Letters to the editor: 12-19-2013

December 19, 2013 


I attended a preview of the 2014 legislative agenda. During the introduction it was said that the Legislature is not planning to discuss Medicaid expansion. It was confirmed in the Idaho Statesman on Dec. 8, "In Idaho, future unclear for Medicaid expansion."

Apparently it is not the right time. I suspect that is code for there is an election in 2014. Since when is one's political hide more important than the people they represent?

When is the right time to take care of the sick and poor? In my mind there is never a wrong time. This is the time to open your hearts, put the people ahead of your ideology and do the right thing. Medicaid expansion will put 100,000 Idahoans on the insurance rolls and out of the ER. Medicaid expansion will be funded fully with federal dollars for the first three years, saving taxpayers more than a billion dollars over 10 years. I would love to see my federal tax dollars coming back to Idaho rather than going to Washington. They already took Coach Pete.

Come on, it's Christmas. Don't be a scrooge. Who would Jesus turn his back on?



What happened to our priorities?

Innocent people are being gunned down weekly by crazies on prescription drugs, Congress refused to address gun control of any kind, the Internet teaches anyone how to make bombs, tornados and hurricanes are destroying towns and taking lives and there are still millions of Americans unemployed and homeless, yet Republicans, Fox commentators, the media and idiots like Rush Limbaugh dwell on the problems and delays of getting Obamacare up and running.

The glitches concerning the health care website and the cancelled policies can and will be fixed.

Something had to be done to curb rising health care costs, make health care available to everyone and eliminate unfair insurance company practices and restrictions.

Had the Republicans joined Obama on day one and helped to develop a health care plan acceptable to everyone, this nonsense would have been avoided.

The Republicans and Fox commentators simply lie in wait for a problem to arise so they can pounce. That's what they do. That's all they do.

TV networks will do anything for ratings. I took my own poll and it showed that 96 percent of television news polls are useless drivel.

KEN WHITE, Twin Falls


It is not only against the law to enter a country illegally but it shows disrespect for the country. I can't believe the United States cannot protect our borders with all the taxes we pay. Gang members, drug addicts, drunk drivers, child molesters and even terrorists can get into this country illegally and our government is letting this happen.

To hear lawbreakers who have no right to be here complain about immigration laws, which are not even enforced, is ridiculous. If I broke a law I would be punished, but not the illegals — they want their "rights." What a joke for our government to even entertain the idea of helping these criminals rather than deport them as the law requires.

Charity begins at home and the legal U.S. people are the only ones that deserve the rights and benefits this country offers. We financially support this country, which makes us the backbone and the real strength of the U.S.



Collapse of governing in Washington:

Sustained applause for David Lightman's front-page article (Sunday, Dec. 8); I hope he wins a Pulitzer for it. Congressmen Risch, Crapo, Labrador and Simpson — listen to us: we don't care whether you are for the tea party, moderates, liberals, right or left.

What we care about is that the government we pay for works, and that you do your job to ensure that happens. If you don't, or won't, we the people will definitely find candidates who will!



To Jace Anderson's father: I hope the reason your son wants the deer and elk to "get through" the winter so he can kill them next year is because you need food on the table.


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