Letters to the editor: 11-25-2013

November 25, 2013 

PBS vs. bad TV

Good for Lin March and her Nov. 18 letter on the sad state of today’s television. A few years ago we gave up all cable and dish services, purchased a good indoor antenna and now exclusively watch Idaho Public Television (on Channels 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 and 4.4). What a difference. PBS offers such outstanding programs as “Masterpiece Theater” (home of the celebrated “Downton Abbey”), the PBS News Hour (calm, intelligent, informative, balanced), “American Experience” (which just concluded a monumental four-hour program on the life of JFK), and “American Masters,” which has profiled such diverse icons as Jimi Hendrix, Clint Eastwood, John Lennon, Edgar Allen Poe, John Wayne, Marilyn Monroe and Georgia O’Keeffe.

Add to this such top-flight programs as “Nature” and “Nova,” as well as numerous British sitcoms and murder mysteries (featuring great writing, acting and photography), “Dialogue,” “Outdoor Idaho” and “Oregon Field Guide,” and you have the perfect antidote to the Kardashians, reality shows, lowest-common-denominator dramas and comedies, and hours of teeth-grinding ads — yes, Idaho Public Television is commercial-free. The monthly pledge we renew every year is some of the best money we have ever spent.


Driving rules

Both recent letters regarding senior driving (Gary Champagne, Nov. 20 and Larry Armstrong, Nov. 10have valid ideas. But how about a more comprehensive plan to make the roads safer while realizing that no law is not going to adversely impact some segment of drivers?

Other states require annual written and practical driving tests for all drivers over a stated age. A good idea, but let’s expand it to all individuals who have received a set number of citations or accidents. As for bikes, let’s face it, in a car-bike accident, the bike loses. Therefore, educate both groups on sharing the road and make bikes adhere to the same rules of the roads as cars. Give right-turning cars the right of way until the cyclist has dismounted at the intersection, then cyclists proceed when safe to do so.

Because you can’t cure social habits with unenforceable laws, i.e. reading, texting, eating, cellphone use while driving, I propose educating drivers, then doubling or tripling the penalties for all accidents that result in injury or property damage over a prescribed amount, with mandatory release of cellphone records to law enforcement.

Blood testing and comprehensive drug profile analysis should also be mandatory in similar circumstances as mentioned above.


Bachelder letter

I agree with the first paragraph of Carol Bachelder’s Nov. 14 complaint about Dan Savino’s comparing the running of government to the running of a whorehouse. It was vulgar and tasteless and a gross insult to every whorehouse in Nevada.

While the president is not directly responsible for creating jobs, he is directly responsible for providing the atmosphere for their creation. Obamacare is the biggest of the job killers, but many more of his rules and regulations stifle their creation here and drive companies to more friendly markets overseas. Since spending in the public sector depends on the taxes on private sector profits, any shortfall here requires borrowing. Hence our $17 trillion (and growing at $50 billion/week) debt.

Finally, I think that Carol’s perception of the business world is that they are a bunch of greedy, polluting, uncaring creeps. Certainly some are. Most, however, are good citizens that struggle to weather the storm of regulations, contribute to their communities and still make a profit. But remember, when profit goes away, they go away. That’s what Obama’s making happen.


Concerning the Bachelder letter:

Liberals are really quite humorous, bless their sweet little hearts. But unfortunately some liberals lack the intellect to understand what is being said. The gentleman in question (Mr. Savino) did not compare the government to that of a whorehouse. He just points out that the government is so incompetent that it cannot even manage a business that has a large built-in customer base.

In answer to your query concerning the president and job creation, you need not go to the Constitution. The president assured us if we were to agree to give him even more money, he would create millions of “shovel ready” jobs. So you need to speak to the president and remind him the government can’t create jobs. And while you are at it, you might mention that while the government can’t create jobs, they are infinitely capable of making them disappear. They do this through onerous regulations and outrageous taxes.

He has now found yet another way with the implementation of Obamacare. As for the Republicans taking jobs overseas, you should remember it was President Clinton who signed NAFTA into law. A Democrat, as I recall.


