. Officers arrested both suspects in connection with both crimes booked them into the Ada County Jail.

Boise Police crime prevention experts say the homeowner in this case did the right thing by having a trusted neighbor watch their home while they were away, as well as provide that neighbor with a contact number in case of an emergency. The neighbor acted quickly by calling police as soon as he noticed a suspicious car near a home he knew was unoccupied.

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