Letters to the editor - 12-28-2013

December 28, 2013 


The coyote and wolf derby that is planned for Salmon, Idaho, this weekend is repugnant and unethical. This is not hunting with sportsmen-like conduct but killing for sport and money. I am appalled that the wildlife I hold dear is treated with such a lack of respect. This wildlife derby is making national news and it is an embarrassment for the state. Idahoans should be celebrating the diversity of wildlife that we are blessed with here. Please let the governor, the Fish and Game Commission, and your legislative representatives know that you protest this carcass counting for sport and profit.


I am livid right now! Does Shane McAfee really think that his "Wolf Slaughter" is going to boost business? He said he is worried that a parasite could be transmitted to humans or domestic dogs. That's just an excuse for his pathetic wolf and coyote hunt! I guess the hunters feel like big, important men going out and killing a beautiful animal, just for an opportunity to win $2,000 in cash and a trophy. Why not try getting a job or raising awareness against cruelty to animals? This message goes out to all hunters and wolf killers!


I have a friend who says most people are "bad and stupid." The wolf/coyote derby is a stellar example. Why in the world would people (kids included) want to kill wolves and coyotes? The tapeworm excuse is just that, an excuse to kill these magnificent animals. A field biologist, Diane Boyd-Heger, has said that "only through public education and cooperation will wolves be allowed to exist in an increasingly fragmented world." Let's hope she is right.



As a child during the Great Depression, I was never a victim of hunger or destitution, but the experience indelibly affected my sense of the value of money. It seemed to scar my psyche by making it a god to be worshipped. The pope aptly described the problem as "the idolatry of money."

I'm not sure the author of Timothy in the Bible got it right, that "the love of money is the root of all evil," but he identified a potential curse. The craving for money has caused many to try to "strike it rich" by playing the stock market, trying the lottery or casinos. This obsession surely speaks to the lesser instincts of humanity. To measure worth in terms of material things only seems to debase humanity. If well-being and happiness come only with wealth, then humankind is on a road to "poverty of soul."

Moralizing about human nature should cause us to reflect on our value system and to consider who we are as well as whether self-interest has trumped the common good. The moral fiber of both individuals and nations is at stake and the love of money is a threatening force.



Let's fix ineffective government. Career politicians mine votes. Mining for votes is like mining for gold. When the environment is right or "made" to be right there is gold (votes) to be found. Hence, the evolution of our "free stuff" society. Politicians stay in power by mining (buying) new votes from groups by providing free stuff to grow the mechanism to provide more free stuff in return for continuing votes. Socialistic doctrine of bigger government to provide more free stuff without providing growth to pay for it has gendered a heightened counter-response from those that embrace fiscal responsibility. This creation of ideological opposite poles make bipartisan government impossible. To move forward we need leadership. This will not come from our president. Obama uses "Attila the Hun" management techniques. Opposing forces are disposed of; e.g., recent change in Senate rules. Attila did not lead, he controlled with "favor." Obama doesn't lead.

We must encourage congressional statesmanship in Congress. The ability to come together for the greater good without compromising principles requires moving toward each other. Only the intelligent, courageous, patriotic and well-informed can provide this as a voter, then as a congressman.



In response to Barabra Forrey, Dec. 15: The Idaho Land Board is constitutionally charged with gaining maximum return from our Trust Lands to fund education. The GOP seems to feel that ILB is competing with private enterprise and political ideals should trump constitutional requirements.

Realistically, is there a way to manage Trust Lands without competing with private enterprise? If the GOP is willing to tax their members to make up the difference, I would support that.

We have now reached a point where political ideology is meeting fiscal reality. The GOP has pushed for and passed numerous tax cuts. The reality is that we have funded these tax cuts on the back of education and highway funding. Education is the backbone of our future. Highway expansion and improvement provides jobs, promotes growth and saves lives.

The Department of Lands has my support to manage Trust Lands for maximum return.


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