Letters to the editor: 12-04-2013

December 4, 2013 


The answer to the bicycle-vs-auto traffic conflict situation is actually quite simple: bikers should have to obey the very same traffic laws as automobiles, motorcycles and pedestrians, and they should have recognizable numbered license plates front and back so that anyone who breaks a law on a bicycle can be identified.

But, this is not likely to happen because everyone knows that bike riders rule. They are a very special class of people, so special they have their own set of traffic laws. They use the streets and bike paths at no cost, unlike auto and motorcycle owners who pay annual license fees. But again, this is unlikely to change because bikers are so special. They are privileged because they clearly deserve to be privileged. They are of a higher caliber than us ordinary folks and cannot be expected to have to behave the same as pedestrians or auto- and motorcycle-driving scuds.


With so many people biking now there seems to be some problems that need to be addressed. What do you think about bike licensing? What if the bike serial numbers were recorded to the owner? If also a bike permit was issued like a driver’s license and a set of rules issued so people riding bikes and driving will be safer. For instance, is it legal to ride on the sidewalk? What kind of reflectors and lights should be the rule? For instance, a light in the back of the bike doesn’t give any visual for the front. There are just shadows coming out of the dark.

Bike lanes were put in at the taxpayers’ expense. It only seems reasonable that bicycle riders obtain a license plate and permit and follow some rules.

People buying used bikes could call and make sure they are not buying a stolen bike.

It’s just common sense that something needs to be done.


Same sex marriage

Two recent letters to the editor (Nov. 18) opposing Idaho couples seeking recognition of their same sex marriages and pending EDNA legislation prompted me to offer a counterpoint.

The writers of these letters argue equal marriage and workplace equality fly in the face of Biblical teachings and are an affront to traditional Christian values. Although there will always be those who hide behind tradition or scripture to mask their blind prejudice, our U.S. Constitution is based not on Leviticus, but on English Common Law. The 14th Amendment to the Constitution provides no state shall deny to any person within its jurisdiction equal protection of the laws.


Gov’t and jobs

I always laugh when I hear the government can’t create jobs. The whole economy is underpinned by government spending. Computers, satellites, the Internet, all made profitable by initial government investment. The government defeated the natives, subdivided the lands, built the infrastructure, and defends your rights through the court and cops. Modern medicine and aviation are only possible because of government investment. The list is endless.

Laughably, the tea party representatives that hate government are at the trough, too. The tea party is a corporate puppet party. This is evident by their corporate masters freaking out when profits were threatened during the shutdown. Tea party people are being used as dupes to cover the corporate dismantling and pillaging of the economy. Dismantling the safety net, while protecting their subsidies and services.

The false god of profit rules America. Even funnier, most say they are followers of Jesus, who was very distrustful of the wealthy. Yet nary a word of this from the pulpit, they follow the false gospel of prosperity. There is hope. I recently signed an initiative forcing Idaho’s government to raise the minimum wage. Find it. Sign it. Make it law. Help the least among us. What would Jesus do?



Obamacare was and is a complex and sweeping change in the very foundations of the way this country works.

It was passed against the majority of voters by bribery and arm twisting. It is the most insidious form of infection that lay beneath the surface disguised by general feelings of health until the full reach of the disease breaks in a fever years later. In the interim, the voters were fed a consistent barrage of lies, calculated lies, to cover the truth and consequences.

The voters were led to believe that they could keep their old coverage, period. Costs were front-loaded and kept out of the spotlight, lulling the people into complacency. The left knew it would affect millions of people negatively, but thought, with lying, they could get it to this point, and then swiftly enforce its provisions. They believed that the people affected could be easily manipulated as the left’s disdain for the masses is so prevalent. This arrogance may yet be their downfall.

Thank God for that, for the left’s patronization of the people, their contempt for who they claim to protect, and for this country, is writ large in Obamacare.


Root causes

Henry David Thoreau wrote one of the most simple yet profound statements ever written: “There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil to one who is striking at the root.”

I’ve become convinced that both major political parties are plagued by the same root problem: our government is for sale to the highest bidder. The 2012 election was the most expensive in history, with hundreds of millions of dollars spent by groups that do not have to disclose their donors.

Back in July, I sent a simple question to Sens. Crapo and Risch, and Reps. Labrador and Simpson: “Do you believe that the unending chase for money has corrupted politics?” I got no reply.

On Sept. 24, I sent the question a second time. Again, I got no response.

We can’t afford to have our public officials remain silent on this. They shouldn’t be allowed to duck it, or to act as if there is nothing to fix. Ask our legislators why they don’t have the backbone to answer this question. Ask them where they stand. Strike the root.

DALE FISK, Council

Upper Lochsa

For the past five years, many members of the general public, various organizations, and public officials have come out in opposition to the Upper Lochsa Land Exchange (ULX). They deserve some concrete and public answers from Forest Supervisor Brazell, Sen. Crapo and Sen. Risch, and Rep. Labrador to the following questions:

1) What is the ULX going to be — an administrative decision signed by the forest supervisor, or a legislative decision? If the latter, then let’s make an official closure of the exchange by selecting the “no action” alternative. (Note: The Supplemental DEIS was never within the delegated authority of the Forest Supervisor.)

2) As a legislative exchange, will the appraisal follow that of the Federal Land Exchange Program as practiced by the BLM and the Forest Service — “a dollar-for-dollar, value-for-value” transaction?

3) Exactly which NF lands are being appraised for the legislative proposal? Will that appraisal of the NF lands be made public and be an integral part of the collaborative process prior to the legislative decision?

4) Will the legislative decision be made public before the 2014 election?


Greedy vets

I found the article “Veterinarians target Idaho Humane Society” (Nov. 27) deeply disturbing. Apparently, 40 to 50 veterinarians in our area want new laws to limit the Idaho Humane Society’s (IHS) ability to provide care for our pets. The money they earn from these services goes directly to pay for the care of abandoned animals and is an important source of funds for this effective, well run organization. I thought that vets were supposed to care about the welfare of all animals, not just the ones that line their pockets. They should all be embarrassed at the plan this group has to stop the IHS from improving the lives of shelter animals. Where does the greed stop?


Inconsiderate realtors

I have two issues with the realtors of the valley and beyond that I would like to address: First, when you make an appointment to see a property, please have the courtesy to show up on time or call in advance if they can’t make it. For example, we’ve had 14 scheduled appointments, six were no shows. No call, no nothing. I consider this very rude and unprofessional. Keep in mind also, that some sellers have medical issues. So, when they don’t show up, it adds considerable stress, which can aggravate the medical problem.

Second, when you are listing a property, please be truthful in the write-up. There’s nothing more frustrating for a buyer than to come and see that the property isn’t what it was listed as. They are wasting the buyer’s and seller’s time in doing this. Don’t dress up (more square footage or rooms than there are) the property so buyers will answer the ad. This is unfair to both the sellers and buyers.

CONNIE HUSTON, Horseshoe Bend

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