Book Review: Warm your heart with some holiday loves stories

Book AddictsNovember 17, 2013 

  • ‘CHRISTMAS ON MAIN STREET’ by JoAnn Ross, Susan Donovan, LuAnn McLane and Alexis Morgan (Northwest); Signet ($7.99)

A great way to start the season, “Christmas on Main Street” is about spending the holidays with family and friends in small-town America. This is a collection of four stories that warm the heart during this wonderful time of year.

JoAnn Ross takes us to Shelter Bay, Wash., where Kelli is trying to deal with the fact that Cole, a man she has loved forever, has come home from Afghanistan with a decision to make. She has been in love with Cole for as long as she can remember, and it will take both their families to make him realize what he really wants in life.

Susan Donovan takes us to Bayberry Island, Mass., where the “Legend of the Mermaid” is to be featured on a cable TV show. Nathaniel is a producer from Los Angeles visiting the area before the film; unfortunately, he ends up hurt and is rescued by Annabeth, a local shop owner. She nurses him back to health, and longtime residents realize their situation is reminiscent of the original legend from a hundred years ago.

With LuAnn McLane we visit Cricket Creek, Ky., where Ava comes face to face with an old boyfriend while playing Mrs. Clause to his Santa. Pete comes home to help his father and maybe get a second chance with Ava.

And Alexis Morgan revisits Snowberry Creek, Wash., where Bridey, a local baker and coffee shop owner, helps bring artist Seth his gift back.

My take: The stories are heartwarming and fill you with the Christmas spirit. My favorite story is JoAnn Ross’, as I enjoy the Shelter Bay series and like revisiting characters from past books. All four stories have a bit of heartbreak and forgiveness, along with the support of family and friends — just what you need during this time of year.

My rating: Recommended reading to get in the holiday spirit.

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