Who's Doing What for Business Insider's Dec. 17-23 edition

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Who’s Doing What is a detailed weekly compilation of public records and other information that can provide you with sales leads and insights into local activities. Who is:

Æ Building buildings

Æ Opening businesses

Æ Filing for bankruptcy

Æ Suing in federal court

Æ Suing in state court

Æ Winning judgments

Æ Facing federal or state tax liens

Æ Facing private liens

Æ Having federal or state tax liens released

Æ Having private liens released

Æ Getting married

Æ Getting divorced

Who’s building buildings


Dec. 6-12


250 S. 5th St. Suite 500, RA Schultz and Co., general contractor, tenant improvements, 6,680 square feet, $166,252

305 S. 6th St., Chipotle Mexican Grill, tenant, Tri-Quest Builders & Developers Inc., general contractors, tenant improvements, 1,809 square feet, $280,000

3080 S. Five Mile Road, R&O Construction, general contractor, new structure, 5,542 square feet, $1,300,000


1109 N. 15th St., Wallace Renovations, general contractor, remodel, 2,748 square feet, $130,000

1121 N. 17th St., Harrison Renovation, general contractor, remodel, 3,194 square feet, $195,000

1218 E. Bannock St., Beck Construction Inc., general contractor, addition, 2,147 square feet, $250,000

6363 E. Grand Prairie Drive, Brighton Homes Idaho Inc., general contractor, new structure, 3,740 square feet, $338,273

Source: City of Boise


Dec. 2-6


14188 Silver Lining Drive, Hubble Homes, general contractor, new structure, $179,000

Source: City of Caldwell


Dec. 2-6


900 S. Osprey Island, ESI, general contractor, new structure, 1,843 square feet, $334,707


738 N. Foudy Place, Coleman Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 1,618 square feet, $204,630

3168 Brookwater, Syringa Construction LLC, general contractor, new structure, 2,917 square feet, $368,081

4179 W. Cardon St., Coleman Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 2,714 square feet, $322,677

920 N. Lionbridge Place, Legacy Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,993 square feet, $375,658

1879 W. Golf Court, JDH Builders Inc., general contractor, new structure, 1,800 square feet, $213,469

5995 W. Founders Drive, Image Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 2,998 square feet, $358,697

1853 N. Tuscalano Place, Biltmore Co. LLC, general contractor, new structure, 3,256 square feet, $402,595

Source: City of Eagle


Dec. 2-6


3468 S. Locust Grove Road, City of Meridian, tenant, Contractors Northwest Inc., general contractor, new structure - booster pump building, 2,000 square feet, $3,991,066

5004 N. Linder Road, Dr. Kelson Orthodontics, tenant, Solitude Homes Inc., general contractor, new structure, 4,962 square feet, $660,000


923 E. Palermo Court, CBH Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,076 square feet, $222,204

375 W. Broderick Drive, Brighton Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,645 square feet, $384,316

3472 E. Cullen St., Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,307 square feet, $360,260

4256 N. Rosepoint Ave., Stacy Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,623 square feet, $288,377

4352 N. Rosepoint Ave., Stacy Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,488 square feet, $282,713

5244 N. Mitchum Ave., Todd Campbell Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,395 square feet, $255,600

5149 N. Clooney Ave., Brighton Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,560 square feet, $274,552

5050 N. Miguel Ave., Hallmark Enterprises Inc., general contractor, new structure, 2,656 square feet, $289,506

5558 N. Mitchum Ave., Todd Campbell Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,395 square feet, $255,900

4322 N. Highland Fall Drive, Blackstead Building Co. Inc., general contractor, new structure, 2,522 square feet, $283,811

3437 E. Cullen St., Dave Evans Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,567 square feet, $293,898

3060 W. San Remo St., Coleman Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 3,705 square feet, $388,755

3048 W. San Remo St., Coleman Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 3,108 square feet, $322,930

3036 W. San Remo St., Coleman Homes LLC, general contractor, new structure, 2,714 square feet, $294,739

5077 N. Clooney Ave., Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,815 square feet, $408,358

3389 S. Lyford Ave., Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,815 square feet, $405,737

255 E. Whitehall St., Stetson Homes Inc., general contractor, new structure, 2,488 square feet, $267,310

4374 N. Rosepoint Ave., Tresidio Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,610 square feet, $404,142

Source: City of Meridian

Who’s opening businesses

Some entries have two individuals’ names after the address.

In the listings of assumed

business names, the first name after the address is a designated contact person, and the second name is an owner. The business type (if available) is listed last.

In listings of business registrations, the first name is an owner and the second is the registered agent. If only one name is listed, it is the registered agent. In some businesses, one person or organization is both, so the name is repeated.

Dec. 2-6

Ada County

Assumed Business Name

A Natural Choice, 3660 W. Flint Drive, Eagle, 83616, Debra J. Mack, Debra J. Mack, services

Affordable Moving, 2704 Lynx Ave., Boise, 83705, Jim Peterson, Jim Peterson, services

All In One Auto Sales, 1800 W. Main St., Boise, 83702, All In One Auto Sales LLC, retail trade

Ashley Manor - Arlington, P.O. Box 1176, Meridian, 83680, Kathi Brink, Ashley Manor LLC, services

Ashley Manor-Park View Drive II, P.O. Box 1176, Meridian, 83680, Kathi Brink, Ashley Manor LLC, services

Bear Lake Trust, 5500 N. Discovery Place, Boise, 83713, Teresa N. Price, Gary T. Napper, services

Boise Fitness League, 1608 N. Meridian Road, Meridian, 83642, Jennifer Morgan, Peggy Rollens, services

Boise Taxi Service, 10303 W. Landmark Court, Boise, 83704, Priority Disbatch LLC, Priority Disbatch LLC, services

Bronco Crossfit, 5033 W. Pinestone St., Meridian, 83646, Jennifer Morgan, Bronco Strength & Conditioning LLC, services

Camas Prairie Music, P.O. Box 50411, Boise, 83705, Tracy Morrison, Tracy Morrison, services

Circletwelve, 4595 N. Eagle Pointe Place, Star, 83669, Christian Martin, retail trade

Danscribe Publishing, 1769 S. Swan, Meridian, 83642, Danney F. Clark, Danney F. Clark, retail trade

Dr. Uma's Healing and Creative Arts Center, 4105 W. State St., Boise, 83703, Uma Mulnick, Linda Joy Uma Mulnick, services

Each Day...Every Day...Custom Jewelry, 3430 S. Ascaino Ave., Meridian, 83642, Jennifer A. Kern, Jennifer A. Kern, retail trade

Ethrift.Biz, 2283 S. Accolade Ave. No. 101, Meridian, 83642, Extended Play & Collectables LLC, retail trade

Everstay Vacation Rentals, 13248 W. Scotfield St., Boise, 83713, Vacation Bug Inc., services

Exodus Pain Clinic, 1775 State St. Suite 163, Boise, 83702, Julia Marsh, Daniel Marsh, services

Fidelity Management Services of Idaho, 5296 N. Fox Run Way, Meridian, 83646, Sandy Danaha, Sandy Danaha, services finance insurance real estate

Flores Group (The), 3264 N. Gaviola Ave., Meridian, 83646, ASF Properties LLC, ASF Properties LLC, finance insurance real estate

Henderson Appraisals, 612 N. Garden St., Boise, 83706, Dennis Henderson, services

Hodge Podge Tax Services, 1842 W. Tumble Creek Drive, Meridian, 83646, Hodge Podge Idaho Inc., Hodge Podge Idaho Inc., services

Icapture.com, P.O. Box 6922, Boise, 83707, Straight Shot Solutions Inc., Straight Shot Solutions Inc., services

Jackie's Family Daycare, 10621 Glen Ellyn, Boise, 83713, Jackie Bauer, Jackie Bauer, services

Kayla's Chair, 3400 E. River Valley St. No. H405, Meridian, 83646, Kayla Miller, Kayla Miller, services

Landprodata.com, 4242 N. Brookside Lane, Boise, 83714, David A. Bailey, Adacandata.com Inc., services

May Nails & Spa Salon, 5118 W. Overland Road, Boise, 83709, Tina Nguyen, services

Miro's Carpet Care, 9706 W. Cascade St., Boise, 83704, Miroslav Georgiev Slanchev, services

Myofascial Release Center of Idaho, 2404 W. Bank Drive Suite 101, Boise, 83705, Bret Moffett, 62 Degrees Physical Therapy LLC, services

NRG Construction, 1451 Sandalwood Drive, Meridian, 83646, Nick Grimm, Nicholas Grimm, construction

One Cut Above The Rest Flooring, 10010 W. Arnold, Boise, 83714, Willie Palmer, Willie Palmer, construction

Ophidia Studio, 2615 W. Kootenai St., Boise, 83705, Suchen Gee, services

Red Crown Plumbing, 1850 E. Summer Cove Drive, Meridian, 83646, Peter T. Holding, Peter T. Holding, services construction

Relaxing Moments Massage, 5460 W. Franklin Suite H, Boise, 83705, Ginger K. White, Ginger K. White, services

Sol Bakery, 4775 S. Rawhide Ave., Boise, 83709, Owl Tree LLC, Owl Tree LLC, retail trade

Three Sapphire Press, 1940 N. 33rd, Boise, 83703, Robyn Fogg, Robyn Fogg, retail trade

Tract Realty, 6000 N. Harbor Town Place, Boise, 83714, Michael Pickren, Kraig Kennedy, finance insurance real estate

Ultimate Linings of Idaho, 2735 E. Migratory Drive, Boise, 83706, Ridgeliners LLC, Ridgeliners LLC, wholesale trade

V3 Hair Academy, 4553 N. Eagle Pointe Place, Star, 83669, Victor Valle, V3 Investments LLC, services

Walking Proud, 5199 Paiute Circle, Boise, 83709, Mary Ann Lawford, Lawford Media Inc., retail trade manufacturing

We Drive USA, 2725 N. Five Mile Road Suite 99, Boise, 83713, Ray Sanchez, Ray Sanchez, services

Xtreme Gaming, 1200 N. Main St. No. 1494, Meridian, 83680, TA Group Inc., TA Group Inc., retail trade


Boise Neighbor-2-Neighbor Network Inc., 1009 W. Fort St., Boise, 83702, Susan M. Graham, Susan M. Graham

Dinomite Rocks and Gems Inc., 12224 W. Castlewood Drive, Boise, 83709, Steven K. Hoppe, Steven K. Hoppe

Eighth and Main Condominium Association Inc., 101 S. Capitol Blvd. Suite 1201, Boise, 83702, Ryan Cleverley, Ryan Cleverley

Hodge Podge Idaho Inc., 1842 W. Tumble Creek Drive, Meridian, 83646, Samantha Kay Hoge, Samantha Kay Hoge

J.L. Meyer Companies Inc., 3551 W. Deerfield Drive, Eagle, 83616, John L. Meyer, John Meyer

Jason G. Dykstra P.C., 656 N. Haines, Boise, 83712, Jason G. Dykstra, Jason G. Dykstra

Michael S. Oswald Chtd., 2412 W. Bannock St., Boise, 83702, Michael S. Oswald, Michael S. Oswald

Northwest Specialty Beverage Co., P.O. Box 5134, Boise, 83705, Grant Core

Opinion Consulting Inc., 1686 E. Summerfalls Drive, Meridian, 83646, Gwon Hee Ko, Gwon Hee Ko

Raku Inc., 1915 W. State St. No. 331, Boise, 83702, Alturas Media LLC, Alturas Media LLC

Reflection Ridge Homeowners Association Inc., 6100 W. State St. Suite 120, Boise, 83703, Jeff Martell, Jeff Martell

TA Group Inc., 1200 N. Main St. No. 1494, Meridian, 83680, Tyler Cornia, Tyler Cornia

Tract Realty Inc., 6000 N. Harbor Town Place, Boise, 83714, Michael Pickren, Michael Pickren

Limited Liability Company

2215 West State Street LLC, 2215 West State St., Boise, 83702, Stephen A. Barbey, Stephen A. Barbey

5 By 5 LLC, P.O. Box 1192, Boise, 83701, David V. Nielsen, David V. Nielsen

62 Degrees Physical Therapy LLC, 2404 W. Bank Drive Suite 101, Boise, 83705, Bret Moffett, Bret Moffett

70 Alive LLC, 1079 S. Ancona Ave. No. 110, Eagle, 83616, Garold Maxfield, Garold Maxfield

A Kid's Kastle LLC, 2410 N. Cole Road, Boise, 83704, Tomi Mooney

Accelerate LLC, 6477 Solar Way, Boise, 83709, Brian Wood

Artisan Custom Painting LLC, 2403 McKinney St., Boise, 83704, Michael W. Morris, Michael W. Morris

Ataraxis AZ LLC, 600 N. Curtis Road Suite 101, Boise, 83706, Stephen Cilley

Babu Properties LLC, 1221 E. Holden Lane, Boise, 83706, Reid Baker, Reid Baker

Brother's Bail Bonds LLC., P.O. Box 350, Meridian, 83680, David Lance

Bubbaking LLC, 568 E. Lakebrook Lane, Eagle, 83616, Jon A. King, Jon A. King

Carlton 1327 LLC, 3999 W. Columbia Road, Meridian, 83642, William K. Bach Jr.

