Letters to the editor - 11-24-2013

November 24, 2013 

Quail Hollow

My opinion, for what it’s worth.

The article does not outline the details of the current costs (capital improvements) and any ongoing maintenance costs or any of the historical and projected revenues. I think that unless this is a very positive revenue and cash flow (beyond the $55k) for the city, it is a bad idea to take this on. Asking the public to choose without full disclosure is a bad idea.

My reasons:

1. High-end job growth in the area is very limited. Normally the people that can afford golf are from more affluent income groups.

2. Cost = taxes, and taxes are bad.

3. Government, including parks and recs, are way too big already; there is no reason too add more.

4. We don’t need another “Simplot mansion” problem.

5. There is no such thing as a free lunch, or free golf course.


Hendrickson gift

I need to thank Dave Hendrickson for the gift of Quail Hollow. His generosity is greatly appreciated and one that will, hopefully, be enjoyed by both the citizens of Boise as well as its visitors for untold years to come. His foresight in keeping this treasure from being developed in the future is a testament to his unselfish philanthropy.

Again, thank you!


Meridian building

The reason for the overcrowding in the Meridian School District is simple. The city of Meridian has decided that they never saw a development they didn’t like. They continue to approve more and more housing developments, without regard to the impact it will have on the schools, roads and taxes.

I do not see this problem improving, as the election has put in office either incumbents or those that are approved by the current city administration. It will be more of the same to come, overcrowded roads, schools and higher taxes. Slow down already.


Health insurance

If Obamacare replaces the private sector medical and pharmaceutical industry with a federal single-payer program, Americans might experience the following:

• Obamacare will be plagued with fraud and abuse by both users and providers.

• Obamacare database will be vulnerable to hacking.

• Mainstream media will lose advertising funding from the medical, pharmaceutical and injury/malpractice law industries. ABC, NBC and CBS might consider moving their headquarters and broadcasting to another country.

• Added costs to all products from increased regulations when the employer mandate starts.

• Private sector property tax revenue for police, fire and education from the media, medical, pharmaceutical and injury/malpractice law industries will be lost.

• Approximately 98,000 Americans die each year from medical and pharmaceutical mishaps and have private malpractice lawyers to represent their families. With a federal program, Americans will not have representation, as already demonstrated from Fast and Furious, Benghazi, NSA, IRS and the Obamacare rollout. Federal employees are never held accountable for their actions.

• Most patents are filed by the private sector, so medical technology improvements will end.


Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses…

• 17 million people without health insured uninsured (but covered by emergency room).

• 4 million lost medical insurance (so far).

• 21 million more now without health insurance.

• 30,000 signed up for insurance and paid (government at work, cost/signup?).

Let thanks be given to government expertise and our leaders, Mr. “Not Me” and his P.R. firm — the administration of President Obama and the firm of Pelosi and Reid. Have no doubts this firm’s board of directors oversees the largest monopoly ever.

Is the administration going to reimburse the insurance companies for cost related to the 4 million people being reinstated? What is the full cost per individual (federal plus state) of the 30,000 who have registered? I would like to see that cost below $100 million per individual covered by the end of the year!

Please don’t double down.


President Obama has told the insurance companies to reinstate the canceled policies, effectively telling them to disobey a law passed by Congress. And his law compelled the companies to cancel the policies because they didn’t meet the new mandates. Now he doesn’t want to accept the fallout from his lies and his own law! Epic ineptitude by this administration!

Rewriting millions of policies, only to do it again in less than a year, undoubtedly costs hundreds of millions of dollars.

Why would the insurance companies do something legally questionable and financially idiotic to help President Obama save face? Is the Obama administration offering them compensation to do this? If he’s not offering compensation, these companies have zero incentive to go along with this. I fear the taxpayers are going to see even more sticker shock from the ACA, and these kind of surprises are just beginning. What is stunning, and telling, is that mainstream media will not even ask the questions that need to be asked of this issue, and this administration. They have made themselves irrelevant as news organizations.

LAYNE CREA, Meridian

Thank you, President Obama, for the Affordable Care Act. My job does offer health insurance. I buy my own. I received a letter saying my policy is being canceled. My policy was inferior, catastrophic coverage only. With the ACA I will be getting a subsidy and a much better policy.

