Letters to the editor: 12-16-2013

December 16, 2013 


Ah, Christmas, that “sacred holiday” during which you are supposed to get together with your family to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

So, why do I see you running around frantically while buying things you probably don’t need or can’t afford?

Why not heed the words of Thoreau, who wrote some 160 years ago in his book “Walden”: “The cost of a thing is the amount of what I will call life which is required to be exchanged for it.”

Speaking of wasting your life on buying things turns my mind to the subject of the cost of raising children. I had six of them. I assure you that if I had known then what I know now I would never have had any of them. Raising six kids kept me perennially short of money, even though I have had some very high-paying jobs. My grown children repaid me for my trouble by now not caring whether I live or die.

I read it takes $250,000 to raise a child to age 18 these days. So, if you want to avoid financial hardships, skip having children. By doing so you might also help save Mother Earth.



Abortion prevention solution suggestion: Many, many abortions occur because the young unwed mothers, grounded in fear, are literally terrified of the economic burdens of raising a child. While this is certainly a valid concern for poor girls, it hardly justifies the brutal, permanent elimination of their innocent infants.

Proposed solution: Why not pay the girls to go through with their pregnancies and then pay for either the adoption expenses or pay a trustee to fund the child-rearing expenses?

There are multitudes of affluent pro-lifers who, I’m sure, would be delighted to disburse their substantial assets on what they believe, in truth, is saving the lives of actual babies. I’d bet this type of hands-on charity with tangible, easy-to-measure direct results would be extremely successful in extracting great quantities of compassionate tribute notwithstanding the intense competition among all the diverse entities among us bolstering beleaguering “begging-for-bucks” bombardments.


Savino’s letter

Dano Savino asked readers to praise the Lord, sing to his greatness and have a merry Christmas in his Dec. 9 letter, but he lost most truly religious readers when he couldn’t resist spewing out his usual message of hate against President Obama and Democrats.

Most religions preach love rather than hate, so it appears this bitter gentleman is only listening to sermons from Rush Limbaugh or Ann Coulter.

A majority of Americans are intelligent enough to realize both parties share equal blame for the current political mess that would embarrass anyone but a career politician.

Divided government is apparently here to stay since both political parties have super PACs and special interest groups willing to spend billions to protect the status quo.

As demonstrated by Mr. Savino’s hateful rhetoric, there are plenty of radicals on the right and left who will always reject reasonable compromise. They prefer politicians who will pledge to destroy the other party. It’s no wonder we now have Republicans and Democrats behaving like Shiites and Sunnis.


Tea party

Re: The letters to the editor in the Nov. 11 Statesman and those people who tried to give a good spin about the tea party. They ask R.M. Mickey to “give proof” in his letter criticizing the tea party. Why? Most of the tea party people believe the president was born in a cave in Kenya even after proof it never happened! (Sen. Cruz was born in a hospital in Canada paid for by the taxpayers of Canada!)

Bolton goes on and labels the liberals the same way he wanted proof about the tea party. When the government shut down and the vets wanted to get to the WW II monument, the tea party took over, which the vets did not want. So, Mr. Klayman made a speech accusing the president of being Muslim, worshiping the Koran on his knees, and wanted the president to come out of the White House with his hands in the air. Bolton states “tea party rallies are peaceful, clean and civil” and “liberals always resort to character assassination”!

Where is your proof? It sure wasn’t a liberal who accused the young lady who had testified in a congressional hearing of being a “slut.” Remember who Mr. Limbaugh is? There’s the proof that you tea party people won’t accept.



Idaho politicians have always made backroom deals with powerful special interests, but they have taken it to a new level with the formalization of the “Backdoor crony collaboration process.” If members of the public are “getting in the way,” all you need is a collaborative group of selected cronies that see things your way.

After five years of public opposition, the Idaho delegation has decided to sidestep the National Environmental Policy Act for the Lochsa Land Exchange and conduct a legislative exchange. This “backroom crony collaboration” process will unbelievably be run by Western Pacific Timber. According to the Lewiston Tribune (Dec. 7), “the company is to forward information it collects from the stakeholders to the delegation and the information will be the basis of the legislation.”

In other words, a few select individuals will be contacted, and the delegation will come up with a plan that meets the “needs” of the powerful and well-connected. They will then attach the legislation to a must-pass spending bill. The public will pay the cost of this boondoggle but have little input. Please tell the Forest Service to either cancel this entire project or continue with the formal NEPA process.


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