Fish Rap by Roger Phillips: And so ends fall fishing - let ice fishing begin

rphillips@idahostatesman.comDecember 5, 2013 

When one of my hardcore fishing buddies tells me he's staying home because of the weather and frigid temps, I know it signals the end of fall fishing. Single-digit temperatures put a damper on fishing open water.

But all is not lost. It's a chance to look forward to ice fishing season. While clear skies and single-digit temps are a bane to skiers, boarders and 'bilers waiting for those beautiful winter snow-storms. They're slow to arrive this year, but hopefully will get here soon.

The beauty of living in Idaho is there's always something going on outdoors, and if the cold, clear weather continues, it will make some thick ice.

I called around Wednesday morning and checked the forecasts, and I think even with cold temps we're still too early for ice fishing, but it's close. Horsethief may be ready by this weekend, but I won't advise anyone to risk their safety to be the first. Until I hear it firsthand from a reliable source, I'm not going to suggest anyone go there.

But I got an email that the popular Youth Ice Fishing Day at Horsethief will be Jan. 11.

I also talked to Don Hartman at Magic Reservoir, and he says there's more water in the reservoir than there was at this time last year, and he's looking forward to ice fishing this winter.

"The rumor is we've been empty, and that rumor needs to be killed," he said.

Cascade may freeze over this week, and then the countdown begins for the start of ice fishing. Check for updates.

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