Letters to the editor-12-14-2013

December 14, 2013 

Thank you ...

I am a long-time Statesman subscriber — 20 years or more — and I believe this is my fourth letter to you. All have been to ask that special thanks be relayed to special people.

On Saturday, after our first real snowfall of this season, I went out to scoop a path from my porch down the driveway and had started to do the front sidewalk. I’d stopped to rest and a gracious lady, “Jeannine,” came by and insisted on helping me. I held her dog on a leash as she finished the sidewalk. Just then a gentleman drove up in a red car, parked, got out with a snow shovel and said that he had driven by and went home — then decided to come back and help me. So, he cleared my front circular driveway.

I’m sorry I didn’t get his name — but now I want to thank these two “strangers” who helped an elderly senior citizen — even though it wasn’t a day set aside for that purpose.

Thanks again to you two “snow angels.”


We want to thank all the groups who participated in Rake Up Boise, but especially the group of young people who raked up our yard. The UBC Young Adults (Ustick Baptist Church), they were amazing. Friendly and professional, and they did a great job. Thank You UBC.


I wish to take this time to really say thank you to the gentleman that went out of his way on the recent snowy and cold Saturday morning to deliver a package to me that was delivered to his house by mistake by the Post Office. I am not sure where he came from but I know he does not live anywhere close to where I live. I just wished I had done a better job of telling him how much I really did appreciate him taking his time to personally bring it to my house, I was caught so off guard that I was speechess.

After getting no help from the Post Office I really thought that it would never be located. So to the gentleman that delivered that package to Columbia Road a very big thank you, the world is a much better place with people like you.


Helping children

Assistance League of Boise (ALB) continues to help many young children in Ada County by assisting nearly 3,500 K-6 graders shop for new clothes in the Operation School Bell store. The store, located at the Philanthropic Center on Glenwood, is the largest children’s clothing store in Idaho. When the children arrive by school bus each child is helped individually by an ALB member to select: two pair of jeans, two tee shirts, one sweatshirt, a winter coat, hat and gloves, also six pair of socks, underwear, a $20 Payless shoe card, and an age appropriate book. All these items are free to the children and the money to buy these items is raised by the Assistance League members (all volunteers at this Ada County organization) from their Thrift Shop, grants, and donations. Operation School Bell is only one of the six philanthropies that ALB supports.

BECKY WOODRUFF, Vice President of Public Relations, Assistance League of Boise


A suggested realignment of letters to the editor.

When airlines stopped on board smoking, they put all smoking passengers into smoking areas in airports. I think you should make a similar separation with your Letters to the Editor.

There should be a “prejudice” section with Dano Savino, Ronalee Linsemann, and a few others, as editors in chief.

There should be a “religious” section run by everyone who believes everything is determined by what is written in the Bible.

There should be a “walks on water” section for everyone who thinks everyone who works in Boise State athletics walks on water.

There should be a “nasty” section for all the people who don't like anything and complain about everything.

And there should be a regular “letters to the editor” section.

Letters could be combined into the different categories and each section could be run once a week. Can you imagine the number of readers who would buy the paper if they knew today was “prejudice” day? You could probably get a sponsor for each — the white supremacists, Jerry Falwell and Liberty University, etc.


Pet safety

Recently I saw something that drives me to write this letter: a dog thrown from the back of a truck. This is dangerous to animals as well as motorist.

Here are some things we rarely consider. In the case of a sudden swerve or stop, dogs can be thrown around or even out of truck beds. Animals are unpredictable. Flying debris can cause serious or permanent harm to the pet. Drivers’ swerving to miss the animal can result in car accidents, even death. If a driver insists on having the animal ride in the back of the truck, tether the pet from both sides. This will keep the pet from falling out or being dragged. It will also prevent damage from flying debris. Placing the animal in a secured crate can help.

The problem with these ideas is if the truck is involved in an accident or rolls, the dog has no protection against injury or death.

Two other solutions come to mind. Allow the animal to ride inside the vehicle.

There are straps that can be used to secure the pet. The other alternative is to leave your pets at home. At times, this is the best option.


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