Kidnapped 5-year-old from Meridian found safe near Burley

Idaho StatesmanDecember 14, 2013 

EDITOR'S NOTE: Joshua Reeves was originally identified as Korey MacDonald's brother. Police said they later determined that he is not her brother or step-brother.

The boy's mother, Korey MacDonald, who lives in Moberly, Mo., had asked to see the boy Saturday afternoon.

When the boy and his father arrived at a store near Central Drive and Progress Avenue in Meridian at 4 p.m., the father was attacked and shot with a Taser by MacDonald's husband and friend, Meridian Police Department spokeswoman Natalie Podgorski said. Meanwhile, Korey MacDonald grabbed her son, Podgorski said.

Meridian Police issued an all-points bulletin and an Idaho State Police trooper spotted the suspects at about 7 p.m. as they drove through Burley on Interstate 84. The trooper followed them until they pulled off the freeway near Sublett, south of Burley. He was assisted by deputies with the Cassia County Sheriff's Office, the ISP said.

All three suspects were taken into custody without incident, police said.

MacDonald, 26, her husband Jonathan MacDonald, 30, and Joshua Reeves, 23, also from Moberly — about midway between Kansas City and St. Louis — were taken to the Mini-Cassia County Jail in Burley. All three suspects are facing kidnapping charges. Jonathan MacDonald is to be charged with battery and Reeves will be charged with aggravated battery.

"We're very thankful over how this ended and that the boy was located so quickly," Podgorski said. "The family is very relieved."

The father was headed east Saturday evening to meet troopers driving west to be reunited with his son. The boy has not had a relationship with his mother for the last two years., Podgorski said. Meridian police were thankful for the assistance of the troopers and officers from other police departments in Idaho who assisted in locating the boy, Podgorski said.

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