Letters to the sports editor: Dec. 22

December 22, 2013 

Coach's departure

I guess I am old-fashioned. I know I am old, but I was brought up to the idea of honesty and your word being your bond.

I don't understand football coaches and players.

Coach Pete signed a contract. My idea of integrity would have been to live out that contract no matter the money or other considerations.

I signed a contract - I gave my word that I would live up to that contract no matter what. If I was a football player and I gave my commitment to join a team, I would live up to that commitment. To change your mind is not an option once you have given your word.

But, like I said, I guess honesty and integrity are old-fashioned anymore. Not to me.


I don't understand why coaches, when they leave to go somewhere else, choose not to coach the bowl game. A lot of these coaches have been with their players since day one. The players and coaching staff have worked hard all year to get to where they are.

The NCAA should have the coaches finish bowl games, then move on. I belive they owe that much to the schools and players.

Coach Pete called it a distraction. I don't think the players would see it that way, or fans.


Police escort?

I was getting on the Connector on Dec. 17 and realized there was a police car blocking the on-ramp, so I stopped like everyone else. Then three or four police cars barreled up the Connector, followed by five buses, a semi truck and a black SUV police vehicle. When traffic was allowed to proceed, I discovered they stopped traffic for the San Diego State football team so it could race to the Grove.

Don't get me wrong, I am a football fan and a proud member of Bronco Nation, but escorting San Diego State into the city with a police escort is a complete waste of the taxpayers' money.


Vandals coverage

The Idaho Statesman continually looks to glorify everything BJC. They had an overpaid coach who led them to glory in football.

While discounting the recruits he stole when jumping ship, you magnify bringing back a home boy who took an Arkansas State program downhill. But he got the big prize ... a coaching job for way too much money at BJC.

However, on Dec. 17, the State of Idaho got recognition through the Associated Press by the naming of a University of Idaho football player to All-American status. Does the Statesman recognize it?

Yes, but they don't even bold it or italicize it.

I am so sad that BJC did not have an All-American this year. But you need to recognize the fact that we (the State of Idaho) did have an All-American.

Yes, Idaho had its punter lead the nation and was named a third-team All-American as a freshman. And guess what? Their coach doesn't make the big bucks.

Thank you, Statesman, for letting us Vandals graduates down again.


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