On Bryan Harsin: What people are saying

December 12, 2013 

“Nothing but respect for coach Harsin. Gave me an opportunity to accomplish every individual and team goal #thankyou.’’ — Allen Muse, Arkansas State wide receiver — Twitter (@MUSE­_17)

“Harse back in Boise!! Good hire I like that 1.” — Former Boise State player Jeron Johnson — Twitter (@Jus_Showoff)

“I believe Coach Harsin will have an easier time following Coach Pete, than Southwick had following Kellen Moore.’’ — Steve Hulme — From IdahoStatesman.com

“I just think the guys they were talking to, let alone with Hars, those were all unbelievable coaches with strong, strong Bronco ties, knowing the way that things have been done there for quite a while.” — Chris Petersen

“AWFUL HIRE AT BOISE STATE!! Justin Wilcox deserves that job point blank’’ — Shane Jewell — Twitter (@JSJbassfishing)

“He would draw up plays and talk about what he wanted to do when he was going to be a coach.” — Bart Hendricks, former Boise State QB and teammate

“Stunned at the number of #Falcons fans who were rooting for Koetter to get Boise job just so he'd leave. It's a talent issue, not scheme.’’ — The Gentleman Masher — Twitter (@GentlemanMashr)

"Welcome home and the best to you, Coach Harsin, your family, team and Bronco Nation!’’ — Cathy Wilson Dunsing — Boise State Football by Idaho Statesman on Facebook

“I love it as both a Capital High and BSU alumni, it works for me!” — Tammy Burke — Boise State Football by Idaho Statesman on Facebook

“Harsin as new head coach for Boise State makes me happy as all hell. Hope he goes back to having control over the offense.’’ — Jeff — Twitter (@jeffinmt)

"He does things the right way and I know from when I played under him he expects excellence and I’d assume he’d expect the same out of the players now.” — Derek Schouman, former Boise State tight end

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