Idaho High School Soccer Coaches Association All-State teams

November 28, 2013 


Player of the Year: Raimee Sherle, sophomore, Rocky Mountain.

Forwards: Rikki Fix, senior, Boise; Allegra Weeks, junior, Timberline; Emma Bailey, freshman, Eagle; Hannah Dies, senior, Community School.

Midfielders: Maggie Saras, senior, Timberline; Akina Fujimoto, senior, Mountain View; Maddy Watts, sophomore, Boise; Hailey Boyd, senior, Boise.

Defenders: Jenna Clubb, senior, Timberline; Calle Belodoff, senior, Boise; Sarah Toney, senior, Rocky Mountain; Hailey Woods, senior, Meridian.

Goalkeeper: Hannah Griffin, senior, Timberline.

Coach of the Year: Chris Seigenthaler, Boise.


Player of the Year: Tyson Fox, senior, Rocky Mountain.

Forwards: Timmy Mueller, senior, Post Falls; Carter Perry, senior, Boise; Garrett Hardesty, senior, Boise.

Midfielders: Robert Madril, junior, Centennial; Tyler Smith, senior, Eagle; Brett Becia, junior, Capital; Ryan Miles, senior, Madison.

Defenders: Richard Ridlon, senior, Boise; Eric Bambic, sophomore, Timberline; Jaeden Stevens, senior, Centennial; Reagan Phillips, junior, Boise.

Goalkeeper: Grant Billings, senior, Boise.

Coach of the Year: Mike Darrow, Boise.

Note: These teams were compiled based on voting by members of the Idaho High School Soccer Coaches Association.

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