Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Dec. 15

December 15, 2013 


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Coach Petersen

Congratulations to Coach Pete, a class act. What he has done for BSU and Boise will never be equaled. I only hope he left to further his career and make more money for his family instead of leaving because of the comments made by fair-weather fans who did nothing but complain about this season and the supposedly atrocious record of 8-4.

A coach who has the morals, the ability and the personality to be as great as he is only comes along once in a lifetime. If those fair-weather fans were unhappy this year, they will remain so for a long time.

I still remember the 12 years of Vandals dominance, and losing is a hard pill to swallow, but Boise State fans have gotten too used to football dominance.

Even though I expect our program to still be good, I will miss Coach Pete for his character and what he was willing to do to build our program, and more importantly, what he taught his players.

Football is not the most important part of life. Having character and accepting responsibility for your actions is. Good luck coach, Boise will always love you.


Bronco Nation, like you, I was sad when I heard that Coach Pete was leaving. But after reading how much he was getting paid, that sadness turned to anger.

A five-year contract worth $18 million. Seriously?

Unemployed people are barely making it, and it angers me. My son, who was a captain in the Army, and other veterans, will never make that.

And to read that he could be offering scholarships to recruits to come to Washington, after all the work done by Boise and its money, shame on you.

What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. So Bronco Nation, let’s get stronger and better than ever.


When their football coach leaves for so-called “greener pastures,” the vast majority of colleges and universities in the U.S. have the luxury of simply saying, “No big deal, we’ll just hire someone better.”

Unfortunately for Boise State, there just isn’t anyone better out there. Coach Pete, say it ain’t so, pal.

You will be missed.


Coach Harsin

When Dan Hawkins arrived at BSU, he had a guy named Chris Petersen who was his offensive coordinator. He made Hawkins’ program work.

When Hawkins left, Petersen became head coach and mentored a guy named Bryan Harsin into a great OC.

Now Harsin is the new coach. Can he mentor Kellen Moore into a great BSU OC? And very possibly the following BSU head coach?


I'm so, so excited about Bryan Harsin being the new BSU football coach.

He is just the person we need. Just as it was hard for quarterback Joe Southwick to replace Kellen Moore (and Southwick did a great job), it is going to be even harder to replace Coach Pete.

Harsin is the one to do it. He knows he has some big shoes to fill, but I know he is up to it.


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