Letters to the editor-12-06-2013

December 6, 2013 

Gender bias

I’m sure more than a few people rolled their eyes and gave out a sigh after reading Ronalee Linsenmann’s Reader’s View, printed Nov. 27.

This is the kind of stuff people pick up and read in other parts of the country and think, “Boy, I don’t want to live there!” Maybe that’s her goal ...

I get the impression that Ms. Linsenmann doesn’t want people who are gay, lesbian, bi-sexual or transgender to have the same rights and responsibilities as everyone else. More alarming is the impression that she might think it’s OK to discriminate against someone and not have a law against it.

Her attitude is not only outdated and disingenuous, as a veteran, I think it’s un-American and un-Constitutional. It’s certainly isn’t in alignment with the “Golden Rule” she quotes near the end of her diatribe.

Sadly, in our country, we’ve had to create laws to guarantee the rights of religious people, women, blacks and a host of others. Until people are truly treated equally, until we absolutely follow the “Golden Rule,” we’ll have to vigorously defend these pesky “Human Rights” Ronalee mentions that our nation stands for. Even if some people don’t think we should. Add the words.


Nov. 27, Ronalee Linsenmann's Reader’s View argued against “Add the Words” barring discrimination towards LGBT persons in housing, employment, etc. As is typical of similar hollow arguments, the writer presumes “sexual orientation” is all about what happens in the bedroom.

If sexual intercourse was the only reason people formed intimate, personal relationships with each other, there would be far fewer meaningful marriages than there are.

Maybe more of the LGBT community would hold hands or express their love in public, to “identify themselves” to Ms. Linsenmann and her ilk, if they didn’t fear they could lose job opportunities or existing jobs, or be denied affordable housing because people objected to their “sexual orientation.”

Can’t the author see that heterosexuals can walk hand in hand and nobody wonders what they do in their bedroom?

Until “conservatives” like Linsenmann get their minds out of other people’s bedrooms, the LGBT community will never have the same rights as anybody else.

Religion-based discrimination against LGBT is persecution, something “conservatives” should carefully reconsider since they cry “religious persecution” at every perceived affront to themselves. Add the words!


Payday loans

Through this letter to the editor, we are asking our legislators to please consider a control over the payday lending institutions in our state.

There are way too many and highly concentrated low income areas. They charge a very high percentage of interest. They prey on the low- income citizens, which then entangles them in an eternal cycle of debt because of the high interest.

We are asking that you investigate this situation, simply because it promotes poverty and high cost for the taxpayers as myself.



Pastor Saeed Abedini was extremely naive to travel to Iran to “establish a secular orphanage.”

In America, that could happen. But Iran is not America. He “secured permission from the Iran government,” afterward was arrested by the Revolutionary Guard as a threat to national security. Do we know who is running Iran — the government or the military?

This Islamic Republic obviously does not want any interference from anyone practicing Christianity.

While I sympathize with his family, Abedini put himself in a precarious position, without regard for himself, his wife or his children.

However, to suggest that accepting the interim nuclear deal between our two governments should have had Abedini’s release as a prerequisite, is irrational emotionalism.

To characterize excluding this as a prerequisite as “despicable” or a “betrayal” or anything else is nonsense.

We all understand the difference between America’s “freedom of religion” and Iran’s lack of such freedom.

Iran’s treatment of prisoners has always been horrible for us to contemplate. Abedini should have stayed in America where he could have been effective and safe, and work with the Iranian people to get orphanages in place using the tools available across the globe — email, Skype and YouTube.


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