Who's Doing What for Business Insider's Dec. 10-16 edition

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Who’s Doing What is a detailed weekly compilation of public records and other information that can provide you with sales leads and insights into local activities. Who is:

Æ Building buildings

Æ Opening businesses

Æ Filing for bankruptcy

Æ Suing in federal court

Æ Suing in state court

Æ Winning judgments

Æ Facing federal or state tax liens

Æ Facing private liens

Æ Having federal or state tax liens released

Æ Having private liens released

Æ Getting married

Æ Getting divorced

Who’s building buildings


Nov. 29-Dec. 5


1109 W. Myrtle St. Suite 300, New York Life Insurance, tenant, Alta Construction, general contractor, tenant improvements, 9,558 square feet, $165,000

1620 W. River St., Interfaith Sanctuary, tenant, Black Eagle Construction LLC, general contractor, tenant improvements, 9,833 square feet, $182,000

380 E. ParkCenter Blvd. Suite 300, Falash & Ross Construction, general contractor, tenant improvements, 7,620 square feet, $179,426

651 E. ParkCenter Blvd., Guho Corp., general contractor, new structure, 3,695 square feet, $914,875

800 W. Main St. Suite 200, Dustan Bristol, tenant, Vertical Corp., general contractor, tenant improvements, 1,749 square feet, $135,998


5003 E. Woodcutter Drive, Brighton Homes Idaho Inc., general contractor, new structure, 1,960 square feet, $180,068

5200 W. Wylie Lane, Rutherford Construction LLC, general contractor, new structure, 2,609 square feet, $234,671

5390 N. Morninggale Way, Christensen Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,738 square feet, $344,455

857 N. River Path Lane, Legacy Development Inc., general contractor, new structure, 2,028 square feet, $186,000

873 N. River Path Lane, Legacy Development Inc., general contractor, new structure, 1,808 square feet, $166,647

Source: City of Boise


Nov. 25-29


222 N. 12th Ave., Tri-State Electric Inc., electrical contractor, electrical, $142,570


11876 Parakeet Way, Hubble Homes, general contractor, new structure, $112,429

12622 Brownstone St., CBH Homes, general contractor, new structure, $174,401

Source: City of Caldwell


Nov. 25-29


3012 W. Chartwell Drive, Thompson Homes Inc., general contractor, new structure, 3,505 square feet, $704,650

2519 W. Newbury Court, Riteway Builders LLC, general contractor, new structure, 3,085 square feet, $895,995

Source: City of Eagle


Nov. 25-29


2070 N. Rosedust Drive, CBH Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,213 square feet, $236,314

Source: City of Kuna


Nov. 25-29


719 N. Principle Place, Suite 130, GSA Direct, tenant, Ronald W. Van Auker Inc., general contractor, tenant improvements, 21,250 square feet, $785,450


4290 S. Da Vinci Way, Riverwood Homes Inc., general contractor, new structure, 2,751 square feet, $293,510

379 E. Gannett St., Tresidio Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,877 square feet, $331,350

4296 S. Marsala Ave., Brighton Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,015 square feet, $324,467

941 W. Kingsley Drive, Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,806 square feet, $405,494

921 W. Laughton Drive, Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,815 square feet, $406,592

5055 N. Miguel Ave., Tahoe Homes, general contractor, new structure, 3,335 square feet, $359,614

2779 E. Ragusa Lane, Eaglewood Homes Inc., general contractor, new structure, 1,407 square feet, $151,825

3378 S. Lyford Ave., Dave Evans Construction, general contractor, new structure, 2,264 square feet, $259,305

2772 E. Rochester Court, Amyx Signature Homes, general contractor, new structure, 2,178 square feet, $246,557

Source: City of Meridian


Nov. 25-29


7815 E. Homestead Court, Del Christensen, owner, new structure, $354,405

Source: City of Nampa

Who’s opening businesses

Some entries have two individuals’ names after the address.

In the listings of assumed

business names, the first name after the address is a designated contact person, and the second name is an owner. The business type (if available) is listed last.

In listings of business registrations, the first name is an owner and the second is the registered agent. If only one name is listed, it is the registered agent. In some businesses, one person or organization is both, so the name is repeated.

Nov. 25-29

Ada County

Assumed Business Name

10 Lb. Hammer, 7154 W. State St. No. 221, Boise, 83714, People Like Me LLC, People Like Me LLC, services

Ada County Humane Society, 8664 Overland Road, Boise, 83709, Ellen German, Ellen German, agriculture

Andy's Air Kooled Auto, 5211 Missoula Way, Boise, 83709, Andrew Stote, retail trade

Boise Heels 4 Hire, 2675 W. Main St., Boise, 83702, Amber Viehweg, services

Boise Maid 2 Please, 2675 W. Main St., Boise, 83702, Amber Viehweg, services

Bradley Family Ranches, 9601 W. State St. Suite 206, Boise, 83714, Bert Bradley, Bradley Family LLC, agriculture

C&G’s Wild Alaska Salmon, 426 Thatcher No. 3, Boise, 83702, Cynthia Wallesz, George Meintel, retail trade wholesale trade

Charms and Blessings, 2476 E. Colwyn Court, Eagle, 83616, Susan C. Phillips, Susan C. Phillips, retail trade

Digital Magnitude, 2579 N. Copperdale Ave., Kuna, 83634, Damon Bell, Damon Bell, retail trade

Flutterby Taxi Services, 2348 N. Carmen Ave., Boise, 83704, Melinda Jackson-Perring, Melinda Jackson-Perring, services

Global Drug Testing Labs, 921 S. Orchard St. Suite A, Boise, 83705, Drug Test of Idaho LLC, Drug Test of Idaho LLC, services

Hair West, P.O. Box 140263, Boise, 83705, Judith C. Porter, services

Hi Shart Designs, 282 S. Garden St., Boise, 83705, Jordan M. Hamori, Jordan M. Hamori, manufacturing

Idaho Mediation Center, P.O. Box 2900, Boise, 83701, Arkoosh Law Offices PLLC, services

Me Carpet Cleaning, 7154 W. State St. No. 221, Boise, 83714, People Like Me LLC, People Like Me LLC, services

Mountain Tree Service, P.O. Box 1466, Meridian, 83680, Robert Seekell, Robert Seekell, services

P5 Electronics, 1215 S. Eagle Road, Kuna, 83634, Kevin Pointer, Heidi Pointer, services

Run 4 Heaven’s Gate, 123 Auto Drive, Boise, 83709, Calvary Chapel of Boise Inc., Calvary Chapel of Boise Inc., services

Sassy Inspirations, P.O. Box 523, Star, 83669, Noelle Nicula, Noelle Nicula, retail trade

Sawtooth Outdoor Supply, 10400 W. Overland Road No. 397, Boise, 83709, Sonja Batease, wholesale trade

Shulga Enterprises, 2076 N. Viewhill Ave., Meridian, 83646, Pavel Shulga, transportation

Spas Meridian, 2081 W. Windchime Drive, Meridian, 83646, Christina Miller-Rotter, Christina Miller-Rotter, services

Stanhouse Photography, 1348 N. Cabrillo Ave., Kuna, 83634, Heather Stanhouse, services

Urban Nuance, 6200 River Pointe Drive F305, Boise, 83714, Timothy Willmorth, Willbeck LLC, construction

Welcome To The Chain Gang Disc Golf, 460 Lilly Drive, Boise, 83713, Earl Ammerman, services

Western Home Services, 7633 Colt Drive, Boise, 83709, Richard A. Wigger, Richard A. Wigger, services

Zenflo Bodyworks and Wellness, 1235 W. Crenshaw St., Kuna, 83634, Anna Bree Florenzen, Anna Bree Florenzen, services


4EVER Ministries Inc., P.O. Box 812, Star, 83669, Kenneth L. Solts

Aberdeen Place Homeowners’ Association Inc., 3681 N. Locust Grove Suite 100, Meridian, 83646, Kevin F. Amar, Kevin F. Amar

Carey Farmer Real Estate Inc., 1884 E. Estancia Place, Eagle, 83616, Carey Farmer, Carey Farmer

Conservation Economics Institute Inc., 2206 E. Roanoke Drive, Boise, 83712, Evan Hjerpe, Evan Hjerpe

Fall River Business Park Owners Association Inc., 6491 N. Hillsboro Place, Boise, 83703, Steve L. Cope, Steve L. Cope

Fresh Wind Ministries Inc., 1618 N. Phillippi St. No. 214, Boise, 83706, Jimmie Lee Covington, Jimmie Lee Covington

Idaho Rebels Inc., 705 E. Whitney Court, Eagle, 83616, Tami Mosqueda, Tami Mosqueda

Moonbow Inc., 1310 E. Jefferson St., Boise, 83704, Jesse McKinney, Jesse McKinney

RCH Construction Inc., 8111 W. Prince, Boise, 83714, Noah Richter, Noah Richter

Roatan Christian Outreach Ministry Inc., 1577 N. Linder Road Suite 212, Kuna, 83634, Joseph S. Kozlowski

