Dense fog expected to return for Tuesday morning commute in Treasure Valley

December 16, 2013 

The dense fog that lowered visibility and slowed early-morning drivers Monday morning is expected to return for the Tuesday morning commute

The National Weather Service issued a dense fog advisory for the Treasure Valley for Tuesday night through 11 am. Tuesday. With visibility at a quarter mile or less, the advisory urged drivers to slow down, use headlights, and leave plenty of room to stop.

Scattered snow flurries also were expected before 11 a.m. Tuesday.

Wednesday was expected to start out with some patches of fog, but partly sunny conditions should take over later in the day. There was a 50 percent chance of precipitation, starting with rain before 11 p.m. and snow after that. Accumulations of less than a half-inch were expected.

Temperatures will range daily from lows in the 20s - Thursday's low was predicted to dip to about 20 degrees - to highs in the mid- to upper 30s.

Boise police ask drivers to heed the following advice in foggy conditions:

• Drive with lights on low beam. High beams will reflect off the fog, creating a "white wall" effect.

• Reduce your speed - and watch your speedometer. Fog creates a visual illusion of slow motion when you may actually be speeding.

• Avoid crossing traffic lanes.

• Travel with the driver's window partially open. Listen for traffic.

• If your car is disabled or you can't continue, pull well onto the shoulder and turn off lights. If you get out, move well away from your vehicle and away from traffic.

• Consider postponing your trip until the fog lifts.

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