Alert bookkeeper sparks arrest of man with $7,500 in counterfeit bills

December 23, 2013 

Boise police report that officers found a Colorado man with $7,500 in counterfeit $100 dollar bills Monday afternoon after an alert bookkeeper spotted a suspicious bill passed at a local Home Depot.

Roque Diaz-Stuart, 57, of Denver faces a felony charge of forgery. A bookkeeper at Home Depot detected a fake among the bills passed on Sunday at the Federal Way store. Store employees called police and were able to find store security images that identified the man who passed the fake bill. Information on the man and the crime was shared with other local retailers via the network created by the Boise Police Organized Retail Crime Interdiction Unit.

Armed with the description, employees recognized the suspect when he came back to the same Home Depot Monday morning, police said. They quickly alerted police but the man drove off before officers arrived. However, officers were waiting at the Home Depot on Milwaukee Street when the suspect drove up a short time later. The man, later identified as Diaz-Stuart, tried to pass a counterfeit bill and was taken into custody without incident, police said.

In a search following the arrest, Diaz-Stuart was found to be in possession of $7,500 in counterfeit $100 bills. Boise Police, working with US Secret Service agents, have found evidence indicating the fake bills may also have been passed at locations in Colorado and Utah. Investigators believe the Colorado man was using the fake bills to make minor purchases and receiving real currency as change for the $100.

"It's about sharing critical crime and suspect information, and it literally pays off for all of us," said Curt Crum, an investigator with the Retail Crime Interdiction Unit. "The stores are safer and their losses are less, and we arrest and stop suspects who go from city to city committing crimes that hurt businesses and consumers. It's a great working partnership."

Two California women were arrested on grand theft charges Friday after a local store reported they were using fake credit cards to buy gift cards, Boise police report. Police suspect Keara J. Grimes, 23, and Lareesia K. Lindsay, 24, traveled to Idaho with the intention of committing retail theft.

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