Twisted T Xpress Inc., 6727 Sage Canyon Way, Star, 83669, Tyler Toups, Tyler Toups

Limited Liability Company

463 N. Nebula LLC, 2050 E. Stonybrook Court, Eagle, 83616, James H. Dubois, Denise J. Dubois

8803 W. Pine Valley Lane LLC, 5831 N. Saguaro Hills Place, Meridian, 83646, Charlene Cuhaciyan

8805 W. Pine Valley Lane LLC, 5831 N. Saguaro Hills Place, Meridian, 83646, Charlene Cuhaciyan

8815 W. Pine Valley Lane LLC, 5831 N. Saguaro Hills Place, Meridian, 83646, Charlene Cuhaciyan

Alkaline Epiphany LLC, 2115 N. 26th St., Boise, 83702, Caren Beth Hosselkus, Caren Beth Hosselkus

Blewett Investments LLC, 3170 S. Sugar Bush Ave., Eagle, 83616, Jenny L. Blewett, Jenny L. Blewett

Bogies Idaho LLC, 530 W. Myrtle St., Boise, 83702, Filip Vogelpohl, Fred L. Ramey

Bowen & Bailey Investment Properties LLC, 1311 W. Jefferson St., Boise, 83702, Eric S. Bailey, Eric S. Bailey

Carter Tamarack Properties LLC, 3401 Tamarack St., Boise, 83703, Loren Carter, Loren Carter

C-Vue LLC, 3152 S. Bown Way No. 3, Boise, 83706, David H. Arkoosh, David H. Arkoosh

Cy Gilbert Photography LLC, 2102 S. Leadville Ave., Boise, 83706, Cy Gilbert

Data Athletics LLC, 3797 S. Rustler Lane, Meridian, 83642, Wendell Lawrence, Wendell Lawrence

Euda LLC, 3152 S. Bown Way No. 3, Boise, 83706, David H. Arkoosh, David H. Arkoosh

Everything CPAP LLC, 1166 N. Cole Road, Boise, 83704, Mark Rasmus, Mark Rasmus

Fincher Nursing Service PLLC, 2511 W. Regan Avenue, Boise, 83702, Joy Paige Fincher, Joy Paige Fincher

Fit Books Accounting LLC, P.O. Box 190404, Boise, 83719, Carmen Weyland, All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agent

Full Sail LLC, 812 W. White Sands Drive, Meridian, 83646, Steven Satterlee

Giles Group LLC (The), 13391 W. Pala Mesa Drive, Boise, 83713, John Lance Giles

Great Basin Safety Solutions LLC, 1844 N. Trail Creek Way, Eagle, 83616, Gary Hamilton, Gary Michael Hamilton

Hadcom LLC, 104 E. Fairview Ave. Suite 258, Meridian, 83642, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Henry Morgan Rogers Jr. LLC, 2983 S. Pajaro Way, Eagle, 83616, Henry Morgan Rogers Jr.

Heritage Rock LLC, 1161 W. River St. No. 160, Boise, 83702, Michael J. Swope

Idaho Mediation Center LLC, P.O. Box 2900, Boise, 83701, C. Tom Arkoosh

Idaho Property Maintenance LLC, 4207 W. Denton St., Boise, 83706, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Imperium Cinema LLC, 4298 N. Croft Place, Eagle, 83616, Jake Fullilove, Jake Fullilove

Jack’s Electric LLC, 10746 Hiawatha, Boise, 83709, Jack Dillard, Jack Dillard

Jarwil LLC, 5676 Bloom St., Boise, 83703, Jaren Jeffrey Wilcox, Jaren Jeffrey Wilcox

Jtree LLC, 5330 Kootenai St., Boise, 83705, Joshua Laughtland, Josh Laughtland

Kostka and Calnon LLC, 2215 W. Franklin Road, Meridian, 83642, Kathleen A. Kostka, Kathleen A. Kostka

Lulu’s Rescue LLC, 2729 Meadowbrook, Boise, 83705, Kevin Israel, Kevin Israel

Moondog Outdoor Industries LLC, 2424 W. Forecast St., Meridian, 83642, Robert J. Moon, Robert J. Moon

MQ Aviation LLC, P.O. Box 554, Meridian, 83680, Ryan McHugh

Nima LLC, 2145 E. Pine Ave., Meridian, 83642, Homy Panahi, Christian D. Brown

Nutgutter LLC, 3435 N. Shamrock, Boise, 83713, Patsi Williams

Olive Eyes Pottery Co. LLC, 6709 Fernwood Drive, Boise, 83709, Cambria L. Kirchner

Oma Hahn Daycare LLC, 2800 N. Camden Place, Boise, 83704, Charlotte Hahn, Charlotte Hahn

On Point Electric LLC, 7439 W. Westwood Drive, Boise, 83704, Jarod Murray

One Six Right Properties LLC, 623 W. Hays St., Boise, 83702, Law Offices of Peter Desler PC, Peter M. Desler

People Like Me LLC, 7154 W. State St. No. 221, Boise, 83714, Darin Ogden, Darin Ogden

Power Moxie LLC, 12586 W. Bridger St. Suite 110, Boise, 83713, Pavel Babichenko

RCK Trucking LLC, 6709 Fernwood Drive, Boise, 83709, Cambria L. Kirchner

Rockwald LLC, 5412 N. Beaham Ave., Meridian, 83646, Wendy J. Murray, Wendy J. Murray

RRP Farms LLC, 2537 W. State St. Suite 140, Boise, 83702, Robert L. Drozda

Sahara Case LLC, 12586 W. Bridger St. Suite 110, Boise, 83713, Pavel Babichenko

Sew Creative LLC, 1784 E. Myrtle Beach Court, Eagle, 83616, Treena Leuthold, Treena Leuthold

Simplicity Salon LLC, 700 E. Fairview Trailer 48, Meridian, 83642, Anna V. Rotondo

SME Investments LLC, 1161 W. River St. Suite 260, Boise, 83702, Neal D. Stuart

Steadfast Roofing LLC, 2674 N. Reno Way, Boise, 83705, Corey Chavez, Corey Chavez

Sustainable Maintenance Group LLC, 2901 Crane Creek Road, Boise, 83702, Jeffrey Resler

Take Flight UAS LLC, 8090 W. Sagebrush Way, Boise, 83709, Take Flight Aviation LLC

Tamarack Resort Enterprises LLC, 802 W. Bannock St. Suite 700, Boise, 83702, Scott Turlington, Scott Turlington

Time Tec LLC, 2108 E. Redwick Drive, Meridian, 83646, Michael Barriatua, Michael Barriatua

TT Arizona Farms LLC, P.O. Box 8126, Boise, 83707, Ben Buckendorf

Warnock Air LLC, 3781 E. Mackay Drive, Meridian, 83642, Kelly Householder

Zerobearing Enterprises LLC, 3006 E. Goldstone Drive Suite 216, Meridian, 83642, David Bradford, All Day $49 Idaho Registered Agents Inc.

Canyon County

Assumed Business Name

CCT, 20093 Purple Sage Road, Caldwell, 83607, Charlie Atkinson, Charlie Atkinson, retail trade

Mold Inspection Services, 5627 Howard Lane, Nampa, 83687, Barak Watson, S&W Enterprises of Idaho LLC, services

Shine On, 116 S. Westwood Blvd., Nampa, 83686, Brooke Knudsen, Brooke Knudsen, services

Sweet Pea Boutique7, P.O. Box 275, Nampa, 83653, Hawkins Enterprises LLC, Hawkins Enterprises LLC, retail trade

Windswept Acres, 28658 Old Highway 30, Caldwell, 83607, Karen Lidral, agriculture


Elara Home Communications Inc., 8130 Plumberry Court, Middleton, 83644, Kipp Chambers, Kipp Chambers

Toby’s Fund Inc., 14340 Salmon River Road, Caldwell, 83607, Shannon L. Marshall, Shannon L. Marshall

Limited Liability Company

ArgentinaInOut LLC, 3217 S. Holly St., Nampa, 83686, Francisco Palacios, Francisco Palacios

Computer and Network Security Services LLC, 20222 Colebrook Ave., Caldwell, 83605, Todd MacQueen

Elite Air LLC, 1896 W. Mountain Pointe Avenue, Nampa, 83651, Jonathan D. Vanderstelt

Fusion Group LLC, 23809 Breyer Road, Caldwell, 83607, Holly Neitzel, Holly Neitzel

Gregerson Medical Properties LLC, 1611 12th Ave. Road Suite A, Nampa, 83686, Gary Gregerson, Gary Gregerson

Harris Income Properties LLC, 211 E. Logan St. Suite 105, Caldwell, 83605, Wade Harris

Historic Environs LLC, 811 Lake Lowell, Nampa, 83686, Dave Young

J. Dennis Operations LLC, 392 W. Hidden Meadow Way, Middleton, 83644, Jennifer Dennis

Jammer Venture Group LLC, 3715 Ringneck Drive, Nampa, 83686, Sherri Merkley, Sherri Merkley

JDLS Lawn Care LLC, 15920 Richway Drive, Caldwell, 83607, Juan De Los Santos Jr.

