Bogus Basin season passes on sale this weekend

November 15, 2013 

Bogus Basin sold fewer passes at its preseason sale this February than the sale normal nets, general manager Alan Moore said.

Normally, the ski area sells 16,000 to 18,000 passes at its preseason sale, which offers discounts of almost 50 percent for passes that allow the buyer to ski Bogus for the rest of that season and all the next. This year, about 12,000 passes sold, Moore said.

Bogus is hoping to capitalize on skiers' enthusiasm about forecasts calling for snow this weekend with a new sale on passes. Between 5 p.m. Friday and midnight at the end of Sunday, people can get passes for $299 -- $130 less than the regular price of $429.

"We just don’t think that skiers are going to want to watch their friends go up to ski and not have a season pass, especially with the way the weather’s looking," Moore said.

This is a rare move, said Moore, who couldn't recall the last time Bogus held a similar fall sale.

Here's a look at offseason improvements to the ski area:

- Lights on Mambo Meadows that allow nighttime top-to-bottom use of the Mountain Dew Terrain Park

- More skiable terrain thanks to a new brush cutter

- A new Superior Patrol building at the top of Superior Lift No. 3.

Given long-term weather forecasts, Moore said, it's reasonable to expect a normal opening date, which would be sometime around the first week of December. Last season, the mountain opened Dec. 21. For a full schedule of ski school programs and pricing, visit

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