Be prepared for holiday flights

November 26, 2013 

If you're taking a flight out of Boise this Thanksgiving, you'll want to treat the travel experience differently than air travel during most other times of year. 

Besides potential weather complications, the sheer number of fellow travelers is likely to complicate the process. Here, courtesy of the Boise Airport, the Transportation Security Administration and commercial airlines, are a few tips for making holiday travel smoother, easier and faster:

Confirm all travel reservations - flight, hotel, rental car, etc. - 24 to 48 hours in advance. 

Request special assistance if needed. If you require special assistance, such as a wheelchair, notify your airline in advance. 

Arrive early. Airlines suggest travelers arrive at least 2 hours early when traveling during the holiday season. 

Prepare for security. The TSA website "What To Know Before You Go" has information and tips. 

Check roadway reports. For current driving conditions on Idaho highways, call 5-1-1 or check this website for up-to-date traffic information. 

Keep an eye on the weather at both your origin and destination. If bad weather is expected, you may be able to make travel adjustments in advance. 

Plan for parking. Parking at the airport can fill quickly. Check the airport's parking website before leaving home and allow time to go to a back-up plan if your first choice for parking is filled. The airport's garage expansion will be open the week of Thanksgiving. The economy lot at Victory Road and Orchard Street still be will available. 

Try curbside check-in for convenience, but remember: Only active loading and unloading is permitted. Skycaps are available for baggage and wheelchair assistance. You can call Streamline in advance for assistance at (208) 577-7306. 

Do not leave your vehicle at the curb even for a short time. You could be cited, and that's not how you want the holidays to begin. 

Use online check-in and terminal kiosks. Take advantage of online check-in or the check-in kiosk. Have your confirmation number or the credit card that was used to buy the tickets handy. 

Read the signs. Security guidelines, directions to services, notices and warnings, and passenger queuing information are posted throughout the terminal. 

Anticipate delays. Keep your travel reservation information in your carry-on for quick adjustments. 

Rely on Airport services. Boise Airport has award-winning concession programs for travelers. Food-beverage and news-gift locations are available both before and after you pass through security. Free high-speed wireless Internet is available throughout the terminal.

Be patient. Travelers should also be sure to pack a healthy dose of patience. Thanksgiving travel is traditionally the busiest travel holiday of the year.

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