You can help Statesman blogger Hamburger Jeff feed shelter dogs

November 15, 2013 

Something cool happened today and we wanted to brag about it a little — and let you know how you might want to get involved, too.

As many readers know, Jeff Sanderson — aka Hamburger Jeff — is a bighearted, dog-loving volunteer who dines out with a different shelter pooch each week. He photographs the dogs and blogs about it on this website.

The blog's been getting a lot of attention. On Friday, Jeff got a bunch of coupons for free burgers for Hamburger Jeff's next outing (plus a few for free cups of coffee for Jeff and his co-blogger, Jenn Graham).

Which got us to thinking that others might want to help Jeff's cause. If you or someone else would like to help Hamburger Jeff feed the pups, feel free to drop meal coupons (drive-ins are best) at the front desk of the Statesman. We'll make sure they get to the right place.

And make sure to check out Jeff's blog.

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