Clear Creek Motors LLC, 9 Holcomb Drive, Boise, 83716, Jeff Achenbach, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Commercial Investment Holding Co. LLC, 250 S. 5th St. 2nd Floor, Boise, 83702, Michael T. Keller, Michael T. Keller

Commercial Investment Real Estate LLC, 250 S. 5th St. 2nd Floor, Boise, 83702, Michael T. Keller, Michael T. Keller

Covionic Coatings LLC, 5545 S. Cortez Place, Boise, 83709, Rob Reyff, Robert Reyff

Cradle To Grave LLC, 1422 E. Beagle, Meridian, 83642, Douglas McVey, Douglas McVey

Creative Imaginations Properties LLC, 1760 N. Mitchell St., Boise, 83704, Donald M. Lidstrom

Dead Goose Industries LLC, 850 N. Benjamin Lane, Boise, 83704, Casey C. Peters, Casey C. Peters

DJL Holdings LLC, 2010 Blaine Way, Boise, 83702, Gary S. Lyons, Gary S. Lyons

Edmundrod Consulting LLC, 7230 W. McMillan Road, Meridian, 83646, Edmund R. Rodriguez

Elite Access Systems LLC, P.O. Box 904, Meridian, 83680, John C. Helzer

Fusion Salon and Spa Boise LLC, 2918 N. Tamarack Drive, Boise, 83703, Emery Marie Estano

Gemstone Properties LLC, 4703 N. Quail Terrace Place, Boise, 83703, Matthew Soderlund

Goldberry Home LLC, 7204 N. Prescott Ave., Boise, 83714, Sherian Allen, Sherian Allen

Greenworld Investments LLC, 1346 N. Pilgrim Ave., Boise, 83704, Vaughn Applebee

High River Management LLC, 1112 W. Main St. Suite 101, Boise, 83702, W. Kirk Williams, W. Kirk Williams

Idaho Specialty Woodworking LLC, 1775 W. State St. No. 360, Boise, 83702, Jamie Talan, Jamie Talan

Idaho Wheelchair Tennis Competition LLC, 2434 Cherry Lane, Boise, 83705, Randy Lee Corbett, Randy Lee Corbett

Intermountain Acquisitions LLC, 10400 W. Overland Road No. 339, Boise, 83709, Bruce Sternke, Bruce Sternke

Ives Real Estate LLC, 2357 W. Burns St., Eagle, 83616, Thomas Wayne Ives

Joint Preservation and Replacement Specialists PLLC, 2401 N. Cliffview Way, Boise, 83702, Richard E. Moore M.D.

Just Off The Boulevard LLC, P.O. Box 1661, Boise, 83701, Will Anderson

Laneige LLC, 218 E. Curling, Boise, 83702, Debra Lynn Spoja, Debra Lynn Spoja

Lil Bit of Everything II LLC, 13967 W. Elmsprings Court, Boise, 83713, Anne Garabedian

Living Bread LLC, 3873 E. Alta Ridge Court, Boise, 83716, Jesse J. Leib

LK Moody Ventures LLC, 2419 W. Hill Road, Boise, 83702, Larry K. Moody, Larry K. Moody

Luso-Celt LLC, P.O. Box 7511, Boise, 83707, Mary Barros-Bailey

Moffitt & Bratton Automotive Machine LLC, 1864 Airport Way, Boise, 83705, Patrick A. Bratton, Patrick A. Bratton

Mold Consulting Services LLC, 11537 W. Carmichael Drive, Boise, 83709, Herbert E. Jensen

Moss Rose Farm LLC, 1682 E. Summerheights Drive, Meridian, 83646, Elizabeth Jensen, Elizabeth Jensen

NJ Hilton Group LLC, 9745 W. Blue Meadows St., Boise, 83709, Nicholas J. Hilton

Opulence Salon & Spa LLC, 190 E. Ironstone Drive, Meridian, 83646, Matthew K. Taylor

Owl Tree LLC, 3910 Hill Road Suite 102, Boise, 83703, Krystiana Bradley

Pacific Rim Automotive Systems LLC, 582 E. Halpin Drive, Meridian, 83646, James F. Green

Prestige Crown and Bridge LLC, 2852 Parke Circle Drive, Boise, 83705, Kenneth Thometz, Kenneth Thometz

Rainyday Dagator LLC, 351 Auto Drive, Boise, 83709, James A. Cross, James A. Cross

Ramsour Holdings Group LLC, 6724 N. Hillsboro Place, Boise, 83703, Brad Ramsour, Brad Ramsour

Red Feather Group LLC, P.O. Box 1413, Eagle, 83616, William Whelan, Amelia Whelan

RSS Lula Roe LLC, 1709 S. Federal Way, Boise, 83705, Robert M. Scott, Robert M. Scott

Sawtooth Capital Partners LLC, P.O. Box 1207, Eagle, 83616, Eric E. Mott, Eric E. Mott

Small Talk Speech & Language Services LLC, 2247 W. Kelly Creek Drive, Meridian, 83646, Karen Hibbs

StudioMK PLLC, 1320 N. Harding St., Boise, 83706, William Wardwell

Telford Family Holdings LLC, 2048 W. Astonte St., Meridian, 83646, Jeremy R. Telford, Jeremy R. Telford

Towne Concrete Construction LLC, P.O. Box 1596, Eagle, 83616, Amelia Towne, Amelia Towne

Treasure Valley Cleaning Services LLC, 1745 Eldorado, Boise, 83704, Brian Richard, Brian Richard

Triple 'C' Ranch LLC, 604 Clubview Drive, Boise, 83702, Greg C. Coman, Greg C. Coman

Twins Transport LLC, 2010 Surrey Road, Boise, 83709, Nikola Borkovic

Twisted Thoroughbreds LLC, 156 N. Knox St., Star, 83669, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Unique Blinds LLC, P.O. Box 190755, Boise, 83719, Philip J. Woodward

V3 Investments LLC, 4553 N. Eagle Pointe Place, Star, 83669, Victor Valle

Workforce Development Group LLC, 4115 N. Tipton Ave., Meridian, 83646, Bruce Todd Strom, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Boise County

Assumed Business Name

Wayward Strays, 19 Ashbrook Lane, Horseshoe Bend, 83629, Maxine Bunce, Maxine Denise Bunce, services

Long Six LLC, 37 Waverly Drive, Horseshoe Bend, 83629, William D. Long, William D. Long

Canyon County

Assumed Business Name

Greybeard Services, 2809 Garrity Blvd., Nampa, 83687, John Christ, John Christ, services

Lopez Cleaning Business, 404 Cedar Park Lane, Nampa, 83686, Lisa Y. Lopez, Lisa Y. Lopez, services

Our Backyard Farms, 5855 Ustick Road, Nampa, 83687, Gina Tidwell, Slimco Communications LLC, agriculture

Roaming Romans, 1100 Burnett Drive No. 354, Nampa, 83651, Ross Hoffman, Ross Hoffman, services

Sarah's Bagel Cafe, 2023 W. Michelle Drive, Nampa, 83651, Vanny Chea, retail trade wholesale trade

Shannon Photography, 6748 Kloepfer Homestead Lane, Nampa, 83686, Shannon Teater, Shannon Teater, services

Shiloh Investments, 6268 W. Lake Hazel Road, Nampa, 83687, Nathan Pyles, Shiloh Management Services Inc., agriculture finance insurance real estate

Visualwebb, 2308 Sunnybrook Drive Apt. 301, Nampa, 83686, Kevin Dean Koepnick, Kevin Dean Koepnick, services


DSP Inc., 2516 Wagon Wheel Road, Nampa, 83686, Dave Parker, Dave Parker

Dwight Construction Services Inc., 2115 Greenhurst, Nampa, 83686, Gary Seward, Gary Seward

Invisible Wounds Inc., 994 N. Powder River Drive, Middleton, 83644, Erin Rush, Erin Rush

Snake River Stampede Cure Foundation Inc., 16114 Idaho Center Blvd. No. 4, Nampa, 83687, Ken Nicodemus, Ken Nicodemus

Vanityvapes.com Inc., 6889 E. Greens Drive, Nampa, 83687, Elvis Capellan, Elvis Capellan

White Whispers Publishing Inc., 26181 Gail Lane, Middleton, 83644, William H. Boggs, Kathleen Roma

Limited Liability Company

Child Advocacy Services of Treasure Valley LLC, 3305 Parkview Way, Nampa, 83687, Patsy Jean Flaharty, Patsy Jean Flaharty

Crossfit 2C LLC, 2527 W. Sheridan Ave., Nampa, 83686, Jeff Zawadzki, Jeff Zawadzki

Early Advantage Preschool LLC, 707 W. Heather Woods Drive, Nampa, 83686, Sarah Punkoney

Earnest Equipment LLC, 3125 Laster Lane, Nampa, 83651, Leland Chris Earnest

Earnest Land LLC, 3125 Laster Lane, Nampa, 83651, Leland Chris Earnest

Earnest Operations LLC, 3125 Laster Lane, Nampa, 83651, Leland Chris Earnest

Hammons Heating & Air LLC, 5680 E. Franklin Road Suite 130, Nampa, 83687, Kevin E. Dinius, Kevin E. Dinius

Idaho Antique Trails LLC, 5513 Landsdown Ave., Caldwell, 83607, Chelsea Johnson, Chelsea Johnson

Merit Properties LLC, 2422 12th Ave. Road No. 319, Nampa, 83686, Teresa Ward

Northern Edge LLC, 7370 E. Nottingham Lane, Nampa, 83687, Kristopher R. Davis, Kristopher R. Davis

Robson LLC, 9229 Randolph Drive, Nampa, 83686, William Wardwell

Top Hat Originals LLC, 26255 Pheasant Landing, Middleton, 83644, Ronald L. Hendershott, Ronald L. Hendershott

Transstart LLC, 16865 Blue Jay Loop, Nampa, 83687, Arlan Turnbull

Elmore County

Assumed Business Name

Kymiejo's Kandles and Krafts, 1158 NW Beaman St., Mountain Home, 83647, Joanne Morrill, Lauri Vlahos, retail trade

Gem County

Limited Liability Company

McFarlane Properties LLC, 1115 Cherry Lane, Emmett, 83617, Tempe D. McFarlane

Robert D. and Heidemarie PLLC, 3808 Fuller Road, Emmett, 83617, Heidemarie Morris

Tulliah Farms LLC, 1795 W. Black Canyon Highway, Emmett, 83617, Lori Hollenbaugh, Lori Hollenbaugh

Owyhee County

Limited Liability Company

KJM LLC, 337 E. Idaho Ave., Homedale, 83628, Kimberly Jo Murray

Payette County


Miracle League of Payette Inc., 316 15th Ave. N., Payette, 83661, Craig Jensen, Craig Jensen

Limited Liability Company

Gardens Chiropractic PLLC (The), 2007 N. Whitley Drive, Fruitland, 83619, Tyson William Devereux, Tyson William Devereux

Levi J. Harrison Trucking LLC, 5167 SE 4th Ave., New Plymouth, 83655, Julia Harrison, Julia Harrison

Mac Plumbing LLC, 985 Shamrock Court, Fruitland, 83619, Donovan McGraw, Donovan McGraw

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s filing for bankruptcy

“No” means no assets are reported. “Yes” means there are.

Dec. 6-12

Ada County

Chapter 13

Reuel S. Davis and Renee Fillmore Davis, yes

Mihail Danescu and Florica Danescu, yes

Robert C. Neff and Danita A. Wilken, yes

Chapter 7

Daniel Nathan Bradshaw, no

Christopher Gove and Kelley Gove, no

Breanne Nicole White, no

Matthew Anthony Harper and Mary Jane Harper, no

Steven E. Vail and Kristine L. Vail, no

Kevin L. Johnson and Stephanie Lynn Johnson, no

Andrea Lee Redfox, no

Pauline Louise Lang, no

Jessica Katherine Fletcher, no

Taylor Joseph Miller, no

Karen Lynn Moorhouse, no

Jon L. Lewis, no

Jeffrey James Reed and Margaret Elizabeth Reed, no

Alaina Hayden Piehl, no

Dustin Earl Arnold and Kay Lynn Arnold, no

Andrea Bates, no

Chelsea L. Cantrell, no

Canyon County

Chapter 13

William Gary Davis, yes

Chapter 7

Nancy J. Muller, no

Jaime F. Oviedo, no

Afton Jason Charlesworth and Janette M. Charlesworth, no

Ruben A. Bustos and Tiffany K. Bustos, no

Lynda Ann Perry, no

Vivian Kruest Vermillion, no

Robert Roy Rehling, no

Gregory Passey Storrs and Cheryl Whiting Storrs, no

John Carter Sparks and Teri Lea Sparks, no

Juan G. Monreal and Rosa Monreal, no

William Paul Taylor, no

William Glen Burke Jr., no

Joseph O. Carrillo and Marilyn L. Carrillo, no

Bruce W. Helmick and Leilani Sue Helmick, no

Robert Joseph Wagner and Katherine Ann Wagner, no

Gem County

Chapter 13

Kent Christopher Shober and Jennifer Jo-Ann Shober, yes

Chapter 7

Thomas Anthony Ignacio Jr., no

Payette County

Chapter 7

Stephanie Marie Browne, no

Deanna Jean Komp, no

Source: U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

Who’s suing in federal court

Case information is listed in the order of case name (plaintiff v. respondent), presiding judge, a short description of what the lawsuit is about, and who demanded a jury, if anyone. Some names are followed by the abbreviation “et al,” which means “and others.”