JSTC Enterprises LLC, 15596 Moonbeam Way, Caldwell, 83607, Jeffery Henderson

Mattress Place LLC (The), P.O. Box 1117, Caldwell, 83606, Bryson D. Perkins, Bryson D. Perkins

Reflection Ridge Ranch LLC, 20220 Maggard Lane, Caldwell, 83607, Leanne Dehaas

Restorpro LLC, 9260 Chaparral Ranch Drive, Nampa, 83686, Jared McCabe, Jared McCabe

S&W Enterprises of Idaho LLC, 5627 Howard Lane, Nampa, 83687, Barak Watson

Smith Consulting Services LLC, P.O. Box 130, Middleton, 83644, Terry W. Smith

Elmore County

Assumed Business Name

Diamond A Silver, 2188 S. Riverview Road, Hammett, 83627, Christy Zito, Christy M. Zito, manufacturing

Top-Notch Cleaning, 975 NW Dandelion Lane, Mountain Home, 83647, Jennifer A. Hazzard, Jennifer A. Hazzard, services


Standage Property Management Inc., 1035 E. 19th N., Mountain Home, 83647, Chris Standage, Chris Standage

Gem County

Assumed Business Name

Major League Flooring, P.O. Box 151, Emmett, 83617, Carlos Rodriguez, Carlos Rodriguez, services

Payette County

Assumed Business Name

Lane's Cordwainer Shop, 2760 Killebrew Drive, Payette, 83661, William Lane, William R. Lane, retail trade manufacturing

Limited Liability Company

Basco Properties LLC, P.O. Box 951, Fruitland, 83619, Luke Fritts, Luke Fritts

Roberts Construction LLC, 903 NW 2nd St., Fruitland, 83619, United States Corporation Agents Inc.

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s filing for bankruptcy

“No” means no assets are reported. “Yes” means there are.

Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Ada County

Chapter 13

Edwynne Will Carter, yes

Bradley W. Holt, yes

Robert W. Betts, yes

Chapter 7

Kelby David Gibson, no

Manuel Arana and Carrie Marie Arana, no

Karen Maria Gant, no

Nikki Sue Marineau, no

Stephen Paul Hardman and Barbara Gardner Hardman, no

Crystal Louise Odom, no

Laurel Denise Hatcher, no

Amy Heather Kelsch, no

Canyon County

Chapter 7

Brandon Leon Long and Rachel Christine Bevry, no

Dwight Montgomery Kaufman and Tracey Alene Kaufman, no

Barbara Ann Cartwright, no

Timothy J. Wangelin and Chelsea B. Wangelin, no

Edward James Godina, no

Michael R. Morrison, no

William C. Wilbur, no

Robert Witten, no

Lila J. Norman, no

Gem County

Chapter 7

Kevin S. Himmel and Amy R. Himmel, no

Owyhee County

Chapter 7

Peter Tracy Soshea and Kathleen Denise Soshea, no

Source: U.S. Bankruptcy Courts

Who’s suing in federal court

Case information is listed in the order of case name (plaintiff v. respondent), presiding judge, a short description of what the lawsuit is about, and who demanded a jury, if anyone. Some names are followed by the abbreviation “et al,” which means “and others.”

Filed in Boise

Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Macias v. USA, Edward J. Lodge, Petition for Writ of Habeas Corpus (Federal), None

Source: U.S. District Courts

Who’s suing in state court

4th Judicial District (Ada, Boise, Elmore and Valley Counties)

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Angel Santiago.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Mike Gradian.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Gail R. Jorgensen.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Vannida Jade Harris.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Rebecca D. Clark.

Robertson Supply Inc. sued Jeffrey B. Coate.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC sued Larry A. Blessinger, Judy A. Blessinger and Wells Fargo Bank.

Alpine Loan Centers Inc. sued Stacy Sorensen.

City of Boise City sued Daniel W. Lloyd.

City of Boise City sued Melinda Hurley.

Outsource Receivables Management/Utah sued Richard Moore and Leah Moore.

Boise Green Investors II LLC sued Kolar Hubbert, Melissa Hubbert and Amanda Hubbert.

Boise Green Investors I LLC sued Daniel Carneghi.

Food Services of America Inc. sued Peyama Inc. and Jerry A. Nichols.

Julie Richardson and Dick Green sued Gary Frederick and Amanda Hellyer.

Todd Rich sued State of Idaho.

Xpress Collectors Agency LLC sued Janice H. Jackson.

Pennymac Corp. sued Dorothy F. Waters and Alastair Neil Waters.

Peterson Enterprises Inc. sued Suzette Tunnell and Donal C. Tunnell.

Peterson Enterprises Inc. sued Samantha M. Garcia.

DL Evans Bank sued Ice Cream Man LLC and Troy Z. Nelson.

Washington Trust Bank sued Terry Brodt and Tracy Brodt.

Towne Square Apartments sued Cordaro Ochoa.

Idaho Statesman Newspaper sued David Harder.

Towne Square Apartments sued Khalid Abdalla and Hanaa Mohamed Ahmed.

Kenneth W. Cornish sued State of Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Christi Grossman.

Stacey Hopstad sued Christina Gilbert.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Thomas Vienola and Shandra Vienola.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Joseph R. Looney.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Andrew Oshea and Noel Oshea.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued John Sanford.

American Express Bank sued Steve Williams.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Stacy R. Williams.

Janice Dike sued Dennis Eichholz and Amber Mills.

Drill Cool Systems sued Strata Drilling.

MDO Partners Inc. sued Exergy Development Group of Idaho LLC.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Shirley Murray.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Pete Gonzalez.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Jason Fellhauer.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Terry Hughes.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Carol Austin.

H & R Accounts Inc. sued Karin Michaels.

Ambleside Homeowners Association Inc. sued Fred Berman.

Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Co. sued Michael J. Worthington.

McKinley Financial Inc. sued Harold E. Bloom.

Chinden Blvd. LLC sued Chris E. Doyle and Tracy Doyle.

Idanha Associates LLC sued Jason R. Bailey, Patrick J. Brewer and Michael W. Barker.

Daniel Savage sued Dennis Dillon Auto Park & Truck Center Inc., Peder Humlen, Roy Baxter and Lee Hawkins.

Nathan Shaw and Don Johnson sued Nick Gabiola.

Noble Manor LLC sued Sunshine Drive LLC, Seth Hansen, Reed Hansen, Zach Hansen, Natalie Hansen, Madison Hansen, Javier Bucheli and Charity Bucheli.

Jana Nguyen and Kenny Nguyen sued Katie Valentine and Robert Cordova.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

3rd Judicial District Adams, Canyon, Gem, Owyhee, Payette and Washington Counties)

Nov. 26-Dec. 2

Midland Funding LLC sued Janae Koudelka.

Midland Funding LLC sued Marek Mackowiak.

Midland Funding LLC sued Pete Mangum.

Midland Funding LLC sued Tiffney Miller.

NCO Financial Systems sued Alice Moore.

Midland Funding LLC sued Antonio Napoles.

Midland Funding LLC sued Bess A. Selis.

Midland Funding LLC sued Lindsay Becker.

Midland Funding LLC sued Jennifer Salmi.

Midland Funding LLC sued James Belcastro.

Midland Funding LLC sued Matthew Benson.

Midland Funding LLC sued Sara McClintick.

Midland Funding LLC sued Rhonda Blackwell.

Midland Funding LLC sued Raymond Marshall.

Midland Funding LLC sued Bernice Blanchard.

Midland Funding LLC sued Albert Brigman.

Midland Funding LLC sued Eric Mills.

Midland Funding LLC sued Clara Brigman.

Midland Funding LLC sued Ina Afamasaga.

Midland Funding LLC sued Faron Annan.

Midland Funding LLC sued Maria Morales.

Midland Funding LLC sued Carol Bare.

Midland Funding LLC sued Rick Muller.

Midland Funding LLC sued Harry Noel.

Midland Funding LLC sued Rubicela Padilla.

Northwestern Construction Inc. sued Jay Greenwood Inc. and Jay Greenwood.

GE Capital Retail Bank sued Denise Dawson.

GE Capital Retail Bank sued Joshua Hewitt.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Mia Bachman.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Daniel Joseph Freeman.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Daniel Halilovic, Teisha Ann Tinker and Esma Halilovic.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Denora Basaluda.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Misty Dawn Robison.

William Bohannon sued Joshua Hughes and Amanda Hughes.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Ismael Jaquez.

MST Financial Services LLC sued Casey Stephen Greene.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Zachery Stephens and Robyn Stephens.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Sarah Deal and Timothy L. Deal.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Lourdes G. Zamudio.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Maria Delgado.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Elia Lopez.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Andrea Gonzalez.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued David J. Carlson and Yvonne Carlson.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Paul Durfee.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Rubelse Orosco and Maria I. Solis.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Celsea D. Dewsnup.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Eric G. Cavener and Lisa Cavener.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Brian Griffiths and Sandy Griffiths.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jennifer Marie Campbell.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued James Leroy Eggleston and April Renee Eggleston.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Leticia Cardenas.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Pamela L. Clements.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Karen L. Romero.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Glenn A. McBride Jr. and Dawn Webb.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Jose Loera.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Johnathan W. Martin and Heather L. Williams.

