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David Staats: Business Insider to go monthly in 2014

December 10, 2013 

Staats, David

David Staats

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Business Insider will become a monthly in January. At the same time, the Statesman will expand BI’s readership by delivering the magazine to all subscribers who get the paper on Wednesdays.

The change is a business decision. We will keep our themed editions — featuring selected topics like technology and health — that have been the most successful among advertisers and that we believe will be of high interest to readers. Other stories that previously graced our covers will go into the Statesman instead.

So you’ll see more enterprising stories by business reporters Audrey Dutton and Zach Kyle on our front pages, and more Idaho stories in our daily business section. On Tuesdays, business will get its own section in the daily paper.

The magazine will get bigger, with more pages. We will replace the Who’s Doing What listings with more stories, graphics and columns.

Each edition will appear midmonth. We will move the publication day to Wednesday from Tuesday to allow an extra day to staple and trim the print edition’s pages for the tens of thousands of additional subscribers who will receive it.

We will publish one more weekly BI — our second annual Year in Pictures edition next Tuesday. Watch for the first monthly edition Jan. 15.

One more thing: We won’t change our focus on providing in-depth Idaho business coverage you can’t get anywhere else.


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