New-home shortage frustrates Treasure Valley buyers

Brand-new homes may remain hard to find even as the Treasure Valley housing market improves, a building executive says.

Boise State Public RadioNovember 19, 2013 

The Treasure Valley housing market has come off its hottest summer in years. In July, Ada County home sales were up nearly 40 percent over July 2012. The average price was up by about 20 percent.

The stats all points to a market that's recovering from the housing bust of a few years ago. But there's one part of the industry that hasn't been quick to recover: new-home construction.

When the housing market was at its worst, a glut of new homes made it a buyer's dream. "At its height we had over 5,000 homes actively listed for sale here in the valley," says Marc Lebowitz, the head of the Ada County Association of Realtors. "By January of this year, we had about 1,600."

Lebowitz says what was once an excess of homes for sale has now flipped and turned into what people in his line of work consider a shortage.

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