Bonneville Billing & Collections Inc. sued Sandra J. Bunce.

Property Management Pros LLC sued Jesus Ruiz and Christina Ruiz.

Valley Property Management sued Forrest Lee and Jill Lee.

Discover Bank sued Carolynn J. Kirkpatrick.

EGP Investments LLC sued Miguel Navarro.

Asset Acceptance LLC sued Lisa Deveney.

Gorilla Capital CC1 LLC sued Alvin Silkett and Agnes Silkett.

Midland Funding LLC sued Carol Jamison.

Capital One Bank sued Brooke M. Eversole.

Midland Funding LLC sued Eleanor Flores.

Midland Funding LLC sued Cori Pinney.

Midland Funding LLC sued Obed Amesquita.

Midland Funding LLC sued Kelly Santas.

Midland Funding LLC sued Evelyn Canterbury.

Advantage Financial Services LLC sued Floyd Lee Dahlke and Teresa Dahlke.

Jason A. Tyler sued Canyon County Sheriff's Office.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Raymond F. Castillas and Lourdes Dene Castillas.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Naomi R. Segovia.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Eldon D. Williams and Tanya Williams.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Kristina L. Savage.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Rebecca A. Anderson.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Emily Baker.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Leonor M. Ponce.

Collection Bureau Inc. sued Velma L. Snowden.

JPMorgan Chase Bank sued Richard Joseph Cambria and Wells Fargo Financial National Bank.

Vic Deboer and Ruby Deboer sued Max A. Chavez.

American Express Bank sued Brian Forsythe.

Pinta LLC sued John Wayne Shumate.

Lasher Development Co. LLC sued Manuel Santoyo Padilla and Felicia G. Padilla.

Lasher Develop Co. LLC sued Amaya Ruiz and Felician Florentino Ruiz.

Deborah L. Carter sued Zachary T. Jones and Best Buy Stores LP.

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s winning judgments

($10,000 or more)

Ada County

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Collection Bureau Inc. won a $180,493 judgment against C. Don Porterfield.

Velocity Investments LLC won a $10,883 judgment against Rebecca Clark.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Nov. 1-30

State of Idaho ex rel Industrial Commission won a $10,625 judgment against Canyon Electric LLC, Rochelle Keller and Louis Keller.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $1,428,564 judgment against David A. Buich and Karen L. Buich.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $74,943 judgment against Hollister Bowling Center Inc.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $6,503,507 judgment against M&H Land Acquisitions LLC.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $1,776,820 judgment against Greenhurst Development LLC and CMH Development LLC.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $207,077 judgment against Chicago 7 LLC.

Idaho Independent Bank won a $1,113,245 judgment against Carmen LLC.

Unifund CCR LLC won a $10,080 judgment against William M. Barrus.

Randy Zimmerman and Arma Zimmerman, as legal guardians on behalf of their minor granddaughter, Katelyn Bowler won a $25,000 judgment against Cruz Rios, Christina L. Rios and John Doe.

Nationstar Mortgage LLC doing business as Champion Mortgage Co. won a $91,152 judgment against Priscilla J. West (deceased); unknown heirs, assigns and devisees of Priscilla J. West; Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and Does 1-10.

American Express Bank won a $10,593 judgment against Joy Palmer.

Idaho State Insurance Fund won a $41,226 judgment against Brian S. Gardner and Knotty Pine Construction LLC.

Utah Cleaning Systems Inc. doing business as Disaster Kleenup Serving Treasure Valley won a $28,161 judgment against Brent Bunn and Carolyn Bunn.

Land View Inc. won a $64,834 judgment against Mason Creek Dairy Inc.

Transnation Title and Escrow Inc. dba Fidelity National Title Co. of Idaho and Fidelity National Title Insurance Co. won a $193,889 judgment against Julie G. Barnson.

Portfolio Inv. Exchange won a $17,311 judgment against Sabrina Hupe.

Collection Bureau Inc. won a $12,130 judgment against Korey Davenport.

Franklin Flex Holdings LLC won a $18,267 judgment against Alpha Group Inc. and Drake B. Heiner.

Velocity Investments LLC won a $19,018 judgment against Chris Cox.

Triple Crown Development LLC won a $10,277 judgment against John D. Hayes doing business as Blue Arc Electric.

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s facing federal or state tax liens

Federal liens start with I. State liens start with T.

Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Ada County

A Reflection In Glass, 1630 S. Canonero Way, Boise, T687100, $14.84

Acuna, Gilbert P, 9250 W. Leavitt St., Boise, T687169, $995.96

Albarran Sanchez, Alejandro, 5238 W. Kootenai St., Boise, T687119, $725.91

All About Lawn Care Inc., 859 W. Loon St., Meridian, T687004, $120.91

All About Powersports LLC, 1720 W. Franklin Road, Meridian, T686951, $162.95, T686875, $122.60, T686918, $125.32

Arana, Carrie M, 9723 W. Whirlaway Drive, Boise, T687135, $1,446.86

Arana, Manuel, 9723 W. Whirlaway Drive, Boise, T687149, $1,446.86

Archabal, Scot T, 7810 W. Preece Drive, Boise, T686998, $187.63

Arrowrock Property Services Inc., 10400 Meadow Lark Drive, Boise, T687120, $126.17

Barker, Michael, 4200 W. Pasadena Drive, Boise, T686908, $2,564.00

Berman, Angela P, 4273 N. Sandcastle Place, Boise, T687200, $814.32

Betts, Denise Lynn, 5095 S. Ten Mile Road, Meridian, T687007, $1,724.30, T687014, $3,294.15

B-Hive BBQ & Vegan Food LLC, 11957 W. Rader Drive, Boise, T686996, $169.36

Bill’s Frontier Club, P.O. Box 238, Meridian, T687091, $474.54

Bogus Creek Inc., 1877 S. Goldsmith Ave., Meridian, T686877, $483.65

Bowman, David L, 1093 W. Targee St., Boise, T686975, $997.45

Brewer, Patrick J, 2064 E. Oakridge Court, Boise, T686934, $2,564.00

Bronco Elite Arts & Athletics, 1187 W. River St., Boise, T687062, $211.08

Brooks Huff, Patricia, 1719 Abbs St., Boise, T687027, $113.34

Calvary Construction LLC, 2679 N. Ridge Haven Way, Meridian, T687154, $252.35

Coate Plumbing LLC, 257 N. Linder Road,Meridian, T687023, $604.56

Coles, Douglas A, 1197 S. Lizaso Ave., Boise, T687186, $100.00

Coles, Tanya M, 1197 S. Lizaso Ave., Boise, T687192, $100.00

Cornerstone Builders LLC, 854 E. Ensolorado St., Kuna, T687035, $605.26

Crux LLC, 1022 W. Main St., Boise, T687073, $741.04, T687021, $778.06

Diamonds Fine Jewelry LLC, 3163 E. Fairview Ave. Suite 175, Meridian, T687164, $1,388.91

Dilworth, Keith J, 7985 S. Rafael Way, Boise, T687115, $1,086.23

Dyer, Lucinda C, 3035 N. Sagefire Ave., Meridian, T687061, $1,061.50

Ell, Matthew J, 8045 W. War Bonnet Drive, Boise, T686950, $211.18

Ellwood, Beverly K, 177 N. Edgewood Lane, Eagle, T686815, $737.48

Ellwood, Gary, 177 N. Edgewood Lane, Eagle, T686824, $737.48

Eternal LLC, 7191 W. Poplar St., Boise, T686841, $847.36

Ethics Autos LLC, P.O. Box 16763, Boise, T687103, $304.08

Evergreen Wellness Group LLC, 1640 W. Cherry Lane, Meridian, T687029, $241.82

Exact Construction Inc., 287 N. Maple Grove Road,Boise, T687080, $252.35

Finlayson, Rodney L, 4840 Lakemont Place, Boise, T687059, $933.93, T687009, $1,475.93

Freeman, Lloyd J, 1665 W. Woods Gulch Court, Eagle, T686830, $23,269.60

G J Drywall Inc., 11164 Tioga St., Boise, T686925, $362.74

Gauna, Jeff, 2401 S. Apple St., Boise, T687015, $1,006.28

Geek On A Scooter LLC, 102 E. Victory Road,Meridian, T686971, $605.26

Giffin, Delbert W, 1630 S. Canonero Way, Boise, T687099, $14.84

Godlike Controls LLC, 1505 Wilcomb St., Boise, T686914, $630.87, T686846, $604.56

Gold Group LLC, 9245 W. Fairview Ave., Boise, T686803, $3,889.66

Gridiron Dreams Foundation Inc., 101 S. Capitol Blvd., Boise, T686882, $364.00

GSH Inc., 1810 W. State St., Boise, T686836, $362.74

Hall, Robert S, 5114 W. Emerald St., Boise, T686917, $377.66

Harmon Services LLC, 505 E. King St., Meridian, T687068, $126.17

Hi Profile Marketing LLC, 821 W. 2nd St., Meridian, T687131, $126.17, T687144, $126.31

