Letters to the editor - 12-24-2013

December 24, 2013 

Christmas Eve walk

Local Lions will hold the seventh annual Christmas Eve Support the Military and Bring Bowe Bergdahl Home Walk - starting at Anne Frank Memorial on Capitol Boulevard next to the Library! at 5 p.m. and proceeding to the state Capitol Christmas Tree. Those who are unable to join us at the memorial are encouraged to meet us at the Capitol Christmas Tree by 5:20. We will have a prayer, Christmas caroling and comments from those participating - hopefully, from some members of the families whose loved ones are on duty away from home this Christmas.

It will be cold and perhaps inconvenient, however it will pale to the discomfort of our military, especially those in harm's way. We have over 40,000 military in Afghanistan alone.

We welcome any choral group to join us and provide some music.

Bring your family, friends and neighbors and experience a special Christmas Eve as we pay tribute to our brave military men and women who sacrifice so we can celebrate the season in peace and enjoy the freedoms they gift to us.


Affordable Care Act

My new coverage under the ACA exchange is an answer to my prayers! I've been paying $740/month for a $10,000 deductible plan that doesn't even cover Rx or doctor visits! As a result of opening up the Idaho health care marketplace to new providers and more plan options, I will save $10,000 each year on a plan that provides fabulous coverage! You have no idea what a change that will make in my life. No more constant stress and worries about a serious illness. This is a godsend for me, and I know will be for millions of other Americans.


Road hazards

If you want to see how your tax dollars are being spent, take a short drive.

Drive up the boulevard toward the depot and keep to the right of the depot. Keep going on Crescent Rim Drive and notice the great work some young people have done in the roundabout at the exit from the depot. The art is great, but the roundabout itself was unneeded - a waste of your money and does nothing but hinder traffic.

Then proceed on Crescent Rim to the intersection with Morris Hill. There you will find another unbelievable disaster that serves no purpose. And you might try going east on Morris Hill and try to get on Crescent Rim going northwest without breaking the law. You might also note the strange bulges of the curb a ways from the intersection that has no obvious use and will only be hit by cars going into the intersection.

We have bridges that need repair. Who thinks of these things?


Police parking

Boise PD should park in their own space at the airport drop-off zone.

The Boise Police are parking in the airport departures unloading zone where the signs say "no parking." This is despite the fact that their parking space is clearly labeled elsewhere. This makes it inconvenient to those trying to drop people off at the airport as the police are parked right next to a doorway that is a prime unloading zone.

I would thank BPD to respect the rules that they so diligently enforce upon us.



By their fruits ye shall know them.

For the first time in our history an American president has been given the right to change everything America stands for, according to his own sense of ideals. That's an understatement, as to what's happening in our country's pride for constitutional rights today. This leadership is a Trojan horse.

A leader understands what the military stands for because he has been on the front lines. A leader has true faith in God and doesn't give in to anyone telling him that there isn't a God. A one-world government is what Hitler foresaw. Socialism of any sort isn't what America stands for. We don't need a leader who sways in the winds of hidden agendas.

It's time to wake up America, time to take back our rights as citizens and vote against (any) representative or leader who doesn't stand for WE the people.

We have seen only the first fruits of this hidden agenda. We must vote. There might be a time when we cannot use that privilege anymore. Without God or allegiance to our country's flag, what rights do we have?



Here's to Nancy Vannorsdel and Joni Sullivan, two very strong, capable, and energetic women who tackled the mess at the aquarium with rare competence and diligence. They set out to clean up a mess, and they are doing so. Anyone else want these two amazing women to run for political office? They could probably do wonders. Thanks for living in Idaho, ladies!


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