Statesman article catches good samaritans' attention

Statesman staffDecember 5, 2013 

Roger Kuhse brushes off acclaim and dismisses his own good intentions — but still puts in days upon days of work collecting cans, which he recycles once a year. He’s given thousands of dollars over the past five years to the Basin School District. It frustrates him that people throw away cans that could go to good use. “But if I quit doing it, who does it hurt? The kids hurt,” he said.


Paying it forward

A Sunday profile on Roger Kuhse, a 72-year-old Boise County man who has donated more than $12,000 to Idaho City schools from recycled aluminum cans, has inspired others to help students in the small school district, which received a check for $100 Wednesday from a Garden City couple.

Reading material

"What a wonderful thing for this gentleman to do," Meridian resident Bobbie Abbott said of Kuhse's efforts. The 73-year-old grandmother is giving her collection of National Geographic magazines to the district library.

How big is the collection?

About 500 issues. Abbott's late husband started their subscription in January 1972.

In good condition, gathering dust

"I don't want them to go from my home, getting dust on them, into another home getting dust on them," Abbott said. "I want them to go to a good use."

Are magazines still used in schools?

"We're not willing to abandon the notion of kids doing research with something other than a computer," said Basin School District Superintendent John McFarlane. "The staff, for their own selfish reasons, would love to flip through them." The magazines will be housed in the high school library.

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