Our View: Quail Hollow donation will add to city’s livability

November 21, 2013 

Quail Hollow's par 3 second hole in northwest Boise.


We don’t think it’s a stretch to compare the Treasure Valley’s “livability” and quality of life to a fine Idaho wine. Both derive their characteristics from the land and the people who nurture and protect it.

Many would argue that the terroir — what’s in the soil, the setting and the climate around it — ends up being the key influencer of a vintage and what makes it both unique and tasteful.

In Boise, we tend to believe our open space is the key influencer. It is the terroir that produces our livability and uniqueness.

Dave Hendrickson added to our livability terroir in a remarkable and generous way this week when he handed over the Quail Hollow Golf Course to the city of Boise.

It was one thing to graciously gift the city with a 140-acre golf course and associated properties valued in the millions (not counting the value of the business), and an estimated $55,000 in annual income that will go to help maintain it.

It was another thing to behold the style and humility manifested by Hendrickson in making this donation.

The owner of Quail Hollow for the past 20 years did not play this one as a Donald Trump might.

Not only was Hendrickson not front and center for a photo op, he was nowhere to be found when Boise Mayor Dave Bieter made the announcement of the gift Monday and when the Boise City Council accepted it Tuesday evening.

Attempts by reporters to shed light on the giver and the motivation for making the gift went about as far as a golf ball floats in a water hazard. Hendrickson’s appetite for publicity seems non-existent. Described by some as an intensely private man, Hendrickson is obviously focused on something other than fame or personal gain.

Sure, he will get a tax advantage as a result of his generosity. But we think his true benefit will be the knowledge that this Foothill parcel off of 36th Street will forever be a place where people play golf or enjoy the natural beauty of open space.

We are thankful the community’s instincts for preservation and philanthropy so often result in acquisitions and gifts like Quail Hollow, and that they produce the livability we all enjoy.

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