Filed in Boise

Dec. 6-12

Tator v. Textron Inc. et al, Ronald E. Bush, E.R.I.S.A., None

Source: U.S. District Courts

Who’s suing in state court

4th Judicial District (Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley Counties)

Dec. 5-11

North Hills Mobile Home Park sued Deanna Decker and David Holt.

Felipe Vargas sued Thomas Earl.

Bingham Collections Inc. sued Sandee M. Hiatt and Brian Hiatt.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Alfredo R. Caroca.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Zachary Kerekesh.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Warren Maxfield.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Alma Lizet Montes Powell.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Diann A. Sivels.

Stanton F. Niccolls sued Rome Saranto.

Mark McDonough sued Moore Smith Buxton & Turcke Chtd. And Bruce Smith.

The Sundance Co. sued Midstar LLC and Pavel Babichenko.

State of Idaho Ex Rel Industrial Commission sued Surka K. Meka and Ajay Sunkara.

Idaho Truck & Equipment Co. Inc. sued Lazy J LLC and Derek B. Jensen.

State of Idaho Ex Rel Industrial Commission sued Marti Martino and Gregory Martino.

Laura Pierce sued Metropolitan Property and Casualty Insurance Co.

Robert W. Ross and Shelley L. Ross sued Ralph Chavez and Angela Wales.

Arrowhead Canyon Estates Owners Association sued Steven Baggerly.

Larry Gray sued Willie Campbell and Annette Campbell.

Realty Management Associates Inc. sued Rudy Stephenson.

C.L. Butch Otter sued Jack Ellis, Marilynn Ellis and Wayne Rodriguez.

OneWest Bank sued Crystal Rosendaul, Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, Stewart Title of Boise, State of Idaho Department of Welfare and State of Idaho Department of Welfare Estate Recovery.

Jeremy McBurney sued Lowe's HIW Inc. and Nathan Mackaben.

Barclays Bank Delaware sued Elizabeth Jane Bryant.

Diaz & Partners Property Management sued Veronica Urruita.

Platt Electric Supply Inc. sued ITX Construction Consultants Inc., Merchants Bonding Co., Lightning Electric Inc. and Bryan McLaughlin.

Springleaf Financial Services sued William H. Sorum.

Susan McMillan sued Law Property Management Inc. and Randall Hoffer.

Jerry Ahlberg sued Trina Renee Clampitt.

Jerry Ahlberg sued Louis S. Smothers.

Jerry Ahlberg sued Leah Kerns.

The Turf Corp. Inc. sued Radd Farbo.

Silver Bay Apartments sued Nicholas Hall and Mandi Hall.

Idaho Fence Supply Inc. sued Gardner Maintenance Inc., Professional Landscaping Inc. and John L. Wortendyke.

Arrow Rock International Inc. sued Darin G. Monroe and Monroe Law Office PA.

Cathay Import & Export Ltd. sued Mimi Marie LLC.

Bruce K. Dunkley sued Ron Karlson.

Outlaw Properties LLC sued Matsuzawa Corp.

State of Idaho Ex Rel Industrial Commission sued Blue Mountain Chiropractic LLC, Douglas W. Brewer and Michelle Brewer.

Real Estate Equity Group LLC sued James Kerby.

John Amlin sued Alison Bell and Wayne Miller.

Jerome Watkins sued Douglas W. Harris.

Joseph F. Yatzun sued Roger Quisenberry and Patricia Boyd.

Dr. Jeffrey Pew sued Tonia McOmber and Calvin E. McOmber.

Lady Bug Co. Inc. sued Cindy Marie Sheridan.

Flying H Ranch sued Barbara Pruitt.

Edward L. Bews sued Regent/Boise LLC, Willow Park Management LLC and FHC Property Management LLC.

State of Idaho and Idaho Transportation Board sued Ascorp Inc.

First Rate Property Management sued Mercedez Howard.

Ron Thein and Lenie C. Caoile sued Highlander Holdings LLC, Morning Star LLC, Stirling Reclamation LLC, White Horse LLC and Robert McKay.

Citibank sued Patty A. Dougal.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Diane Smart and Jeff Smart.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Mark Frelleson.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Julie Jones and Bob Jones.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jacuelyn K. Morris and Michael Morris.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Kevin Berkenmeier.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Lynne Stackhouse.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Deborah A. Bankston.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Jacob Wolverton and Mindy Wolverton.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Pattsie Carlile and Jodie Carlile.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Barbara L. Gonsalves and Frank Gonsalves.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Adriana T. Freund and Chris Freund.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Nicole Collins.

Sunflower Bank sued Bryan D. Wright.

JP Development Inc. sued Fatima Selimovic and Enver Selimovic.

JP Development Inc. sued Rodney Schwenk.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Pamela D. Duncan.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Matt Martin.

JP Development Inc. sued Dwight Mogford.

Daren Mizner and Rhea Mizner sued Tom Wright, The Wright Group Event Services, The Wright Group and Larry D. Knapp.

JP Development Inc. sued Randy Howell.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Catheryn N. Pond.

JP Development Inc. sued Michael Bradshaw.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Gabriella Carrick.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Christina K. Sproat.

State of Idaho sued eCommerce Support LLC.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Stephanie M. Niemsyk.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Luke A. Gammon.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Tony F. Wilson and Deborah Wilson.

Midtown Investors LLC sued Jed Wayne Davis.

Creek Bend Apartments sued John T. Barnett.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

3rd Judicial District (Adams, Canyon, Gem, Owyhee, Payette and Washington Counties)

Dec. 3-9

Collection Bureau Inc. sued April May Sheen.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Laura Lee Bujold.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Bryce E. Fewkes and Misty M. Fewkes.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jon Fuhriman.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jeffrey A. Moore.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jeremy Jones.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Carrie J. Kiser and Terry Allen Kiser.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Ronald W. Lundquist.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Melisa J. Hammons.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Melynda C. Ayarza.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Latoya Trina Bernal.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Andrea D. Cusic.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Angela M. Burrow and James E. Burrow.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Noemi Rodriguez.

Bank of America sued Garcia Orie.

Discover Bank sued Debbie Gilliland.

Jamie Young sued Geico Advantage Insurance Co.

Apex Agricultural Products Extension sued Dehoog Dairy.

Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center sued Canyon County and Canyon County Board of Commissioners.

Equable Ascent Financial sued Luann Pecsek.

JPMorgan Chase Bank sued Leanna M. Young and Edgar O. Young.

Juan J. Lopez sued Percilla C. Lopez and Elias Lopez.

Maria Silva Sanchez sued Mary Lisa Cotton.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Brittany Anne Lytle.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Martha Soria Rodriguez.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Ben L. Williams and Jennifer J. Williams.

EGP Investments LLC sued Lisa Silonis.

Asset Acceptance LLC sued Porifiria S. Barreiro.

Topside Property Management sued Miguel Chavez and Crystal Garcia.

The Estate of Ronalds Ralls sued Ronda Diggs.

Enerbank USA sued Amanda Smith.

Amy Wright and Elton J. Andrews sued Billy James Coons and Ellen Coons.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Jacob Deal and Gabriel Isaiah Glasgow.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Lou A. Knie.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Danielle Lynn Demarco.

David Nugent sued Mark Anthony Ballejos and Loy Ballejos.

NCO Financial Systems sued Dennis Ralph Shelley and Laura Ann Shelley.

NCO Financial Systems sued Mark Tatum and Diane C. Tatum.

NCO Financial Systems sued Teresa Stewart.

Atlantic Credit & Finance sued Timothy S. Finnigan.

Credit Acceptance Corp. sued Christopher A. Alvarado.

H&R Accounts Inc. sued Roger Medina.

Credit Acceptance Corp. sued Edward Robinson.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Amy Kay Robinson.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Raymond E. Bullen and Kimberly A. Bullen.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Marcelino Cruz and Maria Cruz.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Lori Lynn Simmons.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Darris Kenneth Bopp.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Elisha Suldan.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Emily J. Scherer.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Brianna Williams.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued James R. Bailey and Ruth Bailey.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Shauna L. McGhghy.

Retail Credit Service Inc. sued Nanette Suarez.

Cecilia Rinebold sued Maria Pedraza and Itzel Pedraza Casteneda.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Kyla M. May.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Diana Real.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Elizzette Godina.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Erika Janet Bernabe.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Scott Arnold Grubaugh and Suzanne J. Grubaugh.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Kathleen Masson.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Buffy Stewart.

Diana Lee Hunter sued Kayce L. Hunter.

Dana J. Grogan sued Araceli Padilla and Jubentino Lira.

Cavalry Investments sued Megan R. Jackson.

American Express Bank sued Brooke P. Anderson.

Discover Bank sued Susan M. Banfield.

Portfolio Recovery Associates LLC sued Dennis Wilson.

American Express Bank sued Loren Eugene Dahl.

Canyon County Board of Community Guardians sued Gerald Joseph Pedraza.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Erin Campbell.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Paul Daniels and Gina R. Daniels.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Luis G. Casian and Esmeralda Casian.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Kenneth W. Rose and Anjuli K. Rose.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued John O. Hibnes and Julie L. Hibnes.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Margarita Calderon Cantor.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued James McNew and Karla McNew.

Silver Liege Development sued Donald Lineberry.

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s winning judgments

($10,000 or more)

Ada County

Dec. 5-11

550 South Broadway LLC won a $56,289 judgment against MFF ID LLC and Donn R. Wilson.

Dave Kallas won a $35,779 judgment against Ward B. Schwider.

American Express Bank won a $35,718 judgment against Steve Strickland.

American Express Bank won a $30,839 judgment against R Bailey also known as R C Bailey.

Autovest LLC won a $10,153 judgment against Elaina Donohoe.

Gorilla Capital LLC won a $11,670 judgment against Joe Moore doing business as JM Enterprises.

Collection Bureau Inc. won a $12,571 judgment against Jeffrey J. Korn.

Collection Bureau Inc. won a $12,697 judgment against Kathryn Kearny.

Emerald Assets Idaho LP won a $12,000 judgment against Bikram Yoga College of India, Boise LLC, Jamie Mitchell and Billy Mitchell.

Emerald Assets Idaho LP won a $33,000 judgment against Bikram Yoga College of India and Boise LLC.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Who’s facing federal or state tax liens

Federal liens start with I. State liens start with T.

Dec. 6-10

Ada County

A Better Life, P.O. Box 190030, Boise, T687302, $150.09

ABH Siding LLC, 1601 E. Seaport Court, Boise, T689207, $252.35

Adams, G Brent, 701 N. Senora Way, Eagle, T689096, $1,490.12

Adams, Stephanie N, 701 N. Senora Way, Eagle, T688957, $1,490.12

Adaptive Care Services LLC, 5704 Millstream Way, Garden City, T688703, $630.87

AER Auto Repair LLC, 7736 Lemhi St., Boise, T688734, $592.76

Ahten, Robert B, 11211 W. Hickory Dale Drive, Boise, T687486, $445.10

Ahten, Sara M, 11211 W. Hickory Dale Drive, Boise, T687768, $445.10

Alexander, Greg T, 1965 N. Carissa Ave., Boise, T689076, $4,656.63

Alibaba Hookah Bar LLC, 3149 W. Chinden Blvd., Boise, T688973, $605.26, T689249, $631.57

Alleyne, Reynaldo L, 8525 W. Goddard Road, Boise, T688872, $489.16, T687651, $4,144.44

Alsudani, Murtadha, 9746 W. Canford Drive, Boise, T688901, $1,266.84

Ampelon Publishing LLC, P.O. Box 140675, Boise, T689074, $1,182.32

Antram, Aaron J, 2030 S. Arcadia St., Boise, T687809, $1,371.89

Arredondo, Allicia L, 8 S. Vinson St., Boise, T687400, $265.21

Ashcraft, Christian M, 102 E. Victory Road, Meridian, T687855, $605.26

B&C Floor Covering Inc., 5613 W. Overland Road, Boise, T687210, $4,515.52

Babichenko, Kristina V, 12586 W. Bridger St., Boise, T688714, $1,830.55

Babichenko, Timophey, 12586 W. Bridger St., Boise, T689221, $1,830.55

Bailey, Karlie K, 2074 S. Broxon St., Boise, T687719, $621.44

Baker, Sessily T, 1403 S. Hervey St., Boise, T687786, $216.15

Balbach, Danny W, 2401 S. Apple St., Boise, T687468, $342.00

Balbach, Paige P, 1461 Wickshire Court, Eagle, T687644, $342.00

Bam Freight Inc., 2902 Abbs Lane, Boise, T689248, $203.48

Barba, Miguel M, 4720 W. Pasadena Lane, Boise, T687631, $121.57

Barden, Byron J, 7940 Horseshoe Bend Road, Boise, T688835, $630.87

Bartoszewski, Laurie, 3601 N. Frontier Way, Boise, T689132, $242.07

Benham, Michael S, 8545 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, T687537, $696.39

