Letters to the editor: 12-02-2013

December 2, 2013 

Legal system

I applaud the news media efforts to try to open up documents and other evidence from the St Luke’s trial to the public.

I previously wrote a letter on Oct. 29 regarding this subject, but I’m a little surprised not to see other people writing or discussing such an important topic.

Unfortunately, the appeals judges almost always affirm the other judge’s decision.

There is no such thing as appeals court, therefore there is no adequate supervision of the courts. There are millions of Americans that have found out that the facts and the law do not matter in our legal system, and you can find several of them on the Internet, including former lawyers who were disbarred for speaking against the rampant corruption in the legal system.

Is it possible that the government, corporations and wealthy clients always have the arguments, facts and law right? Or is there something else at work here? Is money might?

Consider these: 1) Our legal system operates in complete secrecy, providing a breeding ground for corruption; 2) Judges (attorneys in black robes) are accountable to no one.

Would you give a lawyer this kind of awesome power? People need to ask why the system is failing us.


Chan contract

The Idaho Exchange Authority has said that the report of its investigation into the “sole-source” contract award to Frank Chan will not be disclosed to the public due to attorney-client privilege. Attorney Frederick Mack prepared the report, so it may be legally possible for the report to be so protected.

However, the circumstances under which this contract was awarded, i.e., no bid, no competition, are such that the action to further protect it from public view only exacerbates what is already an ethically questionable and perhaps illegal action.

That the contract award was subsequently rescinded is of little consequence — that was wholly appropriate.

But the appearances of impropriety and conflict of interest in the whole situation are only enhanced by attempts to continue the cover-up. These officials live in the public eye. They chose to do so. Let their decisions also be in the public eye. Their credibility in the future depends on it.

There is too much corruption already in government. I know it when I see it. Let us not accept and endure any more. I urge all who are concerned about this to write and express their views as well.



It’s interesting that a billboard would illicit such brazen comments from Sen. Dean Cameron against the Idaho Freedom Foundation accusing it of campaigning.

I would say people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. If we look back at Mr. Cameron’s campaign contributions of $21,300 from the medical/insurance establishments and PACs, one might draw the conclusion that’s why he voted yes on the state health exchange.

If not for entities like the Idaho Freedom Foundation, we might not know this. Cameron’s accusations of campaigning have no merit as the public is entitled to know who voted for the state health exchange, and information is the IFF’s mission.

I call foul play on Sen. Cameron. You voted for the exchange because you said you were helping Idahoans. If that is true, why would the billboards upset you?

You should be beaming with pride. Could the problem be that elections are next year, and you led the charge for a state exchange that has been nothing but an expensive headache?

You opened Idaho’s door for Obamacare/Ottercare and the Fed’s ability to fine the citizens of Idaho. Good luck in the 2014 election, you’ll need it.


Cats in Pierce

The city of Pierce is once again showing its hate toward residents. They have issued an attack on cats and their owners.

Under ordinance No. 298, your cats are not allowed to leave your property, make any noise, make any odor — unless, of course, they are restricted to the inside of your home.

So an inside/outside cat will have to be locked up if they have committed some heinous crime. Why? Because there are certain business owners and individuals who hate cats and wish to blame anything and everything on them.

The city does nothing about the raccoon problem, but wants cats imprisoned. Not only are they attacking cats and their owners, but also any individual who takes pity on a cat who is starving and homeless and offers them food. Once you feed them, they are now your problem and your responsibility.

Shame on you, Pierce. This is another case of blaming someone or something for a crime they didn’t commit and then passing out your own harsh punishment.


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