Idaho Supreme Court accepts lawyer’s resignation

He was disbarred after an apparent self-report of professional misconduct.

December 12, 2013 

The Idaho Supreme Court has accepted Lewiston attorney John C. Mitchell’s resignation in lieu of discipline.

According to a legal notice sent out by the Idaho State Bar Counsel, John C. Mitchell admitted in November to three matters of misconduct.

Lewiston police have opened an investigation.

“We’re sorting through a high volume of information,” Lewiston Police Capt. Roger Lanier says.

According to the notice:

Mitchell admitted that he failed to turn over client payments to his law firm, a violation of the Idaho Rules of Professional Conduct set by the state bar. Mitchell was formerly employed with the Clark and Feeney law firm of Lewiston.

He also admitted that he failed to consult with a client before settling a civil case without that client's knowledge or consent. Finally, Mitchell admitted to paying a client's judgment in a civil case himself, violating the bar's rule against providing financial assistance to clients.

Mitchell cannot rejoin the Idaho State Bar for five years, at which time he will have to prove he is fit to return to practicing law.

Efforts by the Lewiston Tribune to reach Mitchell and the Clark and Feeney firm for comment were unsuccessful.

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