Clearwater Analytics partners with Gardner

sberg@idahostatesman.comDecember 8, 2013 

Clearwater Analytics has an agreement with the Gardner Co. to help pay for a nine-story, 206,000-square-foot building just west of the U.S. Bank tower on Main Street.

The high-tech company plans to take up four floors in the Clearwater Building, part of Gardner’s next Downtown Boise project.

Chief Operating Officer Mike Boren said Clearwater has been growing and expects that to continue. The company, which does Web-based accounting, reporting and analytics for clients around the world, needs more room and can get it in Gardner’s proposed $70 million City Center Plaza.

Founded in 2004, Clearwater has become a leader in its industry. With offices in Boise, New York City and Edinburgh, Scotland, the company provides its clients reports on nearly $1 trillion in investment assets, according to a Clearwater news release.

Right now, Clearwater’s Boise headquarters are split between the Banner Bank and the 9th and Idaho buildings, taking up about 45,000 square feet, Boren said.

Moving into the Clearwater Building would unite the workforce in one space that’s big enough — almost 90,000 square feet — for the company to grow into. On top of naming rights, being part-owner means Clearwater will be able to design the space to meet the needs of a high-tech workforce — lots of Internet connections, secure server rooms and redundant power, Boren said.

“You’d see a lot of that if you were, say, in the Bay Area and went to visit Google or Facebook or somebody like that, but you don’t see that here so much,” Boren said.

The location is important, too. A custom-designed space in the middle of Downtown will help Clearwater attract top software developers, who are in demand.

Clearwater’s pledge highlights the promise Gardner’s new development holds, said Tommy Ahlquist, Gardner’s chief operating officer. He said the building will be designed especially for high-tech tenants in addition to Clearwater.

The Clearwater Building will have one floor of retail area that has five first-floor restaurant spaces. Nine companies want them and have signed letters of intent explaining why they should be the ones to occupy them, Ahlquist said.

City Center Plaza will have a second building, just south of the U.S. Bank tower. Gardner’s plans for the south building call for two floors of covered parking and two or three floors of meeting space.

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