Let’s expand Medicaid in Idaho and get everyone covered. Health care should be a right, not a privilege. Wake up, Idaho, and stop voting R.


From childhood to the grave, we’re all taught to never sign anything until we’ve read it first. Since Pelosi and her fellow Democrats never paid attention to that, well, here we are today. Not surprisingly, Obama is blaming Republicans for what’s happening, and Oprah Winfrey’s playing that coveted race card. I’m genuinely surprised they aren’t blaming Bush for this as well.

But this is a 100 percent Democrat show. Only they and their congressional ex-lawyers know what’s better for us than we do. I’d hate to be a Democrat politician heading home to his constituents after having supported this fiasco, and have to ask for their votes next year!

Except for fixing blame to everyone else, they haven’t fixed anything in the past five years, unless one counts Obama’s proposed amnesty, which is aimed at fixing the next election by stacking the deck if he can.

Even as a conservative, I support pro-choice, right along with Democrats. What I don’t understand is how all you lefties can stand so firm for right to choose, while supporting a party that doesn’t think you’re smart enough to decide how much soda to drink, what car to drive, or how much insurance to buy.

MIKE BRADBURY, Mountain Home

Politicians are notorious for exaggerating things. It’s for this reason the American people need to listen and hear what they say, but more importantly, what it is they don’t say. Sen. Ted Cruz, the leader of the “crisis a day” party, aka the tea party, said 2 million people signed up to stop Obamacare. He said this over and over, day after day, speech after speech. So what is it he didn’t say? He didn’t mention, so much as one time, there’s over 300 million people who did not sign up to stop Obamacare. Some consider Cruz to be brilliant. He supposedly has several degrees from some prestigious universities, but I don’t believe any of his degrees have anything to do with math or political science. Two million people is less than one percent of the population, and in a democracy, the majority rules. He had his 15 minutes of fame — now it’s time for him to return to Texas and help that state secede from the Union, as they often threaten to do when democracy doesn’t seem to work in their favor.


The intended purpose of insurance of any kind is to provide a cushion for life-changing events that might otherwise damage or even bankrupt the insured. Many of us seem to expect our insurance premiums to now cover all normally predictable or regularly anticipated expenses.

A parallel might be something as common as homeowners insurance. We do not expect it to cover lawn and landscape expense, washing of windows, roof, wall, or plumbing maintenance, or new carpeting, for example. Then why should health care insurance cover such things as birth control pills, elective surgeries, all dental maintenance, such as semi-annual cleaning, ad infinitum? Our country and the mindset of its citizens must get back to its roots of self determination and generosity without reliance on Big Brother to care for us.


War on Christmas

The war on Christmas is back! Or so the religious right would have you believe. They demand acknowledgement of Christ, yet ignore the spiritual needs of others. They say “Remember the reason for the season,” yet ignore the pagan aspects of the holiday. For them it’s “Merry Christmas” or nothing. Don’t say “Happy Holidays.” For them it is too inclusive of others. In this country we have religious groups boycotting stores for no reason other than the words “Happy Holidays” appearing in their ads. What everyone who believes there is a war on Christmas needs to know is simple. The war is nonexistent. What exists are people who practice other religions and people for whom the religious aspects of the season hold no sway. We still celebrate Christmas. The religious rights issue is that we do not celebrate as they do. Say “Merry Christmas” if you want. That is your First Amendment right. As a holder of the same rights, I will say “Happy Holidays.”


Irony around

“Isn’t it ironic?” Song lyrics in my head as I listened to the news. First, a story of an organization sending gift packages to Third World countries. Noble, right? Next, a story of nearly 400 children in the Meridian School District who are homeless. Ironic. Ironic that our country’s pervasive attitude is that sending resources across the ocean is a noble deed while people in our own backyards are in critical condition. Shame on us! In order to take care of others, you must first take care of yourself. From the president to our neighbors, this concept of taking care of the world before taking care of our own has gone viral.

How noble do we feel when those 400 sets of eyes are watching us send resources to places they don’t know exist while they wonder where they will sleep tonight, what they will eat today, etc.? Wake up, America! Let’s start taking care of our own who are in critical condition — unemployed, homeless, without basic necessities — so that we, as a nation, are in a condition to help others. We are not yet healthy enough to be caregivers to the world if our own children are suffering.


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