Letters to the editor: 11-21-2013

November 21, 2013 


Reflecting back on President Kennedy as we approach the 50th anniversary of his assassination, I believe his most important and lasting legacy remains the Peace Corps. Tens of thousands of us have been inspired by his call to serve nations and people around the world in education, community development, health care and other initiatives.

If there are no other grounds for calling him a great president, the Peace Corps alone places him head and shoulders above many of his presidential predecessors and most of his successors, and is a great tribute to his all-too-brief thousand days in office.


I’m writing in reply to your question, “Where were you when Kennedy was assassinated?”

When I heard the news I was in the living room of my parents’ home near Rapid City, S.D. I had recently been released from the Navy. My father and I would not have voted for Kennedy, but we certainly didn’t want him dead.

At the time I was corresponding with a Canadian sailor I met in Philadelphia. He said they considered it a great outrage that someone thought he could solve a problem with an assassin’s bullet.


Butch Otter

Cowboy down, Butch!

It’s obvious that Otter’s not concerned about Idaho’s economy or education. He’s too busy wasting time and money making TV commercials and suing the federal government.

Idaho’s supposed to partner with the feds, but instead, Otter keeps fighting them and keeps losing. And he continues making Idaho a laughingstock.

Idaho’s education will remain at or near the bottom of all the states unless he starts using his powers for good instead of evil. Why must he alienate so many to satisfy a few?

Since he doesn’t properly fund education for Idaho schools, what does Tom Luna do all day — plan more surprises?

Obamacare was approved by Congress and upheld by the Supreme Court. Otter and Mike Simpson need to get over it and move on. They both have a state to represent. Start representing.

We’ve learned to get by on a lot less since Otter was elected, but our patience is wearing thin.

If there was a Republican in the White House, Otter wouldn’t be stirring up all this hate and discontent.

Too bad we can’t fire all of them and start over ... or can we?

KEN WHITE, Twin Falls


It’s no wonder the congressional approval rating is at 9 percent.

A judicial nomination is approved by a 56-41 vote. But wait! It’s not approved: the 41 win. This is representative democracy? No, it’s obstructionist, Obama-hating use of an archaic Senate procedure that has been abused beyond all conceivable practice by the Republicans (Risch and Crapo).

The Senate majority leader doesn't have the guts to change this ridiculous procedure.

Also, why should one redneck senator from South Carolina be allowed to hold up all presidential nominations based on an erroneous news story by CBS?

The House is no better. One representative from a small district in Ohio decides on his own what measures will be voted on by all members of the people’s house. This doesn’t seem like the voice of the people.

The only legislation to come out of the House in the past four years was 45-plus bills to repeal Obamacare. A complete waste of time and the taxpayers’ money.

This cowardly speaker does not have the guts to bring to a vote many measures that would pass overwhelmingly because he is afraid of a small minority of right-wing tea party nuts (Labrador, Gohmert, Bachmann, etc.).



I can’t believe IRS is patting itself on the back because last year it stopped more than $12 billion in fraudulent funds being sent to thieves compared with $8 billion the year before.

The very fact that they still issued $385 million plus $1.3 million to two different addresses? Are they bragging? This still sounds like a failure to me.

Finally, they developed a computer program to help catch these thieves, who must be a whole lot smarter than the entire IRS agency! They better find some smarter and quicker programers. I’m not a programmer, but I wonder how hard it was to enter a command to check out an address that is being used 580 times for refunds?

I don’t even know how to respond to 655 checks being sent to a single address in Lithuania and 343 to one in Shanghai.

Shouldn’t that have been a good clue that the very names were something a little suspicious?

I worked with a computer system for a company here in Boise that had an accounts payable program that sounds more sophisticated than the junk they’re using. I wonder where they bought it?


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