Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Dec. 8

December 8, 2013 


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Coach Petersen

Chris Petersen is gone. You can't blame the facilities and can't blame the stadium. It is two major problems: the conference and the fan base.

After the re-realignment, the AAC was just like the MW. So how does a mid-market team get the golden ticket? Let's take a gander at the University of Nebraska.

The two are similar in state population and media market. The Huskers have two things that Boise really doesn't have: a history in the FBS and a rabid fan base. Nebraska has sold out its stadium since Nov. 3, 1962.

This is a gauntlet being thrown to everyone who calls themselves part of Bronco Nation: Show up. Come to every game (Boise State should sell beer in the stadium). Be obnoxious and loud at games. Wear your Boise State swag everywhere. Create fan clubs in all 50 states. Be unashamedly belligerent about the Broncos' chances for a national championship. Tailgate from Wednesday to Sunday. Create stadium traditions (move the student section to the north end zone).

Do everything you can to create a place where, when recruits, media, bowl representatives and visiting teams come in, they see a place that is crazed and exciting.


Congrats Coach Pete on the Washington job. Please, please take Robert Prince with you.


More than I ever wanted a Bronco win, more than I ever wanted a BCS bowl, even more than I wanted the Heisman for Kellen Moore, I want Boise to give Coach Petersen a grateful and dignified farewell.

Let's be as classy as Coach Pete has been in every TV interview, after every loss (few as they were) and in the face of criticism from the Bob Stoopses of the world.

Good luck to you in your endeavors Coach Pete - you'll always be respected by Bronco Nation.


TV coverage

I'm so disappointed that our Bronco football games have not only started so late in the evening - even on our home turf - but that we have had to follow behind games that were already in progress. Is this the trade-off made to be televised by ESPN?

I'm unable to attend the games in person, so a televised game is my only choice. We missed the kickoff of the Nov. 30 game, and the Broncos had already scored before we were blessed with TV coverage.

We had to wait while they interviewed the South Carolina coach. How sad for the hometown fans.


BSU headline

Nov. 30 was Boise State's final regular season game, and the last home game for the seniors.

I was appalled to see the headline on the Sports front page: "Another victory, but ... '' It reminded me of the morning after Joe Southwick injured his ankle: "No Southwick? No problem.''

These young men have played their hearts out for Boise State and the community as a whole, and they deserve our support. While I doubt the wording was intentionally hurtful, more thought could surely have been given before it was printed.

I hope we never become a place where only a win is good, and then only if we go on to a championship.


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