Big Creek Family Dentistry, 2248 E. Alderhill Drive, Eagle, T687252, $967.29

Bodywise Universal LLC, 852 N. Benjamin Lane, Boise, T689149, $631.57

Boise Lawn Co., 3836 S. Marsala Ave., Meridian, T688875, $304.75

Boost Lawns and Landscape, P.O. Box 190745, Boise, T687230, $291.18

Bringitogether LLC, 1385 E. Bergeson St., Boise, T688753, $605.26

Brown, Shasta M, 2634 N. Alamo Road, Boise, I10919

Bruce, Robert T, 2537 Big Sky Place, Eagle, T687413, $28,263.28

Butler, Billie D, 9247 W. Irving St., Boise, T687830, $7,730.42

Cantrell, Billie L, 5620 W. Marvin Lane, Boise, T687556, $131.91

Cantrell, Kimberly S, 9911 W. McMillan Road, Boise, T687819, $6,051.01

Cantrell, Robert W, 9911 W. McMillan Road, Boise, T687534, $5,935.53

Capps, Eric D, 7507 N. Trumpet Lane, Eagle, T689192, $1,470.05

Capps, Heather L, 7507 N. Trumpet Lane, Eagle, T688737, $1,470.05

Carlisle, Brian M, 11019 W. Gila Drive, Kuna, T687532, $4,400.03

Carlisle, Linda L, 11019 W. Gila Drive, Kuna, T687670, $4,400.03

Castleberry, Laura K, 10483 W. Landmark Court, Boise, T687441, $924.88

Circuit Central USA LLC, 221 W. 37th St., Garden City, T688738, $884.20

Cisneros, Elevterio Marta, 4444 W. Meriwether Drive, Boise, T687571, $14,751.78

City Grill Inc., 211 N. 8th St., Boise, T689027, $2,185.77

Clausen, Anthony J, 630 S. Redoak Ave., Kuna, T689223, $539.33

Clean Solutions LLC, 2634 N. Alamo Road, Boise, I10919

Clements, Rhonda J, 6035 N. Hazelbrook Lane, Garden City, T689222, $3,529.01

Coleman, Jarrad A, 2559 W. San Remo Court, Meridian, T687366, $1,644.42

Coleman, Jennifer L, 2559 W. San Remo Court, Meridian, T687645, $1,644.42

Conde, Eva M, 9861 Barnsdale Drive, Boise, T687431, $5,107.49

Conde, Stuart W, 9861 Barnsdale Drive, Boise, T687783, $5,107.49

Corders Inc., 12097 Kuna Road, Kuna, T688821, $126.17

Core Concepts Inc., 1401 W. Idaho St., Boise, T687265, $507.01

Cram, Marissa Louise, 1505 S. Columbus St., Boise, T687697, $3,963.92

Creekstone Associates, 220 S. Five Mile Road, Boise, T687226, $5,951.36

Cutter, Amy L, 1891 Belmont, Boise, T687288, $363.16

Dahl & Associates LLC, 11530 W. State St., Star, T687255, $241.83

Dalrymple, Michael W, 804 W. 7th St., Meridian, T688702, $257.10

Davis, Edith F, 1321 N. Patricia Lane, Boise, T689173, $9,179.33

Davis, Gary W, 1321 N. Patricia Lane, Boise, T688759, $9,179.33

Davis, Paul H, 5952 S. Red Crest Ave., Boise, T688708, $1,364.75

Delcon Industries LLC, 1396 E. Iron Eagle Drive, Eagle, T688765, $635.80, T688801, $630.87, T688944, $633.30, T689218, $634.65, T689082, $632.15

Don Diego’s Restaurant Inc., 930 N. Cole Road, Boise, T687877, $291.65

Doyle, Jerry L, 2411 N. 24th St., Boise, T689059, $1,899.36

Drexler, Sethdon K, 4557 N. Cloverdale Road, Boise, T687543, $6,538.02

Dugan, Matthew E, 11450 W. 1st St., Star, T689126, $1,211.39

Edwards Vacuum Inc., 6803 Business Way, Boise, T688870, $3,031.57

Eisenbarth, Cory A, 5619 W. Kootenai St., Boise, T687249, $191.16

Elam, Anthony M, 3011 W. Regan Ave., Boise, T687672, $2,007.57

Elkin, Francisco D, 12365 W. Winton St., Boise, T687329, $4,632.96

Equipment Service Professional, 291 Avenue C, Kuna, T689243, $327.66

Estrada, Rudy, 8419 W. Mornin Mist Court, Boise, T688749, $306.95

Evergreen Chiropractic, 1640 W. Cherry Lane #130, Meridian, T687232, $1,471.02

Evergreen Wellness Group LLC, 1640 W. Cherry Lane #130, Meridian, T687231, $1,471.02

Executive Kids Inc., 4311 W. Franklin Road, Boise, T687224, $217.20, T689055, $252.35

Farley, Neil, 632 N. Edgewood Lane, Eagle, T687866, $3,152.27

Farley, Penny, 632 N. Edgewood Lane, Eagle, T687321, $3,152.27

Fleming, Tabitha J, 5891 S. Acheron Ave., Boise, T688793, $1,430.10

Fleming, William E, 5891 S. Acheron Ave., Boise, T689142, $1,430.10

Frandsen, Arlin W, 1007 S. Star Road, Star, T687749, $692.79

Freund, Jane L, P.O. Box 9171, Boise, T687794, $515.45

Gamblin, Michael L, 5727 W. Pheasant Circle, Boise, T689225, $4,880.27

Genther, Tenna M, 3110 Bellomy Lane, Boise, T687396, $1,352.52

Godfrey, Paul R, 3930-1/2 W. State St., Boise, T688701, $1,536.46

Gonzalez, Teresa, 3591 E. Congressional Drive, Meridian, T688797, $12,844.96, T688840, $3,479.71

Hawaiian Built Roofing LLC, 10543 Riley Court, Boise, T688827, $252.35

Hayes, Mark A, 324 N. Garden St., Boise, T687327, $1,009.95

Henson, Noe, 2542 S. Marlette Lane, Boise, T687561, $708.74

Heusser, Rebecca A, 1617 W. Warren St., Boise, T689004, $9,020.67

Hewitt, Robyn E, 322 W. Village Lane, Boise, T688788, $316.78

Hiler, Nicholas R, 2080 S. Pebbleside Way, Boise, T689083, $1,398.40

Holgate, Sherry, 397 Cleveland Ave., Kuna, T689205, $579.07

Holmes, Brian E, 690 N. Rotan Ave., Meridian, T689034, $626.44

Home Care Professionals Inc., P.O. Box 190030, Boise, I10923, T687301, $150.09

Hope, Tobin L, 482 W. Chipmunk Court, Kuna, T687555, $979.31

Howard, Bryan, 920 W. Great Basin Drive, Meridian, T688852, $736.90

Howard, Jennifer, 920 W. Great Basin Drive, Meridian, T689130, $736.90

Idaho Outdoor Journal LLC, 3323 N. Kelly Way, Boise, T688700, $126.31

Industrial Storage Systems, 2308 N. Cole Road, Boise, T689049, $252.63

Iniguez, Cesar Orozco, 2022 W. Grand Teton Drive, Meridian, T687841, $1,382.18

Iniguez, Nayla N, 2022 W. Grand Teton Drive, Meridian, T687562, $1,382.18

Ismail Mills, Shannon Lee, 1807 Helen St., Boise, T689047, $1,282.48

J2 Transport Inc., 2728 S. Brandys Jewel Ave., Meridian, T688920, $241.68

Jackson, Erica A, 2476 W. Los Flores Drive, Meridian, T687623, $22,250.85

James, Mark J, P.O. Box 45092, Boise, T688785, $553.15

JE Sutton & Associates, P.O. Box 799, Boise, T687212, $331.22

Jenkins, Robert A, 2127 E. Kamay Drive, Meridian, T689165, $648.23

Jenkins, Sylvia J, 2127 E. Kamay Drive, Meridian, T688817, $648.23

Jensen, Brent D, 3914 S. W. Point Place, Boise, T688712, $1,010.53

Jensen, Felicia, 9571 W. Trestlewood Drive, Boise, T688934, $334.31

Jensen, Mary E, 5616 W. State St., Boise, T687308, $407.94

Joblin, Richard A, 220 SW 7th Ave., Meridian, T688893, $17,144.80

Johnson, Lisa M, 9519 W. McAuliffe St., Garden City, T687690, $715.56

Johnson, Mitchell C, 131 SW 5th Ave. Suite B, Meridian, T687213, $142.00

Jones, Brett E, 6503 S. Mistyglen Ave., Boise, T688846, $1,361.69

Jones, Kristin C, 6503 S. Mistyglen Ave., Boise, T689125, $1,361.69

Keckler, Ronald W, 4375 W. McMillan Road, Meridian, T687748, $3,817.84

Kimazi, Innocent, 320 N. Phillippi St., Boise, T687523, $559.32

King, Misty D, 361 S. Saddlerock Ave., Kuna, T688987, $775.93

King, Ryan S, 361 S. Saddlerock Ave., Kuna, T688706, $775.93

Kirby, Amy D, 2106 N. Carmen Way, Boise, T687319, $1,476.71

Kirkpatrick, Joseph M, 1293 N. Tasavol Ave., Kuna, T687538, $11,010.99

Korn, Jeffrey J, 18 S. Franklin Park Drive, Boise, T687737, $1,337.74

L.W. Johnson Construction & Development, 4477 N. Cartwright Road, Boise, T689105, $631.57

L&L Tree Service LLC, 2205 Mace Road, Eagle, T689102, $378.52

Lamkey, Letisha R, 1954 W. Panama St., Boise, T687779, $991.30

Le Cafe D Paris, P.O. Box 1732, Boise, T687872, $75.98

Lee, Matthew N, 6238 W. Daytona Circle, Boise, T687357, $21,983.58

Lee, Tiffany A, 6238 W. Daytona Circle, Boise, T687633, $21,983.58

Lilya, Jerald L, 5150 S. Yarrow Ave., Boise, T687649, $1,913.10

Lluellyn, Margaret H, 8905 W. Dulcimer St., Boise, T687504, $989.65

Loertscher, Claudine, 10270 W. La Honton Drive, Boise, T688967, $658.43

Loertscher, Douglas, 10270 W. La Honton Drive, Boise, T689107, $658.43

MR Miller Inc., 1511 Latimer St., Boise, T688903, $1,135.58

Mapes, Gregory, 5878 W. Farm Market Road, Boise, T687349, $8,016.48

Mapes, Jewelle, 5878 W. Farm Market Road, Boise, T687625, $8,016.48

Marjorie Samuelson Estate, 8853 W. Kiowa Drive, Boise, T688823, $1,586.37

Martinez, Jodi R, 1111 N. 18th St., Boise, T687365, $1,082.22

Matlock, Megan K, 1104 W. Kimra St., Meridian, T687374, $339.70

Matlock, Tod L, 1104 W. Kimra St., Meridian, T687336, $564.30, T687654, $339.70

Mattaliano, Karrie E, 4516 Pasadena Drive, Boise, T688876, $841.89

McCalls Auto Club LLC, 2608 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, T689197, $631.57