Histed, Robert B, 3035 N. Sagefire Ave., Meridian, T687011, $1,061.50

HJM LLC, 153 N. Benjamin Lane, Boise, T686993, $248.84

Hoseley, Teri L, 239 W. 4th St., Kuna, T687064, $120.91

Hub Cap Annie & Wheel of Idaho, 4875 S. Ten Mile Road, Meridian, T686869, $810.87

Idaho Cellular & Repair LLC, 1443 N. Milwaukee St., Boise, T686997, $254.74, T687047, $287.77

Idaho Home and Energy Inc., 616 S. Roosevelt St., Boise, T686933, $847.36

Jensen, Mary E, 176 S. Firwood Ave., Eagle, T687056, $1,263.15

Kids First Child Development, 1930 N. Linder Road, Meridian, T687022, $231.67

Linford, Frank S, 3072 N. Selkirk Drive, Boise, T687066, $290.20

Little, Heather L, 12853 W. Baldcypress Drive, Boise, T687127, $840.78

Lyda, Aaron W, 1562 W. Deadwood St., Eagle, T686816, $11,072.75

Lyda, Danielle M, 1562 W. Deadwood St., Eagle, T686838, $11,072.75

Mangione, Samuel A, 1215 S. Manitou Ave., Boise, T687148, $1,541.55, T687082, $10,601.51

Maximized Performance Inc., 11680 W. Victory Road, Boise, T687038, $605.26

McCormick, Angeal R, 11620 W. Giants Drive, Boise, T686866, $605.26

McCreary, Carol L, 1810 S. Sportsman Way, Meridian, T687197, $6,958.54

McCreary, Earl H, 1810 S. Sportsman Way, Meridian, T687204, $6,958.54

Mediafox LLC, 1401 W. Jefferson St., Boise, T686867, $803.91, T686901, $288.45, T686943, $518.49, T686960, $788.73

Meridian Automotive & Machine, 505 N. Main St., Meridian, T687166, $5.95

Meridian Centercal LLC, 3600 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian, T687072, $0

Meridian Centercal LLC, 3600 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian, T687072, $0

Meridian Centercal LLC, 3600 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian, T687058, T687060, T687031, T687033, T687086, T687041, T686995, T686985, T687020, T687010, T687008

Metro, Michaile, 18 N. Orchard St., Boise, T687205, $4,169.94

Milberger, Jacob S, 1818 W. Dorian St., Boise, T687065, $777.83

Moes Inc., P.O. Box 238, Meridian, T687090, $474.54

Mountain Millwork Inc., 1834 W. Airport Way, Boise, T687032, $538.89

Nicholson, Robert V, 6589 W. Victory Road #3, Boise, T687193, $1,571.22

Nishitani, Gretchen A, 517 Sierra Drive, Boise, T687013, $666.39

Olson, Crystal D, 564 E. Rosemary St., Kuna, T687139, $362.99

Olson, Troy C, 564 E. Rosemary St., Kuna, T687152, $362.99

Osborn, Amber D, 7985 S. Rafael Way, Boise, T687141, $1,086.23

Owens, Christopher J, 525 E. Full Moon St., Kuna, T687162, $1,139.80

Owens, Tamara D, 525 E. Full Moon St., Kuna, T687122, $1,139.80

Pastian, Bryon D, 176 W. Claire St., Meridian, T687138, $3,693.13

Pastian, Jewel E, 176 W. Claire St., Meridian, T687167, $3,693.13

Pastorino, Debra J, 13600 W. Engelmann Drive, Boise, T687016, $1,288.24

Person Unlimited LLC, 94 N. Fisher Park Way, Eagle, T686970, $2,578.69, T686962, $3,584.18, T686884, $3,689.11, T686927, $3,105.63, T686874, $745.11, T686854, $2,804.52

Project Kopeg Inc., 683 N. Five Mile Road, Boise, T687036, $1,452.62, T687051, $483.65

Property Management MD LLC, 2039 E. Sidewinder Drive, Meridian, T687168, $504.70

Quadrato, James F, 3525 W. Birdie Court, Meridian, T687171, $126.17

Rascals Rack LLC, 4618 W. State St., Boise, T687070, $1,089.47

Remember LLC, 730 S. Jake Ave., Kuna, T687092, $844.30

Restyle Rescue Thrift Stores, 5326 W. Overland Road, Boise, T686912, $204.42

River Medical Family Practice, P.O. Box 1909, Eagle, T687172, $2,357.42

River Medical Group, P.O. Box 1909, Eagle, T687173, $2,357.42

Rondeau, John, 5933 S. Sea Breeze Way, Boise, T687140, $1,207.49

Ross, Shawn, 12426 W. Macumbo St., Boise, T686965, $847.37

STARR Family Behavioral Health LLC, 7161 W. Potomac Drive Suite A, Boise, T686801, $904.94

Sandfort, Jeffrey O, 6381 N. Glencrest Way, Garden City, T687188, $760.80

Sawin, Craig D, 10413 W. Kingsbriar Drive, Boise, T687034, $846.39, T686989, $1,936.83

Stroebel, Sean L, 747 S. Thornwood Way, Meridian, T687157, $4,545.36

Stroebel, Trina M, 747 S. Thornwood Way, Meridian, T687147, $4,545.36

Takeda, Thomas Hiroshi, 4882 Leather Way, Boise, T687074, $417.36

Thanas Little World Market, 4101 W. Overland Road,Boise, T686894, $1,331.57

The Roosevelt Market II LLP, 311 N. Elm Ave., Boise, T686946, $1,545.16

Thompson, Susan E, 9083 W. Dalton Place, Boise, T686848, $30.84

Thompson, Weldon E, 9083 W. Dalton Place, Boise, T686963, $30.84

Toby & Omar LLC, 393 W. ParkCenter Blvd., Boise, T686883, $950.67, T686926, $1,099.11, T687040, $948.88

Water World Warehouse Inc., 4324 W. Overland Road,Boise, T686847, $363.16

WDG Inc., 5685 N. Glenwood St., Boise, T687003, $1,777.34, T687069, $1,918.66

Westphal, Alan F, 10181 W. Lariat Drive, Boise, T686973, $1,263.15

Wills, James E, 9655 W. Littlewood Drive, Boise, T686929, $552.98

Wills, Tiffiny M, 9655 W. Littlewood Drive, Boise, T686886, $552.98

Boise County

Crouch Longhorn Food LLC, 1049 Old Crouch Road,Garden Valley, T687102, $6,575.17

Crouch Longhorn Restaurant and Saloon, 1049 Old Crouch Road,Garden Valley, T687101, $6,575.17

Canyon County

Alderson, Alberta T, 16433 Midland Blvd., Nampa, T686992, $1,938.03

Alderson, Allen D, 16433 Midland Blvd., Nampa, T687078, $1,938.03

Arbey Inc., 4501 Stamm Lane, Nampa, T687125, $883.22

Bandidos LLC, 16462 N. Franklin Blvd., Nampa, T686910, $720.81

Barbers LLC, 404 Tanoak Circle, Nampa, T687170, $504.70

Barron, Brennen, 207 S. Florence St., Nampa, T686809, $61.00

Barron, Devonne, 207 S. Florence St., Nampa, T686831, $61.00

BBR Enterprises LLC, 1212 1st St. S., Nampa, T686833, $149.14, T686839, $124.55, T686811, $215.36, T686819, $189.82, T686828, $204.90

Buffington, Loyd W, 11956 W. Blueberry Ave., Nampa, T687156, $2,833.44

Castillo, Ignacio B, 11206 W. Yellow Pine Drive, Nampa, T687187, $2,063.87

Collins, Thermon J, 16898 Sand Hollow Road,Caldwell, T686935, $181.89

Colon, Paul J, 1713 W. Apple Court, Nampa, T686832, $975.06

EZBC Solutions, 124 13th Ave S, Nampa, T687143, $126.17

Flores, Corinna M, 347 W. Crestwood Drive, Nampa, T687001, $484.21

Hernandez, Melissa, 1207 W. Willow Ave., Nampa, T687024, $4,213.45

Holthaus, Andrew M, 204 N. Sugar St., Nampa, T687039, $147.41

Hot Shots Brew Crew, 1308 12th Ave S, Nampa, T687151, $759.86

Hot Shots Brew Crew, 1308 12th Ave S, Nampa, T687130, $791.40

Hot Shots Brew Crew, 1308 12th Ave S, Nampa, T687126, $678.06

Hot Shots Brew Crew, 1308 12th Ave S, Nampa, T687158, $550.44

JC Landscaping & Excavating Inc., 9410 Charles Way, Middleton, T687136, $126.17

Karcher Properties LLC, 1127 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, T687017, $978.17