Alzheimer’s research

Regarding the recent letter about the need for funding Alzheimer’s research: Wouldn’t it be better if we quit causing Alzheimer’s?

We need to quit persecuting and prosecuting physicians who speak out against dangerous practices such as flu shots and those who want to use effective, inexpensive medical treatments suppressed by the medical monopoly in power. Dr. Bruce Halstead, a consultant to WHO, said American nursing homes are a national disgrace because most of the health problems there could be prevented.

The Health and Human Services report, “Dental Amalgam,” noted that Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s victims had “elevated concentrations of mercury.”

Neurosurgeon Dr. Russell Blaylock, an expert on excitotoxins, has written that it’s “insane” to get the yearly mercury-containing flu shots. Dr. Hugh Fudenberg found that receiving five consecutive flu shots dramatically increased one’s risk for Alzheimer’s, according to “The Vaccine Religion: Mass Mind and the Struggle for Human Freedom,” by Wallene James.

In her 2013 book, “Dissolving Illusions,” nephrologist Dr. Suzanne Humphries found a connection between serious kidney problems and vaccines such as the flu shot.

Yet some medical monopolists even threaten their employees with job termination if they want to refuse these toxic shots.


Medical records

I am writing in regard to the article in the Nov. 3 paper regarding our health care information. I agree totally with the article. I am a nurse and have worked for many doctors, hospitals and psychiatric institutions. A patient has a right to have their medical records private. Young people don’t realize the importance of this now, but it could come to haunt them later in their life. This will stop some people from going to the doctors and getting the necessary treatment they need.



I read with amazement Mike Thompson’s Nov. 11 letter to the editor. First off, the president doesn’t have the authority to buy $45 billion in treasuries every month. That decision is made at the Federal Reserve, and Bush appointee Ben Bernanke is in charge of that. It’s about recovering from the housing crisis that the Republicans instigated, remember?

I’m sure the president would be back to the deficit surplus Clinton had if Republicans wouldn’t have shoved through three tax cuts without paying for them, then putting their war debts on supplemental budgets. Ribbon cutters don’t build the infrastructure. Taxpayers do, and the only way Social Security will become a Ponzi scheme is if Republicans get their way.

Finally, this progressive family has never collected unemployment, welfare, food stamps or any other form of government assistance, and we paid over five figures in income taxes last year.


Front page

This is in regard to your headline on Nov. 18 about the supposed GOP infighting. Really? The Obamacare fiasco with the Democrats fleeing their previous support of the not-so-affordable health care act should rate a mention on the front page, but does it? No. One day you led with a story on fertilizer! On the same day that online news was covering the actual news that Obama lied about Americans keeping their current health care plans and/or doctors. But was that on the front page? No. As usual, the stark journalistic bias of the Statesman is glaring to all. Have you thought about just presenting the facts without the spin, and actually letting the Boise readers think for themselves? How shocking would that be.

Maybe there would be a mention of the Democratic withdrawal of support for Obamacare due to the massive failure of the website and also the doubling in health care costs for many people who are being forced to sign up. Is this still America? Since when do we need the government telling us what health plan or doctor is sufficient for our needs? Amazingly, I still prefer to think for myself, not have Obama do it for me.


Porn addiction

Recently, I was in federal court. A friend and colleague was charged with recording Internet pornography. It was of teenage boys doing what teenage boys do. There were other charges, too. He received 29 years in jail.

There is no treatment available for people who suffer with this disorder besides going to jail. People who suffer from this have no way to seek help without getting into the criminal justice system. This disorder is also highly addictive. If this is not true, I am asking a prosecutor to reply and tell us how to seek help with this disorder without going to jail.

If you know of someone who is viewing this stuff on their computer, tell them to destroy the computer now.

If it’s a friend or family member that you suspect is doing this, take that computer and get rid of it. I mean launch it in orbit, blow it up, burn it, do whatever is necessary and plead with them to transfer their interest to the legal stuff. This is one of the only addictive disorders that has no current treatment outside of jail.

Can’t our society do something to help someone change, short of jail?


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