Melvin, Daniel S, 2477 E. Gloucester St., Boise, T688961, $4,284.68

Melvin, Joan M, 2477 E. Gloucester St., Boise, T689237, $4,284.68

Meridian Heating and Cooling, 1085 Pebble Beach Way, Eagle, T689066, $378.52

Michael Berry Consulting LLC, 1773 W. Tanero St., Meridian, T688771, $883.22

Miller, Jean A, 2107 N. 15th St., Boise, T689169, $991.72

Miller, Rickey O, 4191 N. Heritage Woods Way, Meridian, T687605, $1,490.27

Miller, Susan M, 4191 N. Heritage Woods Way, Meridian, T687466, $1,490.27

Moclaire, Debra M, 9714 W. Edna St., Boise, T689240, $937.15

Moclaire, William R, 9714 W. Edna St., Boise, T688964, $937.15

Moon, Kyle R, 2000 N. Westland Drive, Boise, T687326, $789.81

Moriarity, Charlene D, 3097 S. Fern Creek Way, Boise, T687846, $842.18

Moriarity, Michael J, 3097 S. Fern Creek Way, Boise, T687567, $842.18

Morissette, Calea K, 4445 N. Greer St., Boise, T688906, $1,836.43

Morissette, Jeffrey M, 4445 N. Greer St., Boise, T689182, $1,836.43

Morris, Helen M, 1647 S. Federal Way, Boise, T687545, $2,134.29

Morris Moon, Gina L, 2000 N. Westland Drive, Boise, T687657, $789.81

Moss, Jeffery T, 3501 N. Station Ave., Meridian, T687334, $3,029.86

Moss, Kathleen L, 3501 N. Station Ave., Meridian, T687844, $3,029.86

Murphy, Darla, 2644 W. Maracay Drive, Meridian, T687821, $4,347.65

Murphy, James, 2644 W. Maracay Drive, Meridian, T687540, $4,347.65

Murton, Joseph B, 1710 N. 32nd St., Boise, T688745, $252.63

Nelson, Renea, 901 N. 15th St., Boise, T687662, $2,624.90

Nelson, Wesley P, 901 N. 15th St., Boise, T687381, $2,624.90

Nettinga, Rodney L, 7200 S. Locust Grove Road, Meridian, T687626, $739.06

Next Inc., P.O. Box 190745, Boise, T687229, $291.18

Northwest Installing, 131 SW 5th Ave. Suite B, Meridian, T687214, $142.00

Nunez, Dominic, 12069 W. Fiddler Drive, Boise, T687474, $307.74

Nunez, Shalaine M, 12069 W. Fiddler Drive, Boise, T687611, $307.74

Oliva, Melvin A, 3591 E. Congressional Drive, Meridian, T688977, $3,479.71

Orebaugh, William A, 2978 N. W. 11th Ave., Meridian, T688803, $1,136.29

Orebaugh, Yini, 2978 N. West 11th Ave., Meridian, T689084, $1,136.29

Patterson, Margo, 9235 S. Red Delicious Ave., Kuna, T689176, $298.65

Patterson, Ross H, 9235 S. Red Delicious Ave., Kuna, T688900, $298.65

Pense, Marlon L, 9141 S. McDormott, Kuna, T687488, $1,539.79

Pierce, Mary Ann, 2685 N. Englewood Way, Meridian, T688721, $1,104.17

Plott, Carol L, 6306 N. Spurwing Way, Meridian, T688853, $2,946.60

Plott, John R, 6306 N. Spurwing Way, Meridian, T688990, $2,946.60

Pomeroy, Tyler, 2700 W. Jefferson St., Boise, T687615, $867.60

Pretty Flowers & More, 891 N. Allumbaugh St., Boise, T689122, $378.52, T689143, $1,010.53

Price, Douglas, 631 W. Criterion St., Meridian, T689001, $252.35

Priority Landscape Maintenance Inc., P O Box 140825, Boise, T687223, $6,950.90

Purnell Law Offices PLLC, 2541 N. Stokesberry Place Suite 120, Meridian, I10927

RJ Marsh Corp., 10181 W. Sunflower Lane, Boise, T689040, $378.94

Randel, Kadie S, 2030 S. Arcadia St., Boise, T687350, $1,371.89

Ray, Johnathon, 11257 W. Meadowbreeze Court, Star, T688998, $336.93

Reuter, Mary Ann, P.O. Box 6441, Boise, T687661, $6,872.18

Reynard, Jesse D, 2300 W. State St., Boise, T687522, $12,391.81

Rhodes, Tony Lee, 967 E. Holly St., Boise, T687781, $5,297.77

Rice, Breena L, 1908 S. Eagleson Road, Boise, T687487, $2,243.05

Rigby, Kathleen, 2411 N. 24th St., Boise, T688778, $1,899.36

River Medical Family Practice, P.O. Box 1909, Eagle, T687873, $1,623.08

River Medical Group, P.O. Box 1909, Eagle, T687874, $1,623.08

Road Rescue Towing Inc., 6298 W. Primrose St., Boise, T687215, $477.30

Rocha, David M, 2300 W. Ona St., Boise, T689045, $353.12

Rondeau, John, 5933 S. Sea Breeze Way, Boise, T687521, $1,530.80

Rondeau, Mindy M, 5933 S. Sea Breeze Way, Boise, T687803, $1,530.80

Rosales, Eligio, 1422 W. Malad St., Boise, T688806, $2,041.89

Russian Bear LLC, 1117 E. Winding Creek Drive, Eagle, T687724, $293.89

Sandmann, Ann L, 2976 E. State St., Eagle, T687351, $4,058.72

Sattler, Ricki K, 3406 N. Tamarack Drive, Boise, T687655, $2,800.85

Schaadt, Ronald D, 1412 W. Alturas St., Boise, T687589, $4,497.34

Sherman, David G, 1978 N. Spring Hollow Way, Star, T687264, $1,141.67

Sly, Steven D, 7701 W. Ustick Road, Boise, T687391, $19,349.81

Smith, Paul D, P.O. Box 14, Boise, T687608, $247.21

Snider, Rand W, 2422 S. Columbus St., Boise, T688975, $4,912.12

Starke, Tanya M, 900 N. Benjamin Lane, Boise, T687694, $5,647.05

Stear Automotive Repair LLC, 407 E. 37th St., Garden City, T688866, $252.35

Stephen, Pamela J, 527 S. Beach St., Boise, T687759, $13,307.01

Stinson, Laura D, 325 N. 30th St., Boise, T687851, $459.67

Stogner, John, 253 E. Wexford Lane, Eagle, T688885, $1,592.52, T687778, $8,563.62

Survival Solutions, 7121 Overland Road, Boise, T687883, $1,597.92

Sutton, John Eric, P.O. Box 799, Boise, T687211, $331.22

Sweeney, Korie M, 6465 Douglas St., Boise, T687747, $199.03

Tamayo, Adam J, 3548 E. Trail Bluff Lane, Boise, T687469, $1,980.27

Taylor, Brian D, 4060 N. Kilarney Drive, Boise, T687793, $3,002.54

Taylor, Marie A, 4060 N. Kilarney Drive, Boise, T687510, $3,002.54

Taylor, Travis, 1165 N. Liberty St., Boise, T687656, $406.03

Tech Support Inc., 3777 E. Alta Ridge Court, Boise, T689133, $252.63

Teigen, Gretchan L, 7204 Brentwood Drive, Boise, T689061, $121.06

Tennant, Christie L, 10680 W. Hollandale Drive, Boise, T688812, $1,573.70

Tennant, Randall D, 10680 W. Hollandale Drive, Boise, T689160, $1,573.70

The Green Chile, 5616 W. State St., Boise, T687309, $407.94

The Interfaith Alliance of Idaho Inc., 6901 W. Victory Road, Boise, T687235, $150.00

The Lidstrom Group PA, 930 N. Cole Road, Boise, T687293, $526.08

Thinkahead LLC, 7121 Overland Road, Boise, T687882, $1,597.92

Thomas, Michael L, 597 E. Rooster Court, Eagle, T689000, $9,624.09

Thompson, Allen, 402 E. Black Hawk Drive, Kuna, T688791, $191.28

Thompson, Linda, 402 E. Black Hawk Drive, Kuna, T689070, $191.28

Tim Arnold Inc., 4103 W. Overland Road, Boise, T688933, $505.26

Trefort, L Linda, 4854 S. Silverpine Way, Boise, T689161, $1,515.78

Tucanos Boise LLLP, 1388 S. Entertainment Ave., Boise, T689250, $14,753.73

Turley, Suni, P.O. Box 44424, Boise, T689032, $1,796.80

Turley, Tommy M, P.O. Box 44424, Boise, T688750, $1,796.80

Vandermeer, Blake A, 492 E. Huckleberry Court, Kuna, T688942, $605.26

Vanleeuwen, Kandi M, 2080 S. Pebbleside Way, Boise, T688945, $1,398.40

Vaughn, Jason T, 2755 W. Lost Rapids Drive, Meridian, T688849, $240.41

Voluptuous Vittles LLC, 704 W. 4th St., Kuna, T688760, $604.56, T688724, $121.06, T689041, $630.87, T689007, $126.31

Walsh, Paul W, 2655 S. Simsbury Place, Boise, T687588, $2,028.44

Watson, Lisa M, 11005 W. Frost St., Star, T687462, $248.18

Weighall, Patricia E, 5504 Curier Circle, Boise, T687725, $201.96

Weller, Rochelle Colette, 2250 W. Divide Creek St., Meridian, T689162, $504.70

Widick, Jeffery W, 10059 Highway 16, Eagle, T688799, $196.72

Wilderness River Outfitters LLC, P.O. Box 7911, Boise, I10917

Wilkerson, David T, 895 N. 31st St., Boise, T688847, $100.00

Wilkerson Research & Development, 895 N. 31st St., Boise, T687677, $120.85

Wilson, Amy C, 930 N. Maple Grove Road, Boise, T687530, $680.03

Wilson, Cheryl L, 8884 W. Canterbury St., Boise, T687283, $1,729.63

Wilson, Tricia A, 3898 N. Legacy Common Ave., Meridian, T687315, $743.73

Wolfe, Robert E, 2087 S. Tollgate Way, Boise, T688916, $121.28

Wolfe, Trista D, 2087 S. Tollgate Way, Boise, T689193, $121.28

Wollheim, Peter, 3897 S. Yorktown Way, Boise, T688699, $1,654.29

Wonacott, Erika L, 476 E. Thurman Mill St., Boise, T687518, $319.49

Wonacott, Timothy A, 476 E. Thurman Mill St., Boise, T687801, $319.49

Wood, Teddy, 318 E. Black Hawk Drive, Kuna, T689203, $172.12

Yancy, Patrick A, 8545 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, T689019, $901.00

Yeakley, Charlotte D, 3591 S. Pompei Ave., Meridian, T687705, $9,946.20

Yeakley, Ralph M, 3591 S. Pompei Ave., Meridian, T687423, $9,946.20

Yokom, Jasen A, 4972 W. Intrepid Lane, Boise, T687720, $198.95

Yun Family Dentistry PLLC, 467 S. Rivershore Lane, Eagle, T687261, $1,209.12

Boise County

Bliss, Jeff S, P.O. Box 393, Horseshoe Bend, T687416, $3,143.43

Bliss, Jessica A, P.O. Box 393, Horseshoe Bend, T687698, $3,143.43

Garden Mountain Bed & Breakfast, 41 Anderson Creek Road, Garden Valley, T688936, $121.05

