Letters to the editor: 11-11-2013

November 11, 2013 

Tea party

Richard L. Mickey, shame on you. Your rant about the tea party is totally false. Some of the principles of the tea party are: individual freedom, state sovereignty, free market economics, limited constitutional government, enforce the current laws by closing the borders. I have attended tea party functions for the last three years and have never seen any “hate” whatsoever. Yes, we hate principles that history has proven not to work. We do respect the office of the president. Mr Mickey, prove to me one example of tea party hate.

KEN TREFALLER, Tea Party, Boise

In Afghanistan, Taliban terrorists are trying to destroy the central government and to force their draconian religion on the people.

In the U.S., tea party terrorists are trying to destroy the federal government and to force their draconian religion on the people.

Is it any wonder that people are starting to refer to the tea party as the “Tealiban?” Given the similarities of their goals and actions, just what is the difference between the Taliban and the tea party? One is a band of vicious, regressive, self-anointed fundamentalist religionists; the other is a group of fighters in Afghanistan.


“Always accuse your enemy of doing what you are doing,” state Saul Alinksy’s instructions in “Rules for Radicals.” The writer of the “Tea party” letter (Nov. 6) practices that rule. His letter leads off with “Burning crosses, white robes, hoods, extreme racial hatred, all indicative of the Ku Klux Klan.” His letter goes on with hate-filled speech directed at the tea party, people he likely has never met nor attended any of their meetings or rallies. By the way, there is no such thing as “the tea party” since it is a grass-roots movement made up of millions of Americans who loosely organize through independent, small “tea parties.” All share some common values centered around love for country, preserving the Constitution, rule of law, and limited government to maximize life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness for all citizens regardless origin, color, creed or religion. The “limited government” part is what drives progressives to express such hatred.

The writer should note the people the tea party movement have supported. Better known are: Marco Rubio (Hispanic), Ted Cruz (Hispanic), Allen West (black), Tim Scott (black), Nikki Haley (female/Indian), Michele Bachmann (female), Sarah Palin (female), C.L. Bryant (black), Herman Cain (black), etc.


Richard Mickey’s letter comparing the tea party to the KKK is typical liberal hate. He gives no evidence, just accusations. Conservatives view liberals as misguided and want to engage them in dialogue to enact policies that actually work. Liberals view conservatives as evil, justifying demonizing them. Liberals care less about their ideas working than proposing things that make them feel good/compassionate. Charges of hate/racism are only meant to shut down dialogue and the examining of evidence.

Mickey asserts that tea partiers are hateful. Here’s an experiment. Watch conservative Fox News all day and then liberal MSNBC all day. Compare the vocabulary, rhetoric and tone of each host. See which side spews more hate. Experiment 2: Park a car with an Obama bumper sticker at a conservative university (BYU-Idaho for example) and an identical car with a Romney bumper sticker at Berkeley. Which car will get vandalized more? Tea party rallies are peaceful, clean and civil. Liberal rallies often overturn/burn cars and smash store windows.

Conservatives oppose Obama because his policies hurt America, not because he’s black. Is Mickey asserting that if caucasian Biden were president, conservatives would support those same policies? Without substantive arguments, liberals always resort to character assassination.


Tea party/conservatives, you cannot have our country. We the people elected a president (twice) with a substantial majority. Your poor-loser tactics will backfire. You and your rich supporters who made their wealth on the backs of our falling middle class and working poor will not succeed. The energy you spent on destroying the president has blocked our country’s chance for economic recovery. We now have an increasing number of poor due to your refusal to compromise and problem-solve. In exchange you now want to block Medicaid under the ACA and reduce welfare and food stamps.

We are a country of moderates and you work for us. So start listening to us. We want an end to discrimination of any kind; a living wage; tax reform; immigration reform; good, affordable education; reliable, safe infrastructure; public transportation and health care for all. So spend all you want on negative ads and comments — we will ignore, turn off and tune them out. Be careful what you say because we will fact-check everything. Our votes cannot be bought. So get to work doing the people’s business, not yours.