Lindstrom, Joshua J, 3224 Sherman Court, Nampa, T686804, $559.54

Lindstrom, Selina D, 3224 Sherman Court, Nampa, T686821, $559.54

Loveday, Joyce D, 5200 Midway Road,Caldwell, T686920, $112.35

Magallon Pineda, Marco Antonio, 1207 W. Willow Ave., Nampa, T687046, $4,213.45

Nelson, Amber, 824 W. Heather Woods Drive, Nampa, T687123, $1,732.57

Nelson, Robert C, 824 W. Heather Woods Drive, Nampa, T687163, $1,732.57

One Stop Body Shop Inc., Celia Hernandez 105 Paynter Ave., Caldwell, T687006, $242.10

Ottens, Teri L, 17949 Goodson, Caldwell, T687124, $157.60

Prime Construction Inc., 691 Notus Road,Notus, T687134, $241.67

Prime Interest LLC, 306 N. Kings Road,Nampa, T687146, $810.31

Puffy Mondaes LLC, 812 Ruth Lane, Nampa, T687129, $126.17

Ramirez, Ermelinda C, 3 N. Benewah Drive, Nampa, T687121, $291.82

Robbins, James, Karcher Mall 1509 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, T686948, $237.69

Robbins, James, Karcher Mall 1509 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, T686857, $342.05

Robbins, James, Karcher Mall 1509 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, T686872, $173.25

SFI Holdings Inc., 6122 E. Cleveland Blvd., Caldwell, T686919, $1,711.75

Smith, Danny L, 103 Holly St., Nampa, T687145, $252.35, T687161, $757.89

Steadfast Auto Sales, 1618 Arlington Ave., Caldwell, T686990, $242.11

Talk More LLC, 2585 Caldwell Blvd., Nampa, T687075, $2,184.75

Whiskey River LLC, 1314 1st St. S., Nampa, T687150, $884.20, T687137, $126.17, T687202, $847.36

Elmore County

Kolar, Leanna M, 1025 E. 15th N., Mountain Home, T686851, $386.01, T686890, $310.50, T686968, $341.55

McCarren, Jeremy J, 1415 Del Mar St., Mountain Home, T687048, $1,694.73

Gem County

Andregg, John P, 2050 Mill Road,Emmett, T687085, $11,241.04

King, Gary R, 1150 W. 12th St., Emmett, T686911, $579.81

King, Kristine M, 1150 W. 12th St., Emmett, T687209, $1,260.43

Lynn, Melissa A, 906 S. Johns Ave., Emmett, T687018, $147.41

Owyhee County

C&C Auto LLC, 89 S. Old Bruneau Highway, Marsing, T687054, $968.42

King Concrete Construction LLC, 4282 Hogg Road,Homedale, T687037, $725.47

Payette County

Coleman, Courtney C, 1302 N. Chaney Ave., Fruitland, T687190, $1,744.07

Coleman, Michael J, 1302 N. Chaney Ave., Fruitland, T687199, $327.94

Niner, Kevin Michael, 1126 7th Ave. N., Payette, T686958, $121.06

Robinson, Donald L, 1203A N. Oregon Ave., Fruitland, T686921, $319.07

Robinson, Trisha C, 1203A N. Oregon Ave., Fruitland, T686879, $319.07

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s facing private liens

($1,000 or more)

Ada County

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Boise Crane, Equipment & Trucking Inc. doing business as Boise Crane filed a lien against Western Telcom Inc. valued at $2,627.

Tuffy Excavation Inc. filed a lien against Mark M. Peterson and Cathy J. Peterson valued at $43,850.

Cloverdale Plumbing Co. Inc. filed a lien against Bruce Giles valued at $3,321.

Titan Technologies Inc. filed a lien against Vernon K. Brassey Family Partnership LLP valued at $61,065.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Nov. 1-30

U.S. Department of Justice and U.S. Attorney's Office filed a lien against James Everette Hood valued at $1,600.

Vertical Evolution LLC filed a lien against Adolfo David Hernandez aka David Hernandez valued at $4,800.

Boise Floor Covering & Design Inc. doing business as Dillabaugh's Flooring America filed a lien against Freddie Mac valued at $5,827.

Riverwood Homes Inc. filed a lien against Johnson Investments valued at $1,200.

Riverwood Homes Inc. filed a lien against Johnson Investments valued at $3,500.

Riverwood Homes Inc. filed a lien against Johnson Investments valued at $6,200.

Lisa Kohl filed a lien against Erica Hickman valued at $3,578.

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s having federal or state tax liens released

Federal liens start with I. State liens start with T.

Nov. 29-Dec. 5

Ada County

Allen, Nancy, T583707

Allen, Russell, T584137

Alwes, William, T655576

Ascent Cleaners LLC, T685989

Ashby, Jill, T660187

Augello, April, T673143

B&A Distributing Inc., T650281, T650684, T666284, T672774, T672857, T676520, T676534, T681326, T681418