Legends Lumber Co., 125 Mill Road, Horseshoe Bend, T688705, $252.35

Canyon County

Alvarado Siding LLC, 23 S. Midland Blvd., Nampa, T687279, $241.83

Anzaldua, Alfredo, 314 Chaparro St., Caldwell, T688744, $2,009.92

Anzaldua, Elizabeth, 314 Chaparro St., Caldwell, T689025, $2,009.92

Avila, Juanita R, 2920 S. Ohio Ave., Caldwell, T687358, $427.21

Bartley, Deborah A, 1010 E. Connecticut Ave., Nampa, T687398, $548.86

BC Business Services Inc., P.O. Box 812, Nampa, T687300, $2,258.60

Burnett, Sherri L, 3003 Myrtlewood Way, Nampa, T689054, $3,494.36

Burnett, William D, 3003 Myrtlewood Way, Nampa, T688773, $3,494.36

Burtchett, John S, 16677 Smoky Mountain Ave., Caldwell, T687285, $290.49

Burton, Kenneth Steven, 425 N. 39th St., Nampa, T688761, $252.63

Bustillos, David E, 307 Woodlawn Drive, Caldwell, T687834, $188.94

Camargo Rodriguez, Juan M, 19333 Birchwood Drive, Caldwell, T687739, $384.25

Carrasco, Jose G, 29159 Market Road, Caldwell, T687429, $1,513.39

Carter, Jack Anthony, 11234 Lake Shore Drive, Nampa, T687687, $715.31

Case, Sarah E, P.O. Box 532, Parma, T687484, $821.86

Castillo, Ignacio B, 11206 W. Yellow Pine Drive, Nampa, T687352, $600.00

Collins, Lorri S, 1210 E. Ohio Ave., Nampa, T687845, $1,604.84

Collins, Victor D, 1210 E. Ohio Ave., Nampa, T687566, $1,604.84

Cooper, Christine M, 7178 Cherry Lane, Nampa, T687323, $210.27

Cooper, James P, 7178 Cherry Lane, Nampa, T687856, $210.27

Cummings, Brandi J, 13903 Gary Lane, Caldwell, T687481, $2,894.16

Cummings, Rodney E, 13903 Gary Lane, Caldwell, T687617, $16,851.50

Day, Thomas L, P.O. Box 431, Parma, T687789, $2,917.09, T688884, $7,766.39

Deckard, Louis M, 28745 Peckham Road, Wilder, T687875, $75.00

Delgado, Jennifer, 64 S. Babbling Brook Way, Nampa, T688810, $495.71

Delgado, Jose L, 64 S. Babbling Brook Way, Nampa, T688775, $495.71

Demara, Lorena, 1613 W. Teton Ave., Nampa, T687583, $206.00

Dentinger, Tessa M, 28024 Pearl Road, Parma, T687377, $211.11

Dougherty, James C, 7252 Newbrook Drive, Nampa, T687632, $1,162.95

Dougherty, Jessica E, 7252 Newbrook Drive, Nampa, T687356, $1,162.95

Dryden, Wendy M, 8077 Waterlily Ave., Nampa, T689103, $2,578.25

Elizondo, Armando J, P.O. Box 132, Wilder, T687533, $1,008.07

Elizondo, Stella M, P.O. Box 132, Wilder, T687814, $1,008.07

Gabes Painting LLC, P.O. Box 1475, Caldwell, I10925

Garcia Camargo, Blanca, 19333 Birchwood Drive, Caldwell, T687388, $384.25

Garren, Haddley J, 1313 E. Desert View Way, Nampa, T689010, $4,887.34

Geselle, Christine A, 623 Fall Place, Nampa, T687577, $740.14

Geselle, Michael P, 623 Fall Place, Nampa, T687716, $740.14

Goodman, Selina, 11234 Lake Shore Drive, Nampa, T687548, $715.31

Gorringe, Troy D, 23200 Forest Hills Loop, Caldwell, T687704, $283.88

Greenwood, Jay D, 23366 Old Highway 30, Caldwell, T688868, $236.46

Greenwood, Nicole R, 23366 Old Highway 30, Caldwell, T689146, $236.46

Griffin, Tiffany A, 2148 W. Willow Pointe Ave., Nampa, T689152, $800.10

Guild, Edward D, 528 S. Canyon St., Nampa, T687371, $806.96

Hampton, Diana L, 25506 Wagner Road, Caldwell, T687732, $997.10

Hampton, Robert P, 25506 Wagner Road, Caldwell, T687451, $997.10

Hank, Nikki R, 506 N. Middleton Road, Nampa, T687718, $2,005.22

Hanna, Bruce L, 506 N. Middleton Road, Nampa, T687435, $2,005.22

Haras, Deborah, 5109 Asbury Way, Caldwell, T689036, $1,773.73

Haras, Raymond L, 5109 Asbury Way, Caldwell, T688755, $1,773.73

Hartwig, Gary Lee, 103 Gold Strike Court, Caldwell, T687316, $1,609.28

Hartwig, Laura L, 103 Gold Strike Court, Caldwell, T687596, $1,609.28

Hayes, Laurie L, 120 E. Freeport St., Caldwell, T689144, $486.12

Hayes, Robert M, 220 S. Ivy St., Nampa, T688796, $486.12

Hood, Terry D, 29802 Old Fort Boise Road, Parma, T687620, $3,962.29

Horsewood, Walter Aaron, 3104 Anchor Ave., Caldwell, T687461, $1,782.80

Hunt, Jessica H, 24009 Wagner Road, Caldwell, T687268, $121.05

Janes, Denise M, 16310 Lake Shore Drive, Caldwell, T689147, $19,274.65

Janes, Paul A, 16310 Lake Shore Drive, Caldwell, T688869, $19,274.65

Johnston, Karissa J, 5015 E. Ustick Road, Caldwell, T688976, $7,090.59

Johnston, Thomas R, 5015 E. Ustick Road, Caldwell, T688695, $7,090.59

Keslar, John O, 2511 Boulder Ave., Nampa, T687787, $429.98

King Taco LLC, 11206 W. Yellow Pine Drive, Nampa, T687277, $1,089.47, T687287, $241.83

Klassic Concessions, 9395 Charles Way, Middleton, T688784, $363.15

Kotts, Michael J, 3712 E. Kingsgate Drive, Nampa, T688707, $2,830.51

Kotts, Wendy S, 3712 E. Kingsgate Drive, Nampa, T688988, $2,830.51

Lazy D Enterprises, 28745 Peckham Road, Wilder, T687876, $75.00

Letter, Carla M, 27948 Wagner Road, Caldwell, T687806, $5,766.59

Mendoza, Nicolas, 5106 Friar Drive, Caldwell, T688854, $155.65

Montes, Sylvia, 3215 S. Montana Ave., Caldwell, T687683, $1,534.76

Newell, Jeffrey C, 915 14th Ave. S., Nampa, T687557, $16,557.41

Olsen, David C, 313 N. Robinson Blvd., Nampa, T687471, $2,749.07

Patterson, Jennifer L, 4537 E. Vineyard Way, Nampa, T689013, $2,936.41

Peck, Gary Richard, 3737 Can Ada Road S., Melba, T687730, $4,100.65

Perkins, Conan, 69 Babbling Brook Way, Nampa, T687823, $1,661.90

Reyes, Gabriel, P.O. Box 1475, Caldwell, I10925

Reynolds, Kevin L, 10661 Copper St., Nampa, T688932, $980.50

Rodriguez, Janet S, 1015 Creekside Ave., Nampa, T688735, $1,498.39

Rodriguez, Noe A, 1015 Creekside Ave., Nampa, T689190, $1,498.39

Roe, Jessie, 3008 S. Harbor Ave., Caldwell, T687826, $282.46, T687741, $744.31

Ruiz, Jesus E, 1916 Alder St., Caldwell, T687401, $197.89

Rutkes, Elizabeth A, 2362 River Oaks Drive, Nampa, T687549, $2,717.56

Salgado Garcia, Ricardo, 3714 S. Palm Springs St., Nampa, T687666, $233.12

Sanchez Avilez, Enrique S, 607 19th Ave. S., Nampa, T687560, $158.76

Sanchez Avilez, Josefina, 607 19th Ave. S., Nampa, T687839, $158.76

Scott, Jay W, 320 23rd Ave. S., Nampa, T687498, $234.28

Seever, David A, 2523 N. Montana Ave., Caldwell, T688963, $378.52

Self, Derek S, 4707 Equinox Ave., Caldwell, T687419, $555.33

Self, Linzy, 4707 Equinox Ave., Caldwell, T687701, $555.33

Soliz, Jessie S, 1707 S. Stanton Court, Nampa, T687393, $354.20

Soliz, Rachel S, 1707 S. Stanton Court, Nampa, T687674, $354.20

Soto, Juan Jose, P.O. Box 1171, Nampa, T688717, $173.27

Success Training Academy LLC, 718 Main St. Suite A4, Caldwell, T687234, $441.04

Sustaita, Diego, 809 W. Roberts Ave., Nampa, T687726, $205.02

Tallent Transportation LLC, 4301 Garrity Blvd., Nampa, T689246, $1,261.76

Taylor, Michael J, 23880 Winterhawk Drive, Caldwell, T687360, $2,933.09

TDA Inc., 524 E. Locust Lane, Nampa, T688718, $630.87

True Craft Inc., 824 W. Locust Lane, Nampa, I10918

Valdez, Jorge, 41 6th St. N., Nampa, T687527, $217.25

Vazquez, Mario, 20106 Lower Pleasant Ridge Road, Caldwell, T689108, $356.73

Vincent, Norman W, 9390 Oasis Road, Caldwell, T689123, $247.74

Vincent, Tammy L, 9390 Oasis Road, Caldwell, T688772, $247.74

Vogt, Jeffrey C, 521 N. 10th Ave., Caldwell, T687493, $11,347.62

Volkers, Scott W, 4537 E. Vineyard Way, Nampa, T688731, $2,936.41

Vonderheide, Jamie, 111 N. Kildeer Way, Nampa, T688834, $1,782.31

Waters, Allen J, Route 1 Middle Road, Wilder, T688938, $1,780.25

Waters, Gracie, Route 1 Middle Road, Wilder, T689213, $1,780.25

Watkins, Ann, 1220 E. Amity Ave., Nampa, T689113, $141.83

Watkins, Michael, 1220 E. Amity Ave., Nampa, T688836, $141.83

Williams, Jeffrey A, 19823 Dorchester Ave., Caldwell, T687559, $364.50

Williams, Wendy M, 19823 Dorchester Ave., Caldwell, T687838, $364.50

Woods, Lori L, 18319 Viceroy Ave., Nampa, T687272, $527.97

Elmore County

Dusty Damselz, 985 E. 16th N., Mountain Home, T688816, $630.87

Martin, Casey A, 1148 Phelps Drive, Mountain Home, T687412, $541.73

Martin, Whitney D, 1148 Phelps Drive, Mountain Home, T687693, $541.73

Phoenix Shuttle, 1815 American Legion Blvd., Mountain Home, T689124, $252.35

Phoenix Storybook Co. (The), 2390 American Legion Blvd., Mountain Home, T689200, $252.63

Townsend, Paul W, 509 W. 3rd N., Mountain Home, T689210, $137.02

Townsend, Sandra J, 509 W. 3rd N., Mountain Home, T688756, $137.02

Gem County

All Right Auto Repair, 2477 Schiller Road, Emmett, T687881, $249.90, T687880, $249.90

Betzold, Donald L, 1111 Lower Bluff Road, Emmett, T687604, $2,902.56

Campbell, John D, 3637 W. South Slope Road, Emmett, T687430, $900.00

Cipriano, Toni, 969 E. South Slope Road, Emmett, T687857, $4,327.65

David Barnhart LLC, 121 S. Commercial Ave., Emmett, T689086, $281.63

Goettling, Robert B, 1508 E. Main St., Emmett, T688833, $9,346.78

Hardisty, Jason R, 1108 Williams Road, Emmett, T687618, $686.57

Hatfield, Anthony G, 814 Sioux Ave., Emmett, T687860, $733.95

Hatfield, Jeanette M, 814 Sioux Ave., Emmett, T687325, $733.95

Johns, Aaron K, 2838 Performance Lane, Emmett, T689139, $2,807.98

Keller Johns, Nicki D, 2838 Performance Lane, Emmett, T688789, $2,807.98

Mountainline Construction Inc., 1950 County Line Road, Emmett, T688733, $126.17

Quintero, Teresa A, 551 N. Moffatt Ave., Emmett, T687832, $589.49

Owyhee County

Escutia Huratdo, Ana Berto, P.O. Box 1121, Homedale, T687436, $178.14

Miller, Shannon R, P.O. Box 383, Marsing, T687653, $577.76

Tobias, Lawrence D, 17813 Oreana Loop Road, Murphy, T688927, $4,380.29

Tobias, Reva M, 17813 Oreana Loop Road, Murphy, T689202, $4,380.29

Payette County

Ashley, Brent T, 1503 Burton Ave., Fruitland, T688984, $500.51

Belanger, Katherine T, 4625 Highway 72, New Plymouth, T687667, $2,019.32

Belanger, Robert J, 4625 Highway 72, New Plymouth, T687386, $2,019.32

Birdwell, Allan, 2284 Terrace Drive, Payette, T687415, $6,187.16

Day, Kimberly D, 1237 6th Ave. S., Payette, T687437, $2,917.09

Dentinger, Patrick S, 410 Walnut St., New Plymouth, T687835, $211.11

Hart, Tasha L, 210 N. Johnson Ave., Fruitland, T687335

Hayden, Andrew, 5605 Adams Road, New Plymouth, T687761, $782.31

Hayden, Courtney C, 5605 Adams Road, New Plymouth, T687409, $782.31

Mobile Communications Corp., 1611 N. Whitley Drive, Fruitland, T689118, $726.32

Vanetti, Patricia I, 2425 Pine Ave., Payette, T687383, $3,557.69

Dec. 11-12

Ada County

Blakeslee, Lisa, 4404 Hoover St., Boise, T689304, $508.20

Buck, David, 1855 Waltman St., Meridian, T689272, $5,425.00

Castleberry, Drew, 9730 W. Cory Lane, Boise, T689323, $198.00

Cochran, Patricia, 12758 Collingswood, Boise, T689262, $1,915.00

Crockett, Kenesa G, 1652 N. Trail Creek Way, Eagle, T689374, $121.05

Estate Sales Professional LLC, 3131 N. 24th, Boise, T689350, $500.00

Gordon, Mallorie, 2601 N. 29th St., Boise, T689285, $208.00

Grace, Brittany, 2404 N. McKinney St., Boise, T689281, $1,667.60

Hewitt, Thomas, 521 E. 52nd St., Garden City, T689307, $1,145.50

Hippie Tech Suspension Inc., 1716 N. Phillippi, Boise, T689345, $1,975.00

Holmquist, Bridget, 1221 Security Lane, Boise, T689259, $626.25

Jimenez, Hugo, 3340 N. Lake Harbor Lane K-304, Boise, T689291, $277.50

Knit Wits LLC, 12668 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, T689367, $1,089.47

Luangxaysana, Khammoune, 9336 W. Mossywood Drive, Boise, T689397, $165.00

MacDonald, Angela, P.O. Box 732, Kuna, T689324, $716.87

Merritts, 6630 W. State St., Boise, T689352, $3,335.63

Merritts Family Restaurant, 6630 W. State St., Boise, T689351, $3,335.63

Ortega, Eric L, 10787 Onondaga Drive, Boise, T689377, $633.99

Papa Joe’s, 1301 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, T689344, $7,110.54

Papa Joe’s Pizza, 1301 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, T689343, $7,110.54

