Letters to the editor - 12-01-2013

December 1, 2013 

David Adler

Why must we endure, on a weekly basis, the narrow and out-of-touch liberal ramblings of David Adler? Keep in mind that Mr. Adler lives in the artificial world of the university setting. His most recent editorial regarding JFK’s successor, LBJ, was, at best, laughable. At worst, tragic.

Johnson was prepared for the duties and responsibilities of the presidency? Some speculated LBJ was totally out of the loop as vice president, purposely by the Kennedy administration, and was to be dropped from the Democratic ticket in 1964. So, no, he was not prepared by any means.

While the Vietnam War did destroy LBJ’s presidency, so did the enormous growth of the welfare state at his hand. Remember, too, that LBJ is the one who removed Social Security from the trust and placed it into the general fund. And then Congress spent it! Thus creating the entitlement funding problems we have today.

Maybe LBJ was ready, but the country was not. And we feel the effects of LBJ’s failed presidency on a daily basis. Please, Mr. Adler, in the future, keep your ramblings to yourself.


After reading the commentary by David Adler on LBJ, I agree that he had a tough job. However, if you studied LBJ’s body language during JFK’s inaugural and his facial expressions, he was not happy that JFK beat him out for the presidency.

LBJ was quietly accused of being involved with the assassination of JFK with the help of the Secret Service. With all the myths and investigations of the Warren Commission and detectives, there are a lot of questions to be answered that unfortunately never will be.

LBJ was responsible for using Social Security funds for growing the government.

In my opinion he was one of the worst liberal presidents we allowed to run our country. He began the handout government that has created 11 welfare states that have more people on welfare than working. FDR got people working; Johnson paid people not to work. We are lucky cellphones weren’t invented; he could have given them away like the vote buyer we now have.



John Urlinder’s letter describing Rep. Patterson as a “sex offender” is the ideal Pavlovian response to the Statesman’s studiously dishonest coverage of this controversy. As a matter of law, the charges against him were expunged.

A much more pressing concern is the criminal conduct of Sheriff Raney in leaking confidential information about Rep. Patterson after improperly revoking his concealed carry permit as an act of political retaliation. Raney has admitted that he knew of Patterson’s withheld judgment, which means he lied when he claimed to have learned of it through an anonymous tip earlier this year. He now insists that this matter is closed, which means that he is, at best, an accessory to the illegal disclosure of legally protected information.

The Statesman editorial board blithely dismisses that matter by insisting that it’s more important for Patterson to “come clean about his past” than it is for the sheriff to come clean about his ongoing misconduct. This is, to put it charitably, journalistic malpractice.


Boise police

Boise Police Chief Mike Masterson’s Nov. 15 commentary justifies police departments’ acquiring surplus military MRAP (mine-resistant ambush-protected) vehicles. Security without liberty equals neither. Remove “Protect, Serve and Lead” from police cars — since no state requires police to protect citizens. He believes in “preserving the rights to all free citizens, ... building community partnerships” and being “problem-solvers and peacekeepers.”

Would Chief Masterson, Deputy Chief Bones or their “underlings” tolerate BPD nonfeasance/malfeasance, including ignoring numerous complaints to CrimeStoppers, if felonies had been committed in their homes or next door (for up to one and a half years)? Discussing this recently with Bones, he replied, “BPD — the best trained in the state.” Perhaps his cops should be trained properly, to correct the BPD corporate culture of corruption evidenced by arrogance and disdain for citizens who pay their salaries and originate their authority, and fix ignorance of the law. After three such personal involvements with BPD in five years, I replied, “Three strikes and you’re out.”

“Legitimacy and trust?” Hogwash. “The 5,000-Year Leap” (Skousen) should be required reading for all cops. “Assault weapons” — they’re “Minuteman rifles of our time.” BPD COPS = “Can’t Operate Professionally, Sucker!”

BOB MAYER, Master Sergeant, Idaho Air National Guard (retired), Boise

Garden City racing

I enjoyed the commentary of Garden City government’s reasons for opposing the gambling machines at Les Bois Park. I did not expect that the city is so backward in its thinking for numerous reasons:

• The gambling machines have been talked about for more than five years.

• Passed Idaho State Legislation in spring 2012.

• $2 million-plus expansion to current Les Bois Turf Club.

During the course of time, we have never heard a word from Garden City.

The reasons for the machines:

• Purse enhancement for horse racing at Les Bois Park.

• Percentage of the money goes to small track funds through the entire state and the county fairs.

• When tracks have better purses, it attracts more horses. More money goes to local communities, for obvious reasons.

Garden City seems to forget how slow business was when there was no racing for two years. I’m sorry they don’t try to understand the gaming and racing industry, when it’s right in their backyard.


I find it extremely discomforting that my county commissioners have approved a new gambling facility without public input while pulling all punches to stop a local developer that wants to donate a family-friendly, active-lifestyle, outdoor recreational park that has broad public support, went through extensive public comment, and won’t cost the county a dime, while bringing in potential revenue to nearby businesses. I guess they think gambling, alcohol, smoking and sitting inside are greater benefits to the county than skiing, snowboarding, exercise and the outdoors. I know three folks who have lost my confidence and vote next election.


Health care law

I am a retired agent but still have some clients in Idaho and California. I called Blue Cross in Idaho and was told that if you are grandfathered in, you must keep that coverage; if not, you must change. In California, those grandfathered in have the option of keeping it or changing. I was told by California Blue Cross that it was up to states to choose.

Instead of blaming Obama, check for yourself before believing TV and newspapers. Obama was not the only one involved in Obamacare.


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