Business Insider readers sound off on Albertsons

Idahoans, others comment on the Statesman’s Facebook page after BI’s Nov. 19-25 cover story, “Fresh Start for Albertsons.”

December 3, 2013 

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Employee James Zimmerman weighs shrimp from the expanded seafood display case in the Albertsons supermarket at ParkCenter Boulevard and Apple Street.


Here are highlights of their comments:

Steve Blair: Biggest convenience store in town.

Jo A. Preston: I remember my mom talking about Joe Albertson packing up her groceries and taking them to her car. I like shopping at one of our Albertsons stores here in Albuquerque.

April Sheen: They have awesome sales. That’s the only time I shop there.

Nancy Kummer: I love the employees on Vista!!

Dee Conley: I love Albertsons' home-store feel, friendly help, but honestly, I can't afford to shop there! I can get twice as much for the money at WinCo, and every dollar is stretched to the limit in our household. I have to shop where we can be the most productive.

Jamie Larkin Schoonveld: Love the jobs they provide, all the Albertson family has done for the community. They do pay better wages as well, so for those higher prices you are helping someone actually make a livable wage, unlike Wal-Mart. Stores are clean, and their own brand of basics are now competitively priced. Their produce is higher priced but much better quality and fresher.

Jack Durham: It is beyond me why they didn't change to better compete with Fred Meyer, Wal-Mart, etc. I do love the fact they stopped the stupid plastic cards.

Kate Dupree-Van Tassel: Much cleaner than both WinCo and Wal-Mart and a lot less people. Worth the price to me.

Steve Steading: Love Albertsons! I live in Seattle and the stores here are atrocious but the Albertsons stores in Idaho — always fantastic. Prices are not actually that far off.

Julia McCoy: Their new pricing is great! You can tell they’re really trying to turn over a new leaf. They’ve still got great customer relations, and I always feel like I get quality food.

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