How much do Boiseans love snow? Let us count the ways

November 17, 2013 

An empty parking lot, a pile of shaved ice expertly applied, some beer (OK, a lot of beer) and some early-season enthusiasm converted a snowless Sunday afternoon into a winter party. The first Pray for Snow Winter Ale Fest, an expansion of Tom Grainey’s annual Pray for Snow winter kickoff party, featured 27 breweries, cigar and whiskey tents, music, ski and snowboard vendors and nonprofits in the Republic Parking lot at 6th and Grove streets. “To get people excited,” says organizer Cassidy Kay. “We’ve had some rough snow years in the past. It hurts everybody, Bogus as well as local shops. (This) is a celebration to kick off winter.” Nearly 50 riders tried their best on the 10-foot high rail jam built by Ryan Nepture with Gateway Parks. Neptune and his crew brought in loads of shaved ice from Century Link Arena for riders to show their moves. “(You have to get) warmed up,” says Dakota Lotero, who works for Bogus Basin. “You can’t start the season rusty.” Above: Nate Jepson came down from McCall “to ride this,” he says, “and support early season efforts to get out and have fun.”



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