Letters to the Editor: 11-18-2013

November 18, 2013 

Boise bonds

As one of the 39 percent of voters Nov. 5 who cast a ballot not to tax myself, I take exception to both Mayor Dave Bieter and Councilwoman Maryanne Jordan inferring they plan to bring those bonds back up in some form. Even more so, I worry when they mention they may do it in such a way voters such as myself will not have a say in the process.

I love Boise, I love Downtown, and I love the culture and people that make up this fine city. I do not mind paying a little more to make Boise a safer and prettier place to live. What I do mind is being asked to help foot the bill for a 20-year, $50 million levy to deny, not promote, development in the Foothills and build new parks. Personally, I would much rather pay a little more to help those across Idaho who saw their food stamp payments a month drop $15, not build new parks.

One last note. Mayor Bieter stated a majority supporting the bonds was a big deal. In actuality, 64 percent and 61 percent of 21 percent of registered voters supported the bonds. Hardly a resounding majority.


Daylight savings

According to the CDC, in 2010, 4,280 pedestrians were killed in traffic crashes in the United States, and another 70,000 pedestrians were injured.

This averages one crash-related pedestrian death every two hours. In addition, nearly one in every five children between the ages of 5 and 9 who were killed in traffic crashes was a pedestrian. As a father of two children who bike or walk to school and as a Boise School District board member, I have been increasingly alarmed at the number of traffic accidents involving pedestrians.

Here’s a practical solution: move daylight saving time (DST) back a month from November to early October. In fact, why not get rid of DST? Based on the latest Rasmussen Report from March 2013, only 37 percent of Americans surveyed thought DST is “worth the hassle,” while 45 percent said it was not. It does not save energy, farmers are actually against it, and in fact DST can be hazardous to human health by making us more likely to have a heart attack. I urge Idahoans to contact their legislators to change this law and make our roads safer for our children during the morning commute.


Letters to editor

Nearly all the Nov. 11 letters to the editor are lacking in moderation and are counterproductive. There are rules that reign in this kind of rhetoric. And they are enforced by the tea party police. Anyone who cares about constructive endeavor should join the tea party police and help enforce the Rules for Public Discourse at teapartypolice.org.

For example, Gary Bennett says, “In the U.S., tea party terrorists are trying to destroy the federal government and to force their draconian religion on the people.” This statement violates the Third Rule about unsubstantiated claims, the Seventh Rule about misrepresentation, the Eighth Rule about not imputing and the 12th Rule about polarizing language.

Tony Patterson’s statement that “The ‘limited government’ part is what drives progressives to express such hatred” violates the Third and Eighth rules. Chris Bolton is in violation of four rules. Judy Neugebauer is guilty of imputing. Mike Thompson, Mike Gallagher and Chuck Eagan are all in violation of one or more rules. A list of the rules are at wrii.org.

There is so much rhetoric that has no substance, and it is so unnecessary. Statements of substantiated facts are so much more effective.


Lee Rice article

John Sowell’s story on Lee Rice’s traffic stop leading to a federal suit (from Oct. 30) was dishonest reporting. Yes, you could argue that Rice’s blinker was on for five seconds, but you can’t argue that it was on for five seconds before he began changing lanes. Why? Because it’s on video (1:54 and 2:58). Both lane changes were clearly and indisputably illegal.

“The trooper said Rice refused to hand over his license and registration. Rice disputed that.” Why even defend him and mention that Rice disputed that? It’s in the video and it is indisputable (6:55). “He was driving 10 miles under the posted speed. I thought he was a drunk,” Idaho State Police Cpl. Janet Murakami says. The story says “Rice was never given a field sobriety test.” Again, why even mention this? DUI was no longer the most obvious issue in the traffic stop.

This story gives credibility to a man who should have none. This is what is wrong with the media. The story does not report the facts; it reports John Sowell’s bias and media sensationalism. I know America is upset with the “police state,” but arguing over trivial things, like this by-the-book arrest, only dilutes the legitimate arguments.