Wow! Two letters in one day (Nov. 6) expounding on the common definition of “insanity” as performing or doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome. That doesn’t paint a very pretty picture of our current administration and their minions who are bent on turning us into a complete socialistic society even though it has been tried over and over throughout the world (always with the best of intentions) only to fail abjectly to achieve what it promises. Thank you, Idaho leaders and tea party patriots, for trying to save us from this “insanity.” Keep up the good work.


Too bad there’s so much misinformation being passed around by those who never take the time to get informed. In a recent letter, one of the writers compared the tea party to the Ku Klux Klan wearing three-cornered hats adorned with tea bags and guns. This person is not only misinformed, but a person of hate who obviously has very little education, and someone who knows little about the history of our country. If not for the tea party and their efforts to fight the progressive liberal establishment, Democrats would still have control of the House, and we would have no means to fight bad legislation from passing. Groups like the tea party are important to help keep a balance in our country. I bet the person who wrote that article hates high taxes and does not know that the TEA in tea party stands for Taxed Enough Already. The tea party is all about liberty not oppression, we are trying to bring our country back to greatness. I urge anyone who has a bad opinion of the tea party to go to a meeting and find out for themselves.



Could you possibly be “journalists” and inform your readers the details of Republicans’ reasons for opposing the president’s and Democrat policies? I mean, really now, piling on $40 billion a month in debt, plus buying treasuries at $45 billion a month is sustainable?

Social Security is the perfect example of a Ponzi scheme, no different than what Bernie Madoff did. Social Security lock box! What a joke. Why don’t you inform the next generation(s) how they are getting cheated, daily. And the past generations’ hard work, sacrifice and principles, proven true and trustworthy, which produced this country, are being maligned and rejected by Democrats in general, and especially this president, who has no ability to blush no matter how big a willful, deliberate lie he tells, nor when caught! He’s an idiot — who happens to be black, and plays the race card like no other. Only an idiot would say to someone you did not build this. Someone who pays net income taxes is better, more praiseworthy than any unproductive bum receiving benefits never earned.


No party

I no longer consider myself a member of either political party. Neither one deserves an ounce of support. The government is broken.

Our administration has established a backlog of debt unparalleled in history. They have bailed out the industrial and financial giants, who were too greedy to monitor themselves. Washington argued that to not help them would cause an economic crisis. Well, what do we have anyway?

The shame of all this is that we are making the poorest of society suffer to pay the debt. We are paying the debt off on the backs of the poor. Our elected officials have cut the SNAP Program which feeds the needy, who are the least able to pay. What did we cut out of the middle and upper classes’ income? The answer is nothing, nada, nihil, zero.

If I take a dollar from the needy, I should take $10 from middle-class America and $100 from the upper crust. What about the fantasy bonuses of the super CEOs?

We all need to tell our elected officials to be fair with all our people. If they are not, let’s not re-elect them! We have that power still. Use it!



It’s great to see that Mr. Savino is back and in good form.

He is greatly outnumbered by the liberals of the area, but I’m here as his backup. As far as I know, Idaho is not ready to go bankrupt or declare an inability to pay its bills, like some states controlled by the Democrats.

The liberals decry the tea party and want them to take the blame for the failures of the Democrats, who have a majority that controls the Senate and the executive branch of our national government.

They have proven themselves to be totally inept. The Republicans are blamed for all that is bad in our country. They want us to drink dirty water and breathe dirty air. That’s funny, I like clean air and water, and I’m a Republican (with tea party leanings). Doesn’t make any sense, does it?

Keep up the good work, Mr. Savino!

CHUCK EGAN, Meridian

Gas prices

Just saw a post on one of my Facebook friends' page who lives in the Eugene, Ore., area. Their gas prices have just hit the $2.99 price. Why am I paying $3.55 over here in Boise? Prices over here are historically at or below the Eugene area’s prices. Just curious. Seems a little like price fixing going on.


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