Varsity Extra Scoreboard: Sunday, Dec. 15

December 16, 2013 


Saturday's box


Mtn. View 13 8 7 23-51

Timberline 9 12 8 11-40

Mountain View (record) - Darion Green 4 points, Zane Lyons 2, Ryan Ball 28, Kody Olson 16, Kimball Butterfield 1. Rebound leaders: Ball, Olson 9. Assist leader: four with 1.

Timberline (record) - Isaiah Fisher 2 points, Gibson Berryhill 7, Tristan Field 3, Ben Salcines 12, Kamron Myers 2, Bryce Gonser 4, Neil Erickson 2, Andrew Briggs 8. Rebound leader: Gonser 6. Assist leader: four with 1.


Saturday's results


113: Parker Rochester, BM, won by forfeit. 120: Matthew Rochester, BM, won by forfeit. 126: Andrew Cox, BM, won by forfeit. 132: Stephen Williams, BM, won by forfeit. 138: Jonas Norman, BM, pin. Juan Ayala. 145: Erick Haney, BM, pin. Logan Crawshaw. 152: Talin Draper, BM, pin. 160: Jeff Oakes, BM, pin. Angus Roeper. 170: Paden Bailey, Emmett, pin. Zachary Heese. 182: Jeremy Walker, Emmett, pin. Joey Cross. 195: Gavin Urquhart, Emmett, won by forfeit. 220: Andrew Poplin, Emmett, pin. Cooper Burkhart. 285: Alexander Garcia, Emmett, pin. Eduardo Alvarenga.


106: Brady Hine, RM, dec. Mike Bingham, 3-0. 113: Mike Kelly, CDA, won by forfeit. 120: Max Miller, RM, pin. Dylan Shaffer, 3:24. 126: Nate Cooper, RM, pin. Dylan Lockwood, 6:20. 132: Drew Gorringe, CDA, dec. Beau Burgmeister, 10-5. 138: Spencer Rich, RM, pin. Tristin Dunn, 1:59. 145: Jason Sprague, CDA, md. Jimmy Moriarty, 12-4. 152: Dakota Boren, RM, pin. Brayden Minas, 3:36. 160: Colton Johnson, CDA, pin. Harrison McLenna, 2:54. 170: Steven Wardian, RM, md. Nic Fuchs, 18-4. 182: Hudson Staub, CDA, md. Sawyer Shan, 16-2. 195: Phonenix Duncan, CDA, pin. Owen Stark, 2:47. 220: Dakota Groves, CDA, pin. Jared Fox-Farrell, 3:10. 285: Matt James, CDA, won by forfeit. 98: Kaleb Maciosek, CDA, won by forfeit.


106: Kendall Fletcher, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 113: Tanner Smith, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 120: David Wall, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 126: Sammy Eckhart, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 132: Tanner Lee, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 138: Jaime Escobedo, Fruitland, pin. Juan Ayala. 145: Cameron Stone, Fruitland, pin. Logan Crawshaw. 152: Juan Gonzalez, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 160: Angus Roeper, Emmett, dec. Cody Bumgarner, 3-1. 170: Nik Fagen, Fruitland, md. Paden Bailey, 12-0. 182: Jeremy Walker, Emmett, pin. PJ Allen. 195: Chase Fiddler, Fruitland, won by forfeit. 220: Garrison Grant, Fruitland, pin. Andrew Poplin. 285: Garrett Larsen, Fruitland, pin. Zachary Hall, 2:00.

Friday's results


126: Chance Hudson, MI, won by forfeit. 132: Riley Connolly, MV, won by forfeit. 138: Kolby Griffin, MV, won by forfeit. 145: Demetrius Romero, MV, won by forfeit. 152: Knox Benjamin, MV, won by forfeit. 160: Angus Roeper, Emmett, dec. Jarrod Laub, 5-3. 170: Jacob Wallace, MV, won by forfeit. 182: Jeremy Walker, Emmett, pin. Isaac Skelton, 2:24. 195: Alex Hester, MV, won by forfeit. 220: Damien Peterson, MV, pin. Andrew Poplin, 2:43. 285: Alexander Garcia, Emmett, pin. Owen Caldwell, 3:09. 98: Antony Mello, MV, won by forfeit. 113: Adrian Jones, MV, won by forfeit.


126: Isaac Peters, Boise, won by forfeit. 132: Jhoel Morales, Boise, won by forfeit. 138: Christian Zane, Boise, pin. Juan Ayala, 1:36. 145: Cooper Henson, Boise, pin. Logan Crawshaw, 1:38. 152: Nick Roman, Boise, won by forfeit. 160: Angus Roeper, Emmett, pin. Abdu Isakov, 1:01. 170: Paden Bailey, Emmett, pin. John Ojukwu, 3:06. 182: Jeremy Walker, Emmett, pin. Sage Lords, 1:21. 195: Ian Culley, Boise, won by forfeit. 220: Andrew Poplin, Emmett, won by forfeit. 285: Zachary Hall, Emmett, won by forfeit. 106: Gavin Barkley, Boise, won by forfeit. 113: Manuel Mellow, Boise, won by forfeit.

Thursday's results


98: Mysun Mather, Capital, won by forfeit. 106: Sean Ferguson, Capital, won by forfeit. 113: Jake Cole, Skyline, pin. Arthur Ferguson, 2:59. 120: Austin Iorga, Capital, pin. John Sambrano, 2:19. 126: Trevor Thiel, Capital, dec. Ryan Myers, 9-8. 132: Eli Smith, Capital, pin. Zachary Vogler, 4:29. 138: Tyrus Newell, Capital, pin. Austin Foster, 1:51. 145: Blake Collins, Capital, won by forfeit. 152: Jeffrey Neil, Capital, pin. Anthony Vielma, 0:46. 160: Kyle McCullough, Capital, pin. Chase Lincoln, 3:39. 170: Elmar Umarov, Capital, pin. Thomas Papasan, 2:22. 182: Braydon Ball, Capital, pin. Christopher Zumaya, 1:33. 195: Colin Garcia, Capital, pin. Chris Reinhart, 3:28. 220: Owen Midkiff, Capital, dec. Kasey Humphries, 6-1. 285: Jacob Fields Capital, dec. Derrick Winburn, 4-2.

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