Ask Zimo: Marshmallows are for trout, too

pzimowsky@idahostatesman.comNovember 21, 2013 

Q: If I just want to get up to Lucky Peak and fish from the bank, any suggestions?

Sit there with a bobber? Just something peaceful and productive.

ERIK O'DANIEL, via email

A: Bank fishing can be good at Lucky Peak Reservoir, and you'll see anglers gathered near the Turner Gulch boat ramp near the dam or at Spring Shores Marina.

The reservoir is well-stocked with trout and fishing can be good. We've heard good reports this week.

The traditional rig for bank fishing Idaho reservoirs is a worm and marshmallow.

Here are details on setting up the rig:

• Cut an 18-inch piece of line off your fishing reel for a leader.

• Put an egg (slip) sinker on your main line. (Ask for one at the fishing shop.)

• Tie a small barrel swivel or snap swivel on the end of the line to keep the sinker from slipping off the line. At the other end of the swivel, tie the 18 inches of leader and a No. 6 hook.

• Look at the sinker. It can't go past the swivel, so when you cast, it stays 18 inches above the hook. If you pull on the hook, the line slips through the sinker. You can pull 2 or 3 feet of line through the sinker without trouble.

• The point is, the fish can pick up the worm and swim with it without feeling the sinker. But you will know the fish is taking the bait because your line will start running out. The key is to leave a little slack in your line after you cast out from the bank.

• Bait the hook. Put the marshmallow on the hook first and push it up to the eye of the hook. Then put on the worm.

The marshmallow keeps the worm off the bottom of the lake, reservoir or pond and makes it more attractive to fish.

I guess you can take another bag of marshmallows along on the trip to roast over the warming fire while you're fishing.

Pete Zimowsky: 377-6445, Twitter: @Zimosoutdoors

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