Balvin, Joseph, T661014

Balvin, Lisa, T658674

Barsness, Jeffrey, T673023

Barsness, Michelle, T673676

Becht, Robyn, T684856

Bell Sprinkler and Landscape Management Inc., T682511

Bennett, Howard, T662812

Bennett, Toni, T656959

Benson, Scott, T652929

Blazek, William, T556641

Blazn Diagnostics LLC, T513247, T525595, T529271

Boguslawski, Deborah, T665762

Boise City Painting LLC, T493946, T499906

Braese, Malinda, T643550, T657999

Braese, Richard, T643608, T660337

Brown, Lionel, T665454

Bruno Parker, Julie, T603611

Carlson, Laura, T670124

Carrico, Michael, T664302

Castillo, Carmen, T659799

Cecil, Danial, T660266

Cecil, Dena, T657928

Chantler, Thomas, T655796

Chaudhary, Robert, T448143

Clarno, Randy, T674779

Clarno, Sally, T674712

Computers For Kids Inc., T682005

Conboy, Glenn, T253171

Consider It Done Tile LLC, T467552

Cook, Joshua, T616744

Cotner, Patricia, T609587, T672938

Covino, Michele, T624470

Cowan, Deborah, T657364

Cowan, Laura, T662084

Cowan, Tysen, T657401

Craig, Walter, T7317

Crockett, Kenesa, T681806

Croswell, Victoria, T357169

Davis, Jacob, T685381

Dawson, Daniel, T554748

Dawson, Karen, T555077

Drudownz LLC, T568554

Duchene, Travis, T570045

Dulin, Jeremy, T670605

Dwyer, Angela, T672246

Dynamic Services LLC, T644756, T653637, T676403

Edgerton, Brian, T664183

Edgerton, Mary, T655691

Family Architects LLC, T685849

Fast Industries Inc., T675083

Finch, Robert, T327067

Fitzpatrick, Rebecca, T680274

Fitzpatrick, Timothy, T679724

Formal & Bridal Center Inc., T648710

Fretwell, Alexander, T541308

Fretwell, Jennifer, T538780

Gamble, Misty, T656663

Gamble, Robert, T662517

Gasper, David, T645513

Gonzalez, Pedro, T663482

Gore, Austin, T663257

Granke, Rochelle, T609990

Guardian Survival Gear Inc., T681912

Gummersall, Julie, T657317

Gummersall, Richard, T663171

Guzman-Velasquez, Ramiro, T652533

Haight, Karis, T657843

Hansen, Gregory, T621104

Hansen, Jana, T621639

Harder, David, T683180, T683189

Harder, Terry, T683173, T683186

Harris, Heidi, T660358

Harris, Mark, T605498

Hass, Janna, T661208

Hass, Ryan, T656525

Hastings, Bradford, T624326

Hastings, Sharyn, T624734

Hawe, Sheldon, T662753

Hawkins, Ray, T597768

Hawkins, Vickie, T605165

Hayes Fine Homes Inc., T682733

Hill, Jason, T393164

Hobbs, Richard, T679090

Hobbs, Tammy, T679024

Holmes, Marc, T673583

Holmes, Pamela, T672527

Hoyer, Shawna, T621102

Huckabee, Deanna, T661168

Huckabee, Rodger, T656485

Idaho Home and Energy Inc., T643144, T651565, T651594, T651600, T651611, T674169

Interwest Systems Inc., T682246

Jensen, Kenneth, T464903

Jensen, Laura, T464288

Johnson, Jolene, T658570

Johnson, Sean, T663254

Joslin, Sondra, T630498

Katula, Stella, T632307

Kershisnik Law PLLC, T682512

Keserovic, Enesa, T631501

Keserovic, Meho, T631406

Kimball, Nancy, T663814

Kindall, Aaron, T662609

Kindall, Katie, T656755

Kirkman, Jerald, T601365

Kling, Holly, T609164

Koster, Mary, T679814

Krogel, Ronald, T665655

Krogel, Stephoney, T665754

Kuffel, Mary, T660756

Kumar, Denise, T448111

Latta, Sheri, T658970

Latta, William, T661311

Lillie, Richard, T666960

Lloyd, Tamron, T662737

Lockett, Natalie, T659242

Los Betos Mexican Food, T674329

Mai Thai Eagle Inc., T454549, T483953, T489023, T636351

Maloney, Tim, T557431

Mann Distributing Inc., T678343

Maples, Karen, T646923

Maples, Keith, T646957

Martin, David, T672423

Martin, Rebecca, T673074

Marves, Josh, T576780

McCraw, Jacob, T656840

McCraw, Tamarisk, T661521

Meridian Shake Co. LLC, T508434

Miller, David, T670732

Mills, Anrika, T673407

Mills, Jeremy, T672761

Mohr, Debra, T670748

Monroe, Darin, T520200

Monroe, Lisa, T519743

Moran, Andrew, T568546

Morphis, Michael, T573547

Mortgage West LLC, T528701

Morton, Craig, T684331

Morton, Karla, T683833

Mystique Boise LLC, T488242, T495422, T505160, T513330, T521425

Neoreef Corp., T499854, T654044

Nicholson, Robert, T681329, T682709

Park, Lorie, T659360

Park, Sarah, T658791

Parker, Nicholas, T599525

Parshall, Margaret, T598605

Perkins, Jerry, T598214

Perry, Melanie, T656660

Perry, Stephen, T662514

Pinto, Claudio, T678005

Pletcher, Melissa, T601268

Pletcher, Sean, T603312

Powell, Anita, T670831

Powers, Kevin, T555524

Prescott, Richard, T655369

Prescott, Wendy, T660052

Price, Nathan, T660181

Richards, Megan, T672026

Rossi, Allen, T674161

Royer, Carrie, T550204

Royer, Charles, T550593

Salinas, Benjamin, T666619

Samson, Patricia, T598777

Shapiro, Tamara, T657535

Simpson, Dale, T681732

Simpson, Linda, T681564

Sipiora, Thomas, T631172

Smith, Charles, T3246

Sorrell, Krystal, T678619, T686584

Soto, Anthony, T655673

Sparhawk Vision Chtd., T509036

Stapleton, Lorri, T670674

Stapleton, Steven, T670052

Stark Industries LLC, T677799

Steelman, Nichole, T650299

Stroud, Brenda, T665747

Taber, Karen, T658440

Taber, Paul, T630391

Taylor, Jason, T672663, T683289

Taylor, Richard, T661618

Taylor, Theodora, T673472, T683277

Thompson, Jason, T565689

Thornley, Bob, T633716

Thornley, Jill, T633398

Tipton, Ronnie, T673371

Umberger, Jonas, T678752

Umberger, Stephanie, T678761

Verhaegh, Veronica, T675988

Vulysteke, Amanda, T657202

Vulysteke, Brian, T663057

Wagner, Michael, T667608

Wani, David, T670450

Water World Warehouse Inc., T672633, T673280

Watson, Robert, T645438

Watson, Stacy, T645301

Welty, Bret, T662897

Welty, Kelly, T657044

Wigfall, Michael, T545908

Williams, Patricia, T659380

Williams, Raymond, T661723

Woods, James, T663972

Woods, Kathleen, T656358

Zasadowski, Edward, T638311

Zierler, Candida, T657031

Zierler, Scott, T662884

Zimmerman, Bryan, T582822

Zimmerman, Ron, T645797

Zimmerman, Ronald, T678050

Boise County

Dauber, Michael, T672870

Garden Mountain Bed At Breakfast, T681552

Labare, Daniel, T678873

Waters, Angela, T586820

Canyon County

Adams, Clyde R, T682975

Alonso, Agustin, T606288

Alvarez Esquivel, Manuel, T674998

Alvarez, Diana, T674983

Anderson, Jimmy, T679750

Arreola Cruz, Sebastian, T659239

Arriaga, Esmeralda, T684456

Arriaga, Jesus, T684056

Arriaga, Maria, T658302

Arriaga, Sergio, T660641

Attebery, Larry, T667122

Attebery, Stella, T667069

Babien, Jason, T663712

Babien, Kim, T656098

Barnes, Tyler, T656780

Basaldua, Kelly, T674379

Basaldua, Reynaldo, T674412

Beacon Electric Inc., T678811, T678858, T683478

Beltz, Kelly, T663266

Blood, Melissa, T520228

Blood, Richard, T519855

Bowers, Bruce, T627605

Bunt, Patricia, T601534

Burke, Glen, T663016

Burke, Karen, T657161

Calloway, Shamicka, T656111

CH Electric LLC, T388416

Chiapuzio, Shelly, T660697

Childs, Joseph, T658582

Clary, Rosa, T624508

Cook, Amanda, T652103

Cook, Nathan, T652399

Coop, Jason, T654354

Crane, Janelle, T682410

Crane, Mark, T682320

Crawford, Kenneth, T435834

Crisci, Marian, T656222

Crisci, William, T663837

Cuellar, Cecilia, T655242

De La Rosa, Aida, T656598

De La Rosa, Robert, T662454

Dreams Unlimited LLC, T654650

Duke, Thomas, T629594

Eagle Floral LLC, T677901

Eckhardt, Mitchell, T658141

Eckhardt, Nicole, T660480

Elias, Thomas, T504802

Ewing, Joshua, T662133

Ewing, Nicole, T659789

Farmer, Stanley, T285445

Farrer, Marc, T673564

Foley-Farrer, Philomena, T672506

Galaviz, Aaron, T661469

Gans, David, T675692

Gardner, Michelle, T675653

Gardner, Ryan, T676048

Gardunia, Sharon, T632581

Gaspar, Ruperto, T663399

Gentlemen’s Closet LLC, T678981

Goodheart, Kyle, T670464

Goodheart, Lacey, T670215

Guzman, Vidal, T675683

Hart, Michael, T682145

Hart, Tina, T682207

Henson, Richard, T657156

Henson, Shelly, T661837

Hernandez, Daniel, T672126

Hinderliter, Tara, T673089

Holt, Cori, T587563

Hot Shots Brew Crew, T675225

Idaho Center Chevron Inc., T678748

Ingle, Jerry, T347314, T380732, T431043

Keith, Dale, T661207

Keith, Maria, T658866

Kling, Holly, T681446

Knighten, Heather, T678995

Landscapes Unlimited, T640727

Lopez, Daniel, T655486

Lumaye, Heidi, T669894

Lumaye, Patrick, T670834

Luna, Gidget, T102415

Macias, Kenneth, T675742

Merrs Longbranch Restaurant, T596215

Miller, Nick, T659805

Miller, Robert, T673997, T680225

Miller, Tina, T664490

Moe, Randall, T683328

Nava Yahr, Lisa, T660781

Obrien, Kathleen, T658677

Ostrom, Georgianna, T599740

Ostrom, Steven, T601785

Palmer, Wendy, T669909

Palomo, Esteban, T498360

Perez Esquivel, Denisse, T657544

Perez Nava, Maria, T663925

R&R Construction Inc., T673784

Rabensburg, Glenn, T663423

Rabensburg, Rhonda, T658737

Ramirez, Petra, T648434

Redmon, John, T667700

Rios, Christina, T670017

Rios, Cruz, T670641

Rowan, Eric, T663120

Rowan, Tanya, T657266

Roy, Beverley, T548197

Roy, Loren, T547902

Salas, Rocky, T672929

Salinas, Eric, T672974

Sawmiller, Mark, T534763

Sawmiller, Nancy, T539806

Scott, Alicia, T658455

Scott, Jordan, T660794

Segura, Arturo, T640726

Segura, Juana, T640728

Sloan, Eron, T609880

Sloan, Tricia, T609599

Sperber, Jesse, T678114

Stockwell, Steven, T590578

Suldan, Elisha, T632339

Suldan, Jesse, T632371

TJs Construction LLC, T675536

Torres, Amy, T660925

Torres, Lennie, T658585

Vargas, Ricardo, T681380

Vargas, Silvia, T681722

Vasquez, Jesse, T590731

Villanueva, Leo, T624390

Voss, Ashley, T679851

Voss, Gregory, T679574

Wahl, Bryan, T665745

Wahl, Cynthia, T665701

Walker, Darrell, T605596

Walker, Donna, T597488

Wallace, Ryan, T679876

Ward, Curtis, T664536

Ward, Veda, T655282

Weitz, John, T652149

Weitz, Melinda, T652385

Wilson, Joey, T615245

Wilson, Lajean, T615616

Wohlert, Shane, T526941

Yahr, Denver, T656096

Young, Charlotte, T670756

Elmore County

Simons, Zachary, T680171

Taylor, Rosemary, T507943

Taylor, Walter, T507987

Gem County

Baguley, Leon, T669889

Baguley, Stephanie, T670386

Birmingham, Krystal, T603790

Birmingham, Micky, T599704

Perkins, Tamara, T656998

Ruska, Brent, T421051

Ruska, Brent, T485561

Owyhee County

Esparza, Florensio, T623367

Freeman, Justin, T662216

Freeman, Kimberly, T659872

McRae, Kenneth, T681493

Payette County

Care At Home Inc., T649091

Coleman, David, T678781

Olson, Douglas, T660252

Olson, Norma, T657914

Salerno, Kenneth, T651861, T651870, T667003

Source: Idaho Secretary of State

Who’s having private liens released

Ada County

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Boise Floor Covering & Design Inc. dba Dillabaugh's Flooring America released a lien against Freddie Mac.