Funeral etiquette

People need to be reminded of funeral procession etiquette. Just last week while in a funeral procession to Dry Creek Cemetery, we saw cars that did not pull over, trying to pass and even cutting into the procession line. Do people not understand that it only takes five minutes out of their so-called busy lives to pull over and let the funeral procession go by out of respect?

Here are some pointers that people should remember. I hope everyone reads this and attempts to show respect in the future when they see a funeral procession passing by them. (1) Do be respectful. (2) Do yield — once the lead car has entered traffic, such as going through an intersection, the entire procession will follow without interruption. Even if their traffic light is red and yours is green, you must stop and allow the procession to continue through the intersection until all cars in the procession have passed. (3) Don’t cut into or cut off a procession. (4) Don’t honk at a car in a funeral procession. (5) Don’t pass a funeral procession on the right side.


TV shows

I have one word for TV — trash. We’re drowning in reality shows. They don’t care what they say or do on them.

“Family Feud” should be called “Trashy Feud” based on the questions and answers that they give.

What is wrestling doing on the Sci-Fi channel? It’s on at least three stations. TV is full of reruns. The shows are all run into the ground. And we’re paying for them. Time to change.

And who cares about the Kardashians? I can’t stand that show. It seems people on reality shows can say or do whatever they want and nobody cares. Well, I, for one, am tired of it. Commercials aren’t any better.



Dollar-ocracy will kill public funding for TVCTV, Dec. 31. We lose: our legislative sessions, Boise city meetings, BSU lectures, Free Speech TV, great documentaries, local artists. Media consolidation is the enemy of democracy. It puts a bubble around minds, and Idaho has been on this endangered list for years. Civil rights are reaching an all-time low here.

The FCC has been impotent on transparency, so big business interests run federal and state government policy, using low- to no- information targeted messaging. Big B: is now a one-stop shop for policy, publicity, “legal” help and funding. Please, listen to “Freedom of Speech in the Digital Age” at BillMoyers.com, donate to TVCTV, sign at www.MoveToAmend.org.

Liberty and justice are now for sale as brains and hearts are encapsulated into red, blue, tea, liberal, conservative ... pills using shallow, incognito, special interest campaigns.

We can make a course correction. Take back the right to know from the usurpers and their colleagues (policy makers) at ALEC. Will you find out, for yourself, how fragile our democracy really is? Will you allow your brain to be their garden or become fully informed and act from yourself, from your own mind? Will you?


Gay rights

Four lesbian couples are suing for recognition of their “marriages.” They are free to leave.

Same-sex marriage was never practiced anywhere in the world until the push for it started in the United States 60 to 70 years ago.

Homosexuals flaunt their behavior in society. Actually, they don’t flaunt their actual behavior, just that they want to practice it, but they don’t want the public to know the real practice. One study found that “43 percent of white male homosexuals had sex with 500 or more partners, with 28 percent having one thousand or more sex partners.”

Granting “gay rights” opens the door to so much more — polygamy, pedophilia, bestiality, necromancy, and maybe more. Numerous attempts have been made to recognize polygamy based on gay marriage. In Colorado, “Two psychologists testified … that pedophilia is a ‘sexual orientation’ just like homosexuality.” In Missouri, a man was “denied basic civil rights” when the state refused to recognize his marriage to his mare.

Homosexuals, like other liberals who oppose our traditional Christian values, demand that the rest of us concede to them but refuse to tolerate us and call us intolerant bigots — or worse. We must stop our cowering.


Headlines in the Idaho Statesman on Nov. 3 read, “Gay rights bill gains bipartisan support.” The legislation would bar employers from discriminating based on sexual orientation. Sen. Susan Collins, R-Maine, said, “I think society continues to evolve on the issue of gay rights.” God’s word does not evolve. His word is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Gay sexual orientation is sodomy. Webster’s College Dictionary defines sodomy as “anal or oral copulation with a member of the same sex.” The Bible says sodomy is an abomination to God. Today, Western civilization is moving and being pushed more and more to the edge of the abyss.


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