Police giving free lights to nighttime cyclists

November 13, 2013 

— Boise police officers are handing out something better than a ticket to cyclists who ride without a light.

The officers will help riders increase their visibility at night by handing out free red and white lights to riders spotted pedaling in the dark.

In the wake of two recent fatal collisions between bicycles and cars, the department is hoping the new program will help keep cyclists safe.

The clip-on lights, which can be set to shine steadily or flash, were provided by the Ada County Highway District.

Already, the program has been a hit.

"Officers are getting a very positive response from cyclists who appreciate the lights and the reminder about how important being visible is," Boise Police Deputy Chief Pete Ritter said in a news release. "The lights are just bright enough and should help motorists see the cyclist better, which can be life saving."

Police will be stopping cyclists they see without a light to give them one to clip onto the bicycle. The free lights will also be available in the Boise Police administrative offices at Boise City Hall West, 333 N. Mark Stall Place.

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