On Chris Petersen: What the fans are saying

December 7, 2013 


“We owe our thanks to Coach Pete for his vision and perseverance in engineering and building a top notch football program and state of the art facilities here in lil’ old Boise, ID. Best of luck in Seattle Coach. You are a class act and you will be missed.” — Chuck Best

“Good luck Pete and thanks for an awesome run. How to take the sting off for Bronco Fans? Offer Kellen the head coaching job and Kirby can be our new offensive coordinator (sorry Coach Prince). Think about it, Kellen would make more money than he would as third banana in Detroit and coaching is what both of them want to do!” — Rob Love

“I hate to see Coach Pete go. He was perfect fit for Boise and its fans. I truly hope it works as well as other coaches that have left us. Hope you sit back in couple years and wonder why you left a program and fan base like Boise for a few extra bucks to sit on while UW fires you and fans want your head on a platter. … As far as UW hope that BOMBS on you ;) GO BRONCOS!” — Supa Dupah

“Show them the money and they are gone. Used to be coaches would stay in the community and make it their home a place to retire. Good luck to him, too bad it is that way most everywhere in every business now.” — David Loomis

“Why does it have to be Washington? I hate those guys, even with Coach Pete there I still hope they never win a game.” — Kyle Stevenson

“It’s all part of the university’s plan to get into the Pac-12. Coach Pete is going to infiltrate and lay the groundwork for us to follow. Think of him as a beach head, as it were. …” — David Wilkins

“Pete joined the Haves and is leaving the lil train that could behind!” — Randy Sisson

“… Can't blame him, always a class act! Go luck Coach Pete and thanks for being the person you are! You will be missed and Go Broncos and Huskies!” — Ken Kroll

“New movie coming soon ‘The rise and fall of Boise State’ sold right next to the Fiesta Bowl movies at Walmart for $1.99.” — Brian Powell

“Coach Pete, you’ve been a class act. Thank you for some great memories and good luck with the Dawgs. Best wishes. Now I hope Mr. Kustra makes a sound decision to hire a new coach who is in the Bronco ‘blood line.’ Harsin or Wilcox would be great picks I would think.” — RobandLeann Kern

“Bring on Justin Wilcox to be the head coach. Bryan Harsin close second. Coach Pete, your leadership is appreciated and will not be forgotten. Thanks for an incredible run.” — Al Holzheimer

“Turns out U-Dub gets an upgrade over Sarkisian in their coaching ‘exchange.’ Chris Petersen is a fine coach and human bean in general, in the rare mode of the late great Husky coach Don James. Smart, likable, straight-shooter. He will be a great fit there and fun to watch. So glad he didn’t go to any Cal schools. Kinda hoping Wilcox stays with Pete to see how that plays — or perhaps BSU steals him away to head here.” — Aracelie G. Franz

“Wow. Maybe this is his last way to stick it to the Vandals by beating out former Idaho QB Doug Nussmeier for the job.” — Kevin Ross


“Can’t believe Coach Pete” — Baby D™, @darynjaide

“Coach Pete helped put Boise on the map. He isn’t the team, he is the coach. Be grateful for what he has done, but there’s always another game” — Jenna Griggs, @JennakGriggs

“I’m kinda pissed about Coach Pete leaving us, smh.” — Kels, @KelsoHagerman

“Coach Pete will not look as good in purple as he does blue.” — Jordyn Mae, @J0rdynr

“What I really like is though we are sad about Coach Pete leaving, we have no animosity toward him. Speaks to his character.” — Alex Gutierrez, @agboise

“The Boise State Track Club wishes you the best of luck Coach Pete! Thanks for your contributions to the university and the community as a whole, you’ll be missed!” — Bobby Mueller, @Bobby_Mueller80

“Will we be disappointed if #BoiseState hires someone other than Wilcox harsin or koetter...” — Justin Wolters, @JustinWolters


“Bryan Harsin please. Justin Wilcox good too. Eventually Kellen Moore PLEASE!” — Sue Nula

“Good luck and thanks Coach Pete. Now Bronco football starts a new and hopefully even better chapter!” — John W Haupt

“Coach Pete: It rains MUCH more in Seattle than Boise! Oh well. I wish you well in your new adventures. Thanks for the many years of your excellent coaching. You.Will.Be.Missed!” — Denise Woods

“I will remember coach Pete in better memories tomorrow. Right now I have a 7 year old boy that is crying his heart out. His hero, his mentor, his icon is leaving and it has been all this Boise State fan has ever known...You have a broken boy here in Idaho.” — Pam Larson Hoggan

“Wish he was going out on top rather than from a mediocre season. Now it just looks like he is running away when the going has gotten tough!! Wish him the best but mind you coach when we play the huskies in 2015 were gonna give you a good welcome beat down!! Still appreciate a job well done!!” — Tyson Monson

“Lots of coaches don’t get to coach their bowl game after the agree with another school. He could have left a few years ago and he didn’t. He brought BSU National exposure. He deserves better from fans that are hating on him. Good luck coach Pete, we will miss you.” — Jose Gonzalez

“Ok that’s messed up, it’s one thing to leave but another to not finish the season.” — Samuel Aldrich

“Sell out...” — Brandon Abbott

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