Pennington, Alison M, 10787 Onondaga Drive, Boise, T689373, $633.99

Rocha Brothers Fencing Inc., 2300 Ona St., Boise, T689341, $2,721.87

Rossi, Allen E, 948 Truckee Place, Meridian, T689370, $448.35

Ruiz, Josephine, 2112 S. Amy Ave. #16, Boise, T689279, $3,291.25

Scheline, Lorie, 1800 N. Cole Apt. H202, Boise, T689270, $1,744.00

Stover, Jennifer, 2518 E. Mariposa Drive, Eagle, T689284, $592.00

Sweat, Mandie, 9326 W. Shelterwood Drive, Boise, T689322, $4,350.00

Techno Electric LLC, 207 S. Eagleson, Boise, T689347, $5,996.13

Wiechec, Travis, 3912 W. Garnet St., Boise, T689297, $5,120.00

Canyon County

Adams, Sylvia, P.O. Box 833, Nampa, T689325, $3,395.70

Chavez, Trinidad, 19409-1/2 Lajolla Lane, Caldwell, T689274, $326.00

Crockett, Monty, 2507 Rawhide Drive, Caldwell, T689283, $466.00

Dempsey, Robert Jr., 16950 Sandhollow Road, Caldwell, T689267, $556.20

Gifford, Rebecca, 12751 Orchard Ave., Nampa, T689261, $1,231.20

Kekel, Susan R, 314 Carol Place, Middleton, T689371, $8,064.16

Kramer, Tomas, 2406 Stonehedge Drive, Nampa, T689282, $128.75

Roman, Jason, 811 Arrowhead St., Nampa, T689316, $150.00

Schueler, Kathleen, 447 W. Bird Ave., Nampa, T689305, $500.55

Search, Tina, 920 Flint Drive, Caldwell, T689321, $365.00

Shippy, Brandon, 311 Carol Court, Caldwell, T689288, $123.00

Townsley, Dianne, 195 Pacific Ave., Middleton, T689275, $187.00

Ward, Bennett, 916 Smith Ave., Nampa, T689320, $1,350.00

Winegar, Amy, 1105 S. Ivy St., Nampa, T689254, $1,412.40

Zenick, Kim, 20123 Pear Lane, Caldwell, T689276, $1,056.00

Gem County

Ballow, Corina, 633 E. Park St., Emmett, T689313, $594.00

Davis, Debbie, 318 Scenic Drive, Emmett, T689289, $311.50

Payette County

Trammell, Rodney, 2203 1st Ave. S., Payette, T689280, $2,987.60

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s facing private liens

($1,000 or more)

Ada County

Dec. 5-11

Pamela Page doing business as Page's Windows & More LLC filed a lien against Glade Poulsen doing business as Paragon Homes valued at $2,277.

Pamela Page doing business as Page's Windows & More LLC filed a lien against Glade Poulsen doing business as Paragon Homes valued at $2,847.

Jose L. Rodriguez doing business as Rodriguez Drywall LLC filed a lien against Vernon K. Brassey Family Partnership valued at $2,800.

Robert Mickelsen doing business as Mickelsen Accents filed a lien against Vernon K. Brassey Family Partnership valued at $2,675.

Brian LaMore doing business as Northwest Landscape filed a lien against Vernon K. Brassey Family Partnership valued at $7,300.

Shane Guinn filed a lien against John Huckvale and Helen Huckvale valued at $1,092.

Victory Green Enterprises Inc. filed a lien against Becky L. Pool valued at $2,471.

Victory Green Enterprises Inc. filed a lien against Thomas J. Jablonsky valued at $1,943.

Marv's Insulation Inc. filed a lien against Vernon K. Brassey Family Partnership valued at $3,768.

Knife River Corp. - Northwest doing business as Knife River filed a lien against Jacob G. Albrethsen valued at $11,280.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Who’s having federal or state tax liens released

Federal liens start with I. State liens start with T.

