Get what you want with these online wish list tools

The days of sending Santa a letter are over. Amazon, Pinterest and Flipboard offer a modern alternative.

LOS ANGELES TIMESDecember 5, 2013 

Here’s a look at three options you can use this season:


People who frequently shop on Amazon should look no further than the online retailer’s wish list tool. Within seconds, users can install the Amazon Wish List extension or use the wish list button as a bookmark.

As users browse Amazon’s website or other online stores, they can click the wish list button, and the item they’re viewing will be added to their Amazon account’s wish list.

Users can adjust the list’s settings to limit its visibility or make it completely public.


Pinterest is famous for helping couples plan their weddings, but the website is also useful for putting together wish lists — especially for users who want to include items from multiple sites.

To do so, users can create a new pin board on their account. Then, they should add the Pin It button to their browser.

Once that’s set up, users browse the Web as usual, and when they come across an item they want, they click the Pin It button and select their wish list pin board. That way, the pin board will become decorated with the gifts they want.


People who want to score style points with their friends and family can use Flipboard to create a digital catalog of the items they want, instead of just making a wish list.

Users will need a Flipboard account, which requires downloading the application for their smartphone or tablet. Once an account is created, users will need to add the button to their browsers.

After installing the button, users can surf the Web, and when they come across an item they’d like to receive as a gift, they can press the button.

Once users have added items to their wish list magazine, they can go into editing mode to set a cover photo and share it via Facebook, Twitter or email.

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