Letters to the sports editor: Saturday, Dec. 14

December 14, 2013 


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Vandals football

500 - that was the attendance at the last game at New Mexico State, according to the Vandals broadcast team. If only the record could reach the .500 mark. It's not the fault of the coaches or the players. The failure of the program belongs to AD Rob Spear and the UI administration.

The new UI president, Chuck Staben, found it easy, in order to get the job, to agree with the dumping of the historic UI "flagship status." He should find it even simpler to dump Rob Spear and return the Vandals to the Big Sky Conference. The first words out of his mouth were not helpful - he thought players would remember, with joy in their hearts, that they lost to Florida State 80-14.

Let's hope Staben wakes up from the toxic fumes in Moscow and puts the football program back on the road to success in the Big Sky, where every game would be winnable for the Vandals and where the fan base could, once again, be seen filling a stadiumat home and on the road.

Until then, to quote Major Clipton in the movie Bridge Over the River Kwai, it's "Madness. Madness!"


Media coverage

I am a 12-year-old athlete who goes to Middleton Middle School. I play football, basketball and baseball.

I'd like to see a bigger variety of schools and sports in the paper. The reason for this is because every time I do read the paper I only see a couple of teams and things on sports in it.

Another reason for it is, because if there was more schools and sports in it, more kids my age and older (who are athletes) would read it more.

All I'm really suggesting is to have maybe a bigger sports section. Please take your time and think about this.


Way to go KTVB. Once again, mainstream media demonstrates its amazing ability to seek and find the lowest level of reliability, and credibility, in reporting actual events. I'm sorry, I don't mean "actual," I mean "factual.''

Mark Johnson should not only be ashamed of his misplaced enthusiasm for erroneous and misinformed reporting, he should apologize to Bronco Nation for misleading fans who rely on folks like him, and his support staff, for updated and accurate reporting.

It is painfully obvious that anything he says going forward should be received with raised brow, questioned, doubted, and questioned again. His, and KTVB's street cred, will never be the same.

To mishandle and misinform about any news item to that extent is unacceptable. To mishandle and misinform about one as sensitive to the Boise market as this one is inexcusable. I'll never purposely watch another Channel 7 news broadcast again. And if I inadvertently do, I won't believe a thing I hear.

Congratulations Coach Harsin!


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