Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Nov. 17

November 17, 2013 


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What’s the big deal about the Redskins name? This letter is not about changing the name of a football team. This letter is about changing the attitudes about the indigenous people of the country. A people that suffered genocide. A people that continue to hurt with inter-generational trauma.

There is a solution. I recommend you watch the “Wellbriety Journey to Forgiveness’’ documentary. It will give you a new perspective on what the country did to a nation of people, how boarding schools were set up to take away small children’s identity and how those children would continue the pain as they parented their children. It shows how that hurt is passed on for generations.

The video explains it well: Hurt people, hurt people. The healing starts with acknowledgement. You can watch the video online at WhiteBison.org or on YouTube: Wellbriety Journey to Forgiveness.


Idaho football

Next up for the Vandals — Florida State. When will the UI president, provost and athletic director realize that punishing the Vandal football team is not going to create a loyal fan base, increase booster support or be rewarded with a top-tier conference invitation?

What justifies this ongoing destruction of Vandal football? Do we sacrifice pride and alumni loyalty for “pay-day” games with the likes of Washington State, Florida State, Ole Miss and Fresno State, who gain “style” points in the rankings for piling up the score.

Why would any talented coach want to “rescue” the Vandal program?

The fault is not with the coaches. The failure of Vandal football sits squarely on the shoulders of the UI president, provost and, especially, Athletic Director Rob Spear.

Spear has demonstrated, for too long, that he lacks the skills and vision that Vandal Nation wants and deserves. The constant battering of UI athletes is sickening. At any other university, Spear would have been handed his walking papers.

The solution, after firing Spear: The UI football program should return to the Big Sky, if the Big Sky will still have us after being snubbed so many times by the delusional Spear and UI administration.


BSU football

It was exciting to see Boise State back against Colorado State. I’m not sure what went on behind closed doors, but our offense looked like the BSU of old.

We had deception in the backfield, allowing our skill players to showcase their talent and speed, and we threw the ball down field, keeping the defense off guard.

The offensive line blocked well, and it was an impressive performance by Grant Hedrick, who we all know now can throw deep passes as well as short passes with accuracy.

Great confidence-builder for us fans, for the rest of this year and next season. The playcalling was outstanding — hope to see more in the future.


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