Letters to the editor: 11-14-2013

November 14, 2013 


I recently listened to Sen. Crapo speak on the Senate floor via C-SPAN. He was articulate in his opinions on solving some serious problems facing our country. His plea for reducing the debt and his obsession with government spending are surely issues of importance. However, his positions indicate he is a representative of the rich and consistently wants to make them richer with lower taxes and less government intrusion. While asking for less government he “drinks” at the trough.

I respect him and his right to express his views, but reject much of his right-wing agendas. Let’s send someone to Washington who represents the less fortunate and the middle class. I voted for him once, but never again. Of course, unthinking Idahoans will likely send him back to Washington.


Gas prices

I just completed a 4,600-mile round trip to Michigan. I paid in the range of $3.20 to $3.30 for regular gas on the complete trip until I got back to Idaho, where I paid $3.75 at the Stinker/Albertsons in Emmett! I chose not to drive the freeway, so was buying gas at some very isolated towns and the gas was still cheaper than Idaho. I was in “isolated areas” of Minnesota, Wisconsin and Michigan.

Idaho’s gas prices have always been higher and have been “investigated” many times before with always the same result. Nothing is ever done.


Taxing miles driven

That “little black box that fits neatly by the dashboard of your car” (Nov. 4) is nothing more than an easier way to raise gas taxes. Governments “struggle to find the cash to mend the aging highway system.”

Drivers already pay per mile, the more they drive the more gas they consume and the more taxes they pay. California, one of the most dysfunctional state governments, is leading the way in the pack. They all want more of your money.

The problem is not not enough money but too much money spent in other areas where the government should not be involved. Adding GPS tracking of drivers to the proposal, is one more reason to oppose this plan. It’s conceivable that your monthly mileage bill could include charges for speeding as well. Is Big Brother watching you now? That Reason Foundation and other libertarians are supporting this is astounding.


Savino letter

Of all the vile, disgusting and egregious things that Dan Savino has ever said on the letters page, the most offensive of all is to compare the running of the government to the running of a whorehouse (Nov. 5). Can you get any more vulgar and tasteless?

He also repeats a criticism of President Obama that has never been true, and that is that the president is responsible for jobs. Where does it say that in the Constitution? Under capitalism the private sector creates jobs, but the job market is failing, I believe, because of overpopulation. For every baby being born, do you think there is a job popping up somewhere? Hah.

Another reason for job shortages is Republican businessmen who took the jobs overseas. That was the start of the collapse of our economy. The only reason the housing industry couldn’t go overseas is that houses are built here.

Obama has kept our sinking ship afloat, but how much longer?

Reduce population growth. The rest of you are welcome to play the blame game.


Closed primaries

There is “dumb” and “really dumb.” As gently as appropriate, I am referring to the editorial of Nov. 8 on closed primaries. Why would you let your opponent choose your candidate? Would you think they’d choose a strong one who could beat you? Of course not. As for being “shut out of the process” as an independent or unaffiliated, that’s nonsense. If you’re going to be a spectator, let the teams pick their players and then vote for the one you like.

Why complicate the process of registering by such and such a date, etc.?

If you don’t want, for one reason or another, to stand up and declare, wait for the general and pick a winner.

BOB JESSEN, Meridian

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