One of the world's best: Boise student aces AP economics test

Statesman staffDecember 11, 2013 

Maxwell Mulcahy.JPG

Max Mulcahy

He did what?

Max Mulcahy got a perfect score on an Advanced Placement microeconomics exam at Boise High School last spring.

How big a deal is that?

He is one of only 33 in the world out of more than 67,600 students who took the exam.

Was he always good at math?

Mulcahy always liked math, but he didn't know what he wanted to do with it. He tried physics, but didn't like the blend of math and science.


Then he enrolled in an AP microeconomics class. Everything clicked. "I find it to be relevant," he said. "I can apply it to what I am doing in my life."

How hard was the exam?

Not that hard for Mulcahy, who just seemed to understand it: "I was extremely confident I had destroyed (the test)."

Good teacher helped

Boise High instructor John Coulthard took time to answer Mulcahy's questions: "He really helped me understand."

Where is Mulcahy now?

At the University of Virginia, where he plans a double major in economics and commerce.

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