Dec. 6-10

Ada County

Amlin, John, T679291

Arnold, Rachel, T659993

Artis, Jana, T490681, T614397

Artis, Mark, T490946, T614019

Atkins, Wyland, T625321

Baderman, Ryan, T399565

Baker, Misty, T428227

Baker, William, T464249

Baldwin, Rodney, T408192

Bales, Larry, T511964

Barber, Elizabeth, T671413

Benson, Anthony, T682134

Benson, Karen, T682199

Berthelot, Christopher, T413478

Big Creek Family Dentistry, T669624, T679129, T686354

Blacker, Jeffrey, T565344

Blair, Justin, T658262

Blickfeldt, Jerry, T386329

Boise Bleu LLC, T681836

Bradley, Shane, T659348

Brennan, Savannah, T677275

Bruce, Eleanor, T678059

Bryantideas Inc., T562068, T572992

Buell, Ceirra, T606671

Buhler, Perry, T638525

Burnett, Cynthia, T672745

Burnett, David, T673068

Cadotte, Dylan, T656770

Carlson, Vincent, T634613

CH Electric LLC, T417275

Cheney, Bonnie, T620398

Cly, Robert, T639394

Compton, Nicole, T666298

Compton, Rocky, T666087

Conner, Johnny, T656681

Coopersmith, Dale, T588150

Cottle, Davin, T629745

Curtis, Craig, T194575

Davidson, Nathaniel, T617026

Davis, Earlene, T308703

DBC Building & Design LLC, T678230

Delamere, Edward, T656781

Diaz, Juan, T664001

Diaz, Trinidad, T656387

Dore, Daniel, T660449

Dovel, Jason, T684847

Drudownz LLC, T526525, T529722, T533271, T548852, T554238

Duarte, Ernest, T611371

Duren, Allen, T673954

Duren, Kelly, T673834

Evans, Daniel, T16937

Galindo-Ferreira, Carlos, T363773

Garcia, Jessie, T656240

Garcia, Rodney, T663855

Gibson, Charles, T654619

Gneiting, Brandy, T595026

Gorringe, Nathaniel, T645699

Grannys Restaurant Inc., T576907

Graves, Michael, T83882, T84255, T97211

Harmer, Samuel, T620307

Harris, Steven, T59061

Heinrick, Jeff, T591170

Henderson, Anthony, T415783

Henze Chiropractic PA, T682818

Hill, Shawn, T657707

Howe, Ryan, T646196

Howerton, Michael, T578115

Hubbard, Brent, T405186

Jewell, Damon, T556022

Johns, Abbie, T405732

Johnson, James, T583435

Jones, Sheree, T280962

Josoff, John, T610529

Jungen, William, T641602

Kent, David, T661277

Kent, Jane, T658936

Krogel, Ronald, T599998

Krogel, Stephoney, T604081

Laflair, Marjorie, T545066

Larsen, Kevin, T616219

Lawson, Kerry, T643782

Lawson, Lisa, T643781

Laz, Zachary, T634388

Lee, Brandt, T585905

Lee, Janine, T586156

Likes, Jonathon, T163805

Lilya, Richard, T680784

Lott, Ronald, T63278

Mansfield, Susan, T645262

Mansfield, William, T645606

Martin, Craig, T675999

Martinez, Ronald, T682429

Martinez, Suzanne, T682314

Maximized Performance Inc., T687038

McDowell, Richard, T646109

McMurren, Ryan, T649746

McNeill, Anthony, T684519

Meridian Automotive & Machine, T687166

Moran, Andrew, T571537

Morris, Darrell, T8008

Mulder, Caroline, T662921

Mullins, Eric, T399688

Nagel, Jay, T683980

Nagel, Staci, T684383

Nichols, Joshua, T659896

Nystrom, Linda, T585011

Ohlson, Michael, T660688

Ohlson, Sarah, T675695

Owens, Lawrence, T670619

Pearson, Chance, T616870

Prasch, Jordan, T455887

Preston, Douglas, T482470

Preston, Sally, T482193

Quinn, Anne, T586690

Quinn, Patrick, T586850

Rayburn, Jason, T635690

Rea, Paul, T7544

Rebner, Seth, T579798

Red Cloud Inc., T675150

Roberts, Chelsea, T575560

Robertson, Brenda, T551367

Rocky Mountain Audio Visual Inc., T676404, T679155, T681616

Rogers, Walter, T680486

Rosa, Brett, T671167

Seslar, Dustin, T649627

Sevilla, Dustin, T276248

Smith, Larry, T616274

Speck, Jessica, T567429

Stefan, Mircea, T685315

Strobeck, Jessica, T580349

Taylor, Erin, T438262, T573956

Taylor, Kerry, T438206, T573540

Thomas, Anthony, T492032

Tiedemann, Tommy, T446577

Todd, Amanda, T671400

Tyler, Janna, T629955

Volkers, Steven, T566973

Walker, Bryan, T665026

Western Truss Inc., T635907

Wilson, Mindy, T677044

Winn, Jeffrey, T667109

Winn, Jessica, T667159

Woolley, David, T276372

Woolverton, David, T580254

Young, Cody, T453009

Canyon County

Adams, Christopher, T664818

Aguilar, Mauricio, T556066

Archuleta, Steven, T660177

Arriaga Construction Inc., T685662

Baker, Anthony, T685367

Baker, Boyd, T319718

Bello, Benjamin, T665774

Bowen, Gary, T678863

Bowen, Lane, T649727

Butters, Gary, T234794

Campbell, Thai, T81139

Cerros, Ismael, T663689

Cerros, Rosalba, T656076

CH Electric LLC, T396936

Condie, Darwin, T658091

Condie, Lawanna, T662773

Costilla, Marcelino, T677351

Craft, Mark, T150510

Craine, Donald, T684362

Craine, Nanci, T683858

Crawford, Kenneth, T453451

Dahlke, Matthew, T625946

Dale, Tawny, T219357

Dana, Tenae, T660293

Delosreyes, Homero, T591632

Elumbaugh, Bradley, T646174

Erwin, Nikki, T682522

Erwin, Patrick, T682539

Flaherty, Paula, T662701

Flaherty, Wesley, T658020

Franco, James, T405205

Friesz, Lynda, T654808

Garcia, Anthony, T684708

Gourley, Katya, T656721

Gourley, Richard, T662575

Hall, Jalynne, T681804

Hammudeh, Cherie, T679366

Hammudeh, Jamal, T680263

Hensley, Thomas, T502457

Hicks, Tammatha, T653187

Howell, Kyle, T677059

Huffstutler, Roger, T24858

Langford, Marcella, T661615

Lopez Rodriguez, Julian, T680041

Madera, Julio, T655605

Martin, Brian, T654631

May, Jason, T582887

McCrorey, John, T672103

Moore, Scott, T649296

Morales, Antonio, T638442

Moreno, Christopher, T660993

Munster, Brent, T629969

Nelson, Daniel, T649751

Newsom, Kathy, T660998

Newsom, Paul, T658658

Perez, Marcos, T545712

Ramirez, Job, T641549

Ramirez, Job, T641629

Reed, Kandi, T436263

Rios, Jose, T684857

Scheihing, Shane, T629773

Schild, Mandy, T407939

Seid, Joshua, T660510

Shurtleff, Lionel, T620324

Snyder, Marsha, T608819

Snyder, Randall, T608613

Taylor, Neil, T677522

Thomas, David, T545764

Veasey, Dustin, T680762

Venable, Jason, T672044

Waswick, Steven, T567754, T581151

Weston, Amy, T669612

Weston, Stephen, T669728

Wood, Aaron, T337547

Elmore County

Lewis, Brad, T686400

Pigg, Michael, T595223

Gem County

Hezeltine, Alexander, T653139

Hoelzer, David, T565727

Quenzer, Milbert, T652846

Thayer, Dennis, T571761

Thayer, Sharrie, T571584

Walling, Rodger, T511773

Owyhee County

Avendano, Alex, T17433

Babcock, Leroy, T106241

Branin, David, T672184

Branin, Samantha, T672082

Hernandez, Pedro, T660626

Hernandez, Rigoberto, T659886

Hernandez, Rosa, T658287

Nunez, Carlos, T684573

Payette County

Barber, Ronald, T476872

Cisneros, Juan, T661895

Clements, Todd, T524555

Collins, Andrew, T250201

Eaton, Steven, T87262

Hunt, Carie, T471680

Hunt, Robert, T473764

Ruiz, Levi, T331685

Silva Miranda, Francisco, T545839

Dec. 11-12

Ada County

A Z Electronics LLC, T681409, T685612

Adam, Doreen, T659551

Adam, Terry, T661894

Alibasic, Rasim, T656349

American Billiard & Sports, T677837

Anderson, Skinner, T683795

Armstead, Jennifer, T674603

Armstead, Levernon, T674848

Big Creek Family Dentistry, T687252

Blake, Becky, T669712, T675306

Blake, Clinton, T669655, T675327

Blazor, Susan, T619415

BLM Companies LLC, T654461

Booth, Jason, T661948

Booth, Katharynne, T659605

Boston, Megan, T657608

Boston, Sean, T659946

Boulette, Danielle, T630725

Bouthillier, Alicia, T658422

Bratley, Dirk, T573936

Broadway Pizza LLC, T533604

Bruinsma, Ray, T504340

Carter, Gayle, T667536

Carter, Tracy, T667624

Clayton, Walter, T323240

Coast To Coast Construction Supply Inc., T608909, T647865

Collar, Gary, T377259

Courtney, Kevin, T663664

Courtney, Michele, T656051

Crosby, Chad, T626528

Cunningham, Kathleen, T674023

Day, Marnita, T659156

Devorce, Diana, T586975

Dodge, Elmer, T666978

Earle, Jodi, T659538

Earle, Kevin, T661881

Epperson, Gordon J, T648603

Fermental, Mary, T659606

Firkins, Keith, T433786

Fleenor, Remington, T656986

Frazier, Rex, T651467

Hale, Gregory, T675360

Hayden, Robert, T658795

Heck, Amelia, T662018

Heck, Marcus, T657336

Higgs, Wes, T656307

Hinckley, Chris, T489285

Hollibaugh, Kenneth, T674385

Howerton, Kimberley, T578122

Keith, Virginia, T675832

Keith, Wayne, T675957

Lemon, Melanie, T627319

Lopez, Jeremy, T572150

Mann, Elisabeth, T672540

Mann, Michael, T673597

Martin, Tara, T610266

Mata, Enedina, T674248

Mathis, David, T621077

McDonough, Cameron, T640018

McGowan, David, T657320

McGowan, Deborah, T662002

McIntyre, Andrea, T654252

McKeeth, Richard, T645137

Mimi Marie LLC, T642510, T645090, T648630, T667222

Moroz, Viktoria, T670348

Pfeifer, Bernhard, T674088

Popoff, Richard, T658246

Precision Pool Finishers Inc., T450787, T456539, T489845, T510329

Prindle, Christopher, T668637

Raines, Robert, T668133

Raygosa, Anton, T467306

Red Star Hospitality LLC, T686531, T686549

Reynolds, Jason, T675193

Reynolds, Thomas, T590810

Robarts, Angeline, T598694, T654435

Robarts, Darren, T603800, T654428

Robb Floth Foundations Inc., T674494

Rossetti, Lisa, T684019

Rossow, Michael, T656270

Saigon Deli LLC, T647869, T683550

Schaadt, Ronald, T583874

Schultz, Melissa, T662186

Scown, Richard, T566136

Shaffer, Lara, T496326

Simpson, Kristine, T684177

Smith, Erin, T657704

Smith, Scott, T660042

Smith, Teresa, T662928

Smith, Tina, T668523

Sorelle, Maurice, T577204

Speck Construction LLC, T489253, T503181, T503631, T503864, T504099, T577287

Speck, Jessica, T589846, T596175

Stinnett, Jerramy, T663015

Stinnett, Linda, T657160

Szewczyk, Ewa, T655498

Telford, Donald, T675198

Telford, Melissa, T675075

Telford, Reme, T675235

Todd, Jeremy, T658725

Todd, Star, T661065

Vandyk, Lisa, T654989, T686171

Vapoligy LLC, T675561

Vaughan, David, T669135

Villasenor, Alexander, T651654

Vista Montessori School Inc., T632217, T644834

Wasserman, Elizabeth, T673093

Wasserman, Glenn, T672442

Whitmer, Richard, T570829

Yun Family Dentistry PLLC, T681284, T682493, T687261

Boise County

Snider, Constance, T686765

Canyon County

Andrade, Gerald, T669941

Baker, Christopher, T588238

Barber, Bertie, T374189

Barber, Melissa, T377567

Corral, Roberto J, T532824

Cox, Randy, T658058

Cuevas, Joanna, T382641

Cuevas, Luis, T382621

DAS Framing LLC, T678549

Fouts, Sherry, T666137

Fouts, Steven, T666348

Gebauer, Alexis, T661735

Gebauer, Matthew, T657053

Goodrow, Barbara, T673611

Goodrow, Terry, T672960

Gutierrez, Samuel, T532421, T537876

Hergert, Richard, T412579

Hernandez, Elisa, T653989

Hill, Kristina, T672244

Hill, Michael, T672036

Ibarra, Oscar Jr., T123582

Ingham, Kelly, T660692

Iron Will Trucking Inc., T682295, T682387, T682454

Kingland, Hans, T668643

Lamb, Carrie, T658166

Lamb, Michael, T660505

Legeytmurray, Joshua, T668365

Marez, Lisa, T205380

Mason, Lori, T678263

Maya, Marcos, T668872

McCain, Brad, T635935

McCormick, Anthony, T589596

Melba Cemetery District, T683267

Montiel, Maria, T666555

Montiel, Rodolfo, T666131

Monzo, Julie, T656271

Morrison, Leon, T678984

Moving Up Inc., T677867

Murdock Fencing Inc., T653697, T666771

Navarro, Linda, T668583

Ottens, Teri, T687124

Payne, Christy, T651890

Peppersack, Brenda, T437534

Perkins, Mark, T632694

Poblano, Esperanza, T662740

Raney, Joseph, T557141

Read, Charmaine, T663331

Read, Shawn, T657477

Rodriguez, Jeremy, T660771

Sanchez, Miriam, T678979

Scavengers, T607511

Schaffan, Amanda, T673686

Sodaro, Anthony, T655908

Sodaro, Jacqueline, T660592

SS Automotive LLC, T679059

Upson, Kenneth, T565031

Valley Crisis Center Inc., T683054

Vazquez, Susana, T657551

Elmore County

Cabral, Jennifer, T659056

Cabral, Timothy, T661398

Gem County

Dee, Justin, T679995

Firkins, Keith, T670175

Vazquez, Elizabeth, T401476

Payette County

Hudgins, Jerom, T581823

Murillo, Erin, T657921

Ortiz, Connie, T654853

Pearson, Dawn, T657199

Veater, Amy, T574529

Veater, Brett D, T574224

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s having private liens released

Ada County

Dec. 5-11

Keller Supply Co. released a lien against Vincent & Janet Hannity Trust.

Keller Supply Co. released a lien against Jennifer Bette.

Keller Supply Co. released a lien against Frost Homes.

Ferguson Fire & Fabrication Inc. released a lien against Jeff Crouch, Linda Crouch and Fusions Glass Studio LLC.

Glidden Concrete Construction released a lien against B.G. Dickstein.

Aluma Glass Industries Inc. doing business as Atkinson's Mirror and Glass released a lien against Don Pon and Barbara S. Pon.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Who’s getting married

Dec. 4-10

Ada County

Eric Christopher Beebe, 29, and Lianne Rebecca Collins, 27, both of Meridian

Eric Nelson Lecht, 55, and Patricia Lynn Knox Sulc, 49, both of Boise

Tyler Christopher Forbush, 42, of Spokane and Heather Lynn Blake, 42, of Meridian

Steven Charles Carr, 51, and Charla Marie Lutz, 59, both of Boise

Kyle Joseph Douglas Trenga, 25, and Margaret Hilary Groover, 25, both of Boise

Cory Ryan Brown, 27, and Katie Amanda Diehl, 25, both of Boise

Andrew Layne Sauer, 26, and Jennifer Breanne Bracewell, 21, both of Boise

Phillip Dean Johnson, 25, and Cassandra Wasden, 23, both of Eagle

Robert Michael Boyack, 25, and Sherri Ann Forbes, 29, both of Boise

Michael Timothy Greenwell, 19, and Makayla Keni Bills, 20, both of Star

Jamison Wayne Kelley, 42, and Jodi Lynn Anderson, 34, both of Boise

John Paul Andregg, 44, of Emmett and Tricia Lyn Van Hees-Henderson, 43, of Meridian

Robert Wayne Barber, 24, of Union City, Calif. and Taylor Ann Markus, 23, of Boise

Philip Andrew Prindleville, 49, and Emily Joy Lucas, 32, both of Boise

Eric Eugene Wood, 35, of Meridian and Margaret Madison Holladay, 33, of Boise

Brian Nathan Talbott, 27, and Cassandra Kae O'Handley, 21, both of Boise

John Austin Ennis, 28, of Homestead, Fla. and Christy Michelle Sailor, 27, of Boise

Montgomery Joseph Franco, 27, and Kariann Rogers, 29, both of Meridian

Ryan Kenneth Varlas, 22, and Darra Lanae Jordan, 21, both of Boise

Michael Laurence Schoenhut, 57, and Sandra Ellen Baker, 54, both of Boise

Todd William Miller, 42, and Ma. Carmen Aliermo Fetters, 45, both of Meridian

William Cody Ross, 39, and Angela Ann Coble, 37, both of Boise

Dan Matlashevsky, 22, of Caldwell and Anna Vasilyevna Tsupa, 24, of Boise

Nicholas Daniel Reynolds, 23, and Bridget Brianne Sinerius, 21, both of Boise

Shane Alexander Sievers, 21, and Tenisha Lois Spooner, 18, both of Eagle

Kyle Steven Shipley, 22, of Visalia, Calif. and Emmaly Rae Bird, 19, of Meridian

Martin Roberto Diaz-Fajardo, 40, and Laura Rae Coonts, 33, both of Meridian

John William Bowker, 48, and Alisha Marie Stephenson, 31, both of Boise

Daniel Wayne Spears, 27, and Mary Kathleen Spear Walker, 30, both of Boise

Robert Lee Barrett, 55, and Cherri Renee Barrett, 49, both of Boise

Shakie Gus Doe-Williams, 23, of Willingboro, N.J. and Sarah Marie Morton, 21, of Boise

Javier Regin, 18, and Alexandra Marie Gilreath, 19, both of Star

Brian Valdez Licona, 18, and Kiara Gabriella Banuelos, 18, both of Star

James Andrew Carlson, 27, and Jessica Lindsay Strong, 32, both of Meridian

Craig Owen Davis, 50, and Laura Dee Stinson, 41, both of Boise

Justin Michael Johnston, 27, and Courtney Renae Pershall, 23, both of Meridian

Mohammad Ghazy Abdallah, 29, and Alina Beatrice Danaila, 35, both of Boise

Derick Allan Eugene O'Tool, 29, and Kyrie Nichole Harris, 25, both of Meridian

Cesar Renato Caballeros, 35, and Seferina Yadira Sandoval, 36, both of Meridian

Nathaniel Steven Grau, 30, and Amanda Elizabeth Edge, 30, both of Boise

Source: Ada Country Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Who’s getting divorced

Most cases are pending divorces. Plaintiff is listed first, then defendant. If only one name is listed, it is the plaintiff.

Ada County

Dec. 5-11

Jacob J. Van Vliet and Nigeen M. Van Vliet

Betsy K. Wiss and Donald Joseph Wiss Jr.

John Charles Henkel and Jennifer Lynn Henkel

Krista Heaton and Bren Heaton

Brett Eric Ashby and Elizabeth Marie Ashby

Deborah L. Brown and Jacob C. Stratton

Robert William Deleve II and Jenna Marie Deleve

Alicia Ann Parker and Robert Rolland Parker

Alyssa Erin Haines and Adam Scott Haines

Jenna Marie Deleve and Robert William Deleve

Ross Aaron Martin and Vera Faye Martin

Amber D. Black and David M. Black

Cameron Henderson and Tracey Dean Henderson

Wahida Ivey and Michael Carlos Ivey

Steven George Zunich and Julia Angelen Zunich

Anisha Patel Snowden and John Kieth Snowden Jr.

Jenness Passarino and Ryan Passarino

Niclaus E. Pearl and Katherine Livi

Matthew Wallace and Jessica Wallace

Todd William Carruthers and Kimberly Anne Carruthers

Benjamin Thomas Peterson and Angela Jean Peterson

Emily Palmer and Jason Palmer

Jeffrey Lynn Scaggs and Lola Janeen Scaggs

Vern Alton and Wendy Alton

Michael Scott Warwick and Monica Jean Warwick

Monty Shawn Border and Christine Louise Border

Andrea Nacole Early and Irvin Winston Edwards Jr.

Shanon Michelle Sukut and Blayne Calvin Sukut

Kris Louise Coon and Clifton Jack Coon II

Randall Dean Eversdyk and Katherine Gorrell

Timothy John Beery and Shannon Marie Beery

Derrick D. Crowther and Jenneth R. McNees

Shannon M. Beery and Timothy J. Beery

Adrianna Marie Foxfarrell and Thomas Jacob Foxfarrell

Miguel Angel Morales and Miranda Overlander Morales

Nicolas Edward Ellis and Kerri Patricia Ellis

Mary Jo Defayette and Robert Joseph Defayette

Gina Luckow and Danny Luckow

Thomas Neal Yates and Echo Yates

Gary Eugene Kerns and Aitchel Dinora Kerns

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Dec. 3-9

Joseph Kirtley Miller and Lynne Miller

Maria Teresa Juarez Olmedo and Ecequjel Cerrano

Tarah Mae Young and Lonnie Lee Young

Jessica Fay Christiansen and Brady R. Christiansen

Candice Christine Conely and Joshua David Conely

Chrystal M. Fite and Colby L. Fite

Billy James Coons and Ellen Coons

Jacqueline Y. Romero and Horacio Romero

Anthony J. Cox and Brooke Stallcup

Paula J. Armas and Anthony Joe Armas

David A. Kosmann and Tina Kosmann

Kevin D. Koepnick and Rebekah Lynn Koepnick

John David Johnson Jr. and Aimee Lynn Dines

James S. Hinkle Jr. and Tracy L. Hinkle

Source: Canyon County Recorder

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