Ross Excavation released a lien against B.G. Dickstein.

Brundage Bone Concrete Pumping released a lien against B.G. Dickstein and Shirley Dickstein.

Gone Green Lawn Care released a lien against Kathryn Miller.

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Nov. 1-30

Mountain Valley Industries LLC dba Burgess Pump and Supply released a lien against Marvin Howe.

Pipe Inc. released a lien against Lava Springs Subdivision.

Pipe Inc. released a lien against Lava Springs Subdivision Phases 2-6.

Pipe Inc. released a lien against Lava Springs Subdivision Phase 1.

Canyon County Water Co. released a lien against Jim M. Shane/Norma Dart Life Estate.

Dave's Appliance Service Inc. dba Action Heating & Air released a lien against Gary King.

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s getting married

Ada County

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Jesse David Dillon, 31, of Federal Way, Wash. and Elizabeth Celeste Ricks, 30, of Boise

Ali Sadedin Rexhepi, 40, of Boise and Mariya Valerievna Shaposhnik, 32, of Marsing

Max Alexander White, 18, of Forrest Grove, Ore. and Danielle Cecilia Lowry, 19, of Boise

Christopher Jordan Goodrich, 30, and Amy Renae Ransom, 31, both of Meridian

Scott Alan Schilling, 26, and Hallie Savanna Jeffers, 20, both of Boise

Brian Lawson Crase, 36, and Kathryn Yvonne Grigorieff, 34, both of Boise

Kavit Chhaganlal Panchani, 32, of Albany, N.Y. and Rinal Nanalal Gajera, 32, of Meridian

Austin Michael Nelson, 21, of Nampa and Kayla Rae Stiles, 22, of Meridian

Sergio Renteria Morales, 33, and Shannon Marie Conger-Cross, 30, both of Vancouver, Wash.

Christopher Daniel Jarrett, 35, and Kathy Ann Hoyt, 35, both of Boise

Hayden Grant Horne, 39, and Angela Leslie Turner, 44, both of Boise

Paul Lionel Pierce, 38, and Paula Elizabeth Polk, 36, both of Nampa

Scott Adam Smith, 55, and Marjorie Ann Gordon, 49, both of Star

Tyrel Joseph McKnight, 34, of Boise and Heather Adrian Riley, 25, of Pocatello

William Jeffery Plowman, 57, and Julie Ann Tucker, 53, both of Union, Mo.

Matthew Paul Micheletty, 27, and Shannon Kay Saxton, 24, both of Boise

Kelly Troy Thompson, 45, and Ashley Ann Wayment, 27, both of Boise

Bryan Wade Tieken, 36, of Portland, Ore. and Misty Jean Cooper, 35, of Meridian

Cody Christopher Evenden-Griffin, 21, and Sierra Ann Gardner, 19, both of Boise

Carlos Andres Flores Cervantes, 18, and Jeannette Berenice Lozano Ramirez, 18, both of Boise

William Nicholas Campbell, 20, and Elizabeth Jean Schofield, 18, both of Boise

Samuel Thomas Jackson Kimball, 20, and Grace Anne Burrington, 20, both of Boise

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Nov. 20-Dec. 4

Don Ralph Reed, 48, and Deborah Havens Merritt, 46, both of Nampa

James Milos Stritesky, 33, and Maria Pauline Reyes, 37, both of Caldwell

Stephen William Powell, 49, and Tamala Maria Thompson, 50, both of Melba

Tobias Adam Barela, 22, and Daniele Garcia Marquez, 18, both of Nampa

Wayne Charles Cochrane, 37, and Cori Marie Lakin, 29, both of Nampa

Vijay Anand Daulat, 26, and Isabella Alexandria Dittenber, 19, both of Nampa

Kelley Dean Dick, 47, of Middleton and Carrie Renee King, 34, of Nampa

Charles Douglas Gross, 60, and Mary Larene Hasenoehrl, 56, both of Caldwell

Don Robert Sandifer, 50, and Connie Benavides, 46, both of Caldwell

Cody Ryan Wilson, 28, and Lindsey Marie Dorris, 32, both of Boise

Aquilino Zarazua, 51, and Olga Alicia Zarazua, 49, both of Nampa

Thomas Ray Eastham, 72, and Katherine Irene Mohne, 60, both of Caldwell

David Wayne Elwin, 41, and Jamie Lynn McAnulty, 29, both of Nampa

Kristopher John Van Fossen, 22, and Alysse Alexa Lobato, 23, both of Meridian

Jerry Eugene Archer, 79, of Provo, Utah and Nancy Rose Archer, 77, of Caldwell

Barry Tucker Klahr, 38, and Jessica Dawn Braden, 33, both of Parma

Devon Merrill Crookston, 25, of Meridian and McKenzie Lee Skinner, 23, of Nampa

Cody Jay Jolley, 19, and Magon Renee Biltoft, 19, both of Nampa

Zachary Eugene Jones, 21, and Carol Bernice Johnson, 19, both of Nampa

Aldo Romo, 32, and Teresa Romero, 29, both of Middleton

Larry Leighton Benjamin Sr., 72, and Lois Jean Rausch, 73, both of Nampa

Scott Adam Buecker, 26, and Kacy Kay Hutchens, 17, both of Mountain Home

Jorge Calles Hernandez, 22, and Keisha Ann Alexander, 19, both of Caldwell

Benjamen Thomas Guzman, 26, and Shawna Soo O'Neill, 23, both of Nampa

Glen Grant Huffaker, 37, and Angela Nicole Conant, 33, both of Nampa

Daniel Ramiro Sandoval Madera, 24, and Gemma Miramontes-Ortega, 23, both of Caldwell

Jose Jesus Castellanos, 45, and Maria Guandalupe Castellanos, 45, both of Homedale

Jared Andrew Fergusson, 24, and Whitney Breanne Klug, 24, both of Nampa

Billy Joe Garfield, 25, and Tianna Tinae Lopez, 21, both of Caldwell

Alvaro Molina, 22, and Cindy Bocanegra-Robles, 22, both of Nampa

Thomas Werner Schoder, 46, and Sally Jayne Blount, 39, both of Melba

Christopher James Bennett, 22, and Clarissa La-Faye Helget, 19, both of Caldwell

Anthony Carlos Segura, 18, and Lorena Cardenas, 19, both of Caldwell

Source: Canyon County Recorder

Who’s getting divorced

Most cases are pending divorces. Plaintiff is listed first, then defendant. If only one name is listed, it is the plaintiff.

Ada County

Nov. 27-Dec. 4

Emily Cheyenne Filkins and Myles Mack Young

Carolyn Gilbert and Myron Louvane Gilbert

John Cromwell Arkoosh and Deborah Ann Arkoosh

Timothy Joseph Souza and Trina Lee Souza

Craig M. Johnson and Kim D. Johnson

Rosana Heisler and Adam Heisler

Kevin D. Williamson and Angela J. Williamson

Erica Lynn Beglan and Tucker James Beglan

Candice L. Barnett and Ean V. Barnett

Merridee Lanez Schaffer and James Michael Wark

John Kenneth Edmiston and Kimberly Dawn Fer

Lee O'Dell Fair and Whitni Michelle Hurd

Tiffany Saylor and Garrett Saylor

Susan Ruth Rice and Frank Eduard Rice

Lisa Var Damme and Mark Scott Var Damme

Ginny Sam and Mani Sam

Alex Jardine Conger and Jean Nichole Conger

Chelsey Rae Deveny and Dustin Scott Van Wagner

Don William McNeil and Joenne Ralston McNeil

Gary Glorfield and Cyndia Glorfield

Steven A. Neighbours and Linda J. Neighbours

Nancy Lynne Dudek and John Kenneth Dudek

Kristopher Alexander Taylor and Luxi Yu Taylor

Richard Donald Payne and Amy Michelle Payne

Mark Mehl and Emma Mehl

Gregory L. Peterson and Holly K. Peterson

Justin Kelly Simpson and Christine Elaine Simpson

Brianne Veenendaal and Tyler Veenendaal

Aaron M. Hassemer and Kristen Maric Hassemer

Justin Paul Raney and Anneke Noel Raney

Marty Jayne Frederick and Gary Brent Frederick

Angela Gibson and Dale Gibson

Christopher Kranz and Reiko Suzuki

Source: Ada County Clerk and Recorder’s Office

Canyon County

Nov. 26-Dec. 2

Jill D. Troyer and Herbert C. Troyer

Rachel McCall and Geren Matthew McCall

Richard K. Barber and Lucia Guadalupe Murillo

Robin Lee Wade and James Gus Wade

Crystal M. Rodriguez and Alexander F. Martinez

Stephanie C. Hillyer and Dallen Anthony Hillyer

Katrina Jackson and Patrick Jackson

Cheyenne Lin Dukes and Trevor James Dukes

Kevin Todd Schaffer and Tara Nicole Schaffer

Jolene Linkowski and Stanley Linkowski

Olivia Estrada and Orlando Santoyo

Source: Canyon County Recorder


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