Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Nov. 10

November 10, 2013 

Coach Pete

Re: Boise State Football. Let's go back to what got us here. Coach Petersen calling the plays!



We attended the BSU/BYU game at LaVell Edwards Stadium. It was a pleasant surprise to see instant replays immediately after the play, just like on real television, even with the rapid pace of the plays, and not from just the sideline camera.

They even tossed in the required commercial spot. By the way, I do not need more than a quick screen shot to digest the sponsor.

More time is annoying my intelligence. I know BYU has a television station, but don't we have KBSU - with a few cameras that students could use for future job training, perhaps we need to pony up for a real instant replay mechanism - or my grandson could come to the press box and give it a whirl. Anything would be a pleasant addition.

Oh, they showed the controversial replays that the referee was observing. I watch a lot of games on TV and always see the coaches watching the replay screen to see if a call should be challenged - so much for home field advantage - I guess we bought the new car without cruise control or air conditioning. Or big brothers (ESPN, CBS, FOX) say no-no to all the meaningful instant replays.


Cheese graters

I have a comment about the "article" written by so-called sports columnist Brian Murphy in the Nov. 6 paper about Bears fan cheese graters. So, all you Bears fans, or should I say Packer haters, when you tried to disrespect us by calling us "Cheeseheads" we embraced it and made it something fun, putting simulated cheese wedges on our heads.

You see, Packer fans are for things. You know, like good football, fun and life as opposed to your hatred of us. Now you buy cheese grater hats. Again, it doesn't show support for your team, it only disrespects our love for our team.

Way to go Bears fans. Low class or no class, that seems to be your way. Go Pack, Go!


Anthem no-shows

In response to Doug Walker of Eagle (Nov. 3), this is true, the Boise School District Varsity players do not take to the sidelines for the national anthem.

Regardless of it being a home game or away, they do not participate. Boise, Borah, Mountain View, Timberline, and now Capital, all stayed off the field during the presentation of the colors.

After contacting the Boise School District's Superintendent, I was told that maybe the boys were still going over plays, maybe they were cold. Sometimes they have the big banners to run through, so maybe they were waiting to do that.

So, showboating is more important than being on the field and lined up for the national anthem. Their parents are standing and the cheerleaders are on the field, but not the players.

Heard that one mom from Timberline was not real happy her son was not on the field.

At the Capital-Eagle game, their five coaches were outside, hats off, but no players. For Boise being our state's capital, this doesn't sit real well for most. Makes me question as to whether they do the Pledge of Allegiance in their schools.



The BCS has about as much credibility in football as Tom Luna does in education.

Both obvious failures of the good-old-boy networks in action. After last year's predictable fiasco with a totally unqualified Notre Dame playing Alabama, we now may be facing a BCS love affair between Florida State and Alabama.

Unless you like car commercials and a really boring display of interchangeable players with a game plan from 1950, this too would be unwatchable.

Let us hope that the last effort of this miserable dying dinosaur is to let Oregon play Alabama for a national title and an enjoyable and meaningful game to take place.


Taco Bell Arena

This letter should be on the sports page, but my guess is the people who are in charge of Taco Bell Arena never look at the sports page. Speaking of being able to LOOK at things, have you glanced at the video board above the floor in Taco Bell Arena? What a joke. I've got a TV at home we bought in 1962; it has a round screen and a better picture than the video board in TBA.

If you are involved in any way with Taco Bell Arena, you should be ashamed. Geez, maybe Taco Bell should step up to the plate and buy a new video board. I'm sure they can raise the price of a taco by a dime to cover the upgrade.


Miami Dolphins bullying

I'm 12 years old, I play five sports a year - football, basketball, baseball, tennis and golf. I'm sending this letter as a 12-year-old because I have been interested in reading about the Miami Dolphins bullying situation. I think that it's a bigger deal than people realize and I'm glad that the national and local media have been talking about it.

I would like it if you guys wrote an article about bullying so parents can talk to their kids about it.


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