Letters to the editor - 12-29-2013

December 29, 2013 

Respect the government

While I respect Mr. Moon’s right to express himself, his description of the United States government is insulting to this nation. Really, Mr. Moon, “federally occupied territories of Idaho”; “No longer will the rights of the minority be protected ....” — a bit overblown. For all its faults, the U.S. government is pretty good. Having been to those parts of the world where pollution, corruption and exploitation are the norm, and rule of law, freedom of speech and environmental protection are nonexistent, the mere fact that out of the 6 billion inhabitants on this planet, one lives in the United States of America, is the equivalent of winning the lottery. So while I respect Mr. Moon’s concern for the economic fate of Eastern Idaho, how about showing some class and a modicum of respect when describing the country that enables him to live, work, worship and recreate without fear. His comments should not go unchallenged.



All this bashing back and forth, pointing blame in arguments away from us and at bicyclists as a whole, or pedestrians, or motorists, is only demonstrating how truly immature and counterproductive our society can be at times.

Where is the one letter writer among several that either owns or shares the responsibility in being a pedestrian, bicyclist, motorist … all of the above … that states, “I work hard to be the best participant in any and all of those activities. While I may have shortcomings from time to time due to some distraction or other, I really attempt diligently not to and seriously limit it, as I also attempt to peacefully bring about the same understanding in others I share the road with.”

Allow me to be the first with hope for a trend.


Insurance for immigrants

There should be a Guest Workers Insurance program funded by health premiums, donations or large Legacy donors for those in the United States illegally.

While illegals are using available social programs to save $1.4 billion, there is a consideration by the government to close all military commissaries. Military families’ health premiums are also expected to increase!

Wouldn’t it be better to address $4.2 billion in tax fraud? According to broadcast reports on Fox News, approximately 2 million people without Social Security numbers file taxes using the “Individual Taxpayer Identification Number” form. Many claim up to 20 dependents living outside the United States and receive up to $29,000 as a “tax refund.”

Instead of the IRS enforcing health care and targeting conservative groups, they could investigate the 2 million fraudulent claims.

The upcoming sequester amounts to less than 3 percent of the federal government’s budget and takes the greatest dollar reduction from our military! Why is the focus on budget cuts for those 330,000 active military personnel instead of the 16 million illegals?


Pro-gun laws

Time for Idaho to lead on pro-gun legislation. That sentence may be a bit confusing to some gun owners because Idaho is one of the most friendly gun states in the nation. However, even in Idaho there are many ways in which we can bring our laws back into alignment with the true meaning of the Second Amendment.

Too often we see Idaho attempting to pass gun legislation after other states have already done so. We need to be the nation’s leaders and not just followers when it comes to introducing pro-gun legislation or repealing anti-gun legislation.

The 2013 legislative session was a major disappointment for many Idaho gun owners. We want the 2014 session to be much different. That is why Idaho gun groups are working closely with several key pro-gun legislators to get solid Second Amendment bills put together now, before the session even starts. When the time arrives, we need Idaho gun owners to come out in full force in support of legislation that will strengthen their right to defend themselves and bring our laws closer to the true intent of the Constitution’s Second Amendment.

GREG PRUETT, president, Idaho Second Amendment Alliance, Middleton

Gay veterans

I am 74 years old and a U.S. Navy veteran who served six honorable years. I received two Letters of Commendation, National Defense Medal, Cold War Victory Medal, and a Good Conduct Medal. I have been an Idaho resident since 1972. I am distressed because I have been denied to have my wife buried with me in the Idaho Veterans Cemetery. This is a benefit afforded all veterans to have our spouses buried beside us.

My wife passed away recently and I have been holding her ashes so we could be buried together, a pact we have cherished for many years. We were together since March 1995, and legally married in California in September 2008.

I am overcome with disappointment, feeling my contribution to my country and state are not valued or acknowledged. I feel this is blatant discrimination and bigotry. It is time the state of Idaho stops discriminating against its veterans who happen to be gay or lesbian. We could be buried together in Washington, in the National Cemetery, but I am an Idahoan and have family here. I simply cannot see how a couple of old lesbians in the cemetery could be hurting anyone!


Christmas Theft

This message is for the person(s) who stole the Christmas dog ornament from the yard of my North End home on Dec. 18 or 19. A very Merry Christmas to you! If you would stop by, I will give you the box to store him. That way you can enjoy him for years to come